Friday, August 28, 2009


tooth pain ALERTttt!!! and its very extremely painful!!! i cnt even talk eat laugh sing making expression well!!! (>0<)/

my sis: u kno wat? when ur teeth is means u aint gettin any taller than u r now...


t..h..e....en...d....m(_ _)m


aku agak blur dgn hidop akuw skrg....

*total blank*

eh! wat ws i doin a second ago?

the end....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

skali skala nak EMO...salah ke?

F88k da technology!!!!

to my dearest frenz, if u guys havent recieved any msg from me, it doenst mean tht i dont care for you guys...!

i do care...!!!

its juz tht we have our whole new life in da separate path...we cnt turn back tyme n go hanging out 24 hours like we used to back then...if u guys get wat i mean...

bout birthday sure u guys kno me very sux at memerizing numbers and it was truly unintentional if i accidently forget the important dates of your life...IM SO SORRy!!! (>0<)

you guys kno how hard it is for me when u start to point at my face while the fact is, it was also the other way around...its not lyke u guys have been texting me all d tyme...and i dun mind a BIT coz i kno u have ur new social crowd to deal with and im sure at da same moment, im stil ur best buddy~

why dyu hav to do tis to me????? (>0<)O

i am extremely SADDDD!!!!

aina, sumtimes i called u n gayut lyke crazy...and when i hav major problems, i knew at tht point u were my best listener ever....

faa, ur like my family...i always try to find the tyme to go hangout at ur place since ur my neighbour...and i stil kept ur cards and picture frame well in my room! And i knew ur always excited to organize our regathering! n i luv ui for tht!

even tho sumtimes ur kinda quiet...but i understand ur situation. Becoz when we meet up, u treat me juz like old buddiez and u aint change a BIT! tht point, i knew u stil care...not everythin in the world are a DIRECT msg...u juz hav to open ur senses and feel the indirect msg!

BK!! sumtimes i BUZZ u when i was chillin kat CC mahalah, doin nuthin...and im always comfortable hanging out wit you no matter bck then n even now...ur my lovely happy go lucky fren i enjoy being with now n forever...

ha! kaw satu lg...x pasal2 attack ak kat facebook weyh...
try to put urself in my shoe...its pressuring taw biler u said such thing! aku taw ko mmg member ak yg sempoi...n i like u for who u r...

GUYS GUYS GUYS!!! juz bare in mind!!! u guys r the world to me! and i love u so much...we have been frenz since high school n who would fucking forget bout THAT!!!! cbn-ers will always b a CBN-ers...we stick together no matter what...

Therefore, if i didnt text, call or doesnt mean tht i dun care...

coz I DO CARE!


lunar updates 2!! shes growing UP so FAST!!! (^0^)/

back then...

NOW~ WALAWEY!!! (^0^)/

p/s: cntinue growing my dear...XOXO


ak slalu kacaw kaw....soorry! (>-<)n

tmpt yg aku dgn x malunya ske lepak biler buhsan...

brader ni mmg baik hati la rajin melayan kerenah akuw...

trima kasih...



Sunday, August 16, 2009

once upon a time in penang~ (^-^)d

phew phew phew…
my longest indie trip ever and I am totally exhausted.
but whatsoever…its one of my amazing trip.

ok…here goes~

aftr I took my flu injection (h1n1) and went back uia at 1 am, I start to pack pack pack…
as my blog followers well kno…im suck at packing…
so aftr I trim trim and trim the number of stuff to bring, it end up 1 huge luggage and 2 small bags…(not bad, huh?) HAHA!

well, forward forward forward..the train delayed from 2 pm to 3.30pm…and we reach penang around 11 pm…and im not that tired at all…I wonder..hmm..maybe~

1. I ate two of my extremely delicious burger
2. I chit chat a lot!
3. I sleep for while…(sakit badan dowh tido kt tren) (>0<)O
4. we play cards at the train’s café
5. we dance (gurls ONLY)
6. we take pictures like crazy
7. we play singing games
8. We act bhind the lens…
etc etc etc…

whole lots of fun activity in there!! (^0^)/
again, bro suhaimi giveaway free BURGERS! Burrpp!! aaahh..~ cip cip *jilat jari*

that nite, we sleep in a small cabin wit 2 double decker bed and one MASTER BED..RUnnNNNNn!N!N!!!!!!!!!!! (running ASAP towards the master bed)
(>0<)d YESS!!!! the bed’s MINE MINE MINE!!!
yang, ham, kak adib: (-_-)” whatever~

next day we jalan2 at the mall in queensbay…
its juz like our ordinary urban mall in kay ele..nuthin much. but I shop a lot of accessories~
MY FAVOURITE SHOPPING ITEM! bracelet, necklace, earings~ (^-^)/ weeeEe~
even bought some jeruks! kena beli kena beli..AN ckp penang is all bout the jeruks! (>0<)O yay!

then check in our hotel…gud price n service! I giv u 4 out of 5!!!
*clap clap clap* congratulation garden hotel! u’ve reach the student’s expectation.
at 3 pm..i accidently….overslept…(-__-)zZZzzzz

kkrringggg!!!!! (0o0)!!

OMG! its alredy 7!!! manew everyone?!

(-0-): they went jalan2 around penang n shoping some stuff
m(_ _)m dem! akuw teramat jeles!! I shudnt hav try those comfy bed… it turns me off to sleep!! (>0<) (blame the bed)
“ive come tis far not to sleep!!!” (>0<)O anyways…I cnt turn back time, so cop cop cop…jom jalan2!!!

tht nite, we did some shoping for tomorrow’s BBQ plan in tesco and then had our dinner char kue teow somewhere around tht area n mmg sedap nak mamposss!!!! (>0<)O penang’s CKT is D BEST!!!

then sempat jalan2 around penang, greenlane, USM, gurney, usha rich housing area, pubs and pondans..HAHA, 5 start hotel, main ombak besar…mmg syok ah~

around 1 am, we went to the boy’s room…haaaaa….(jgn pikir laen)

to wash the chicken~ (>-<)n…I don’t wan my rum’s toilet to go all chicken smells…so I decide to wash at their toilet instead…hihiii~…(sorry guys) (>-<)n
there’s bout 5 plastic bags filled with cutted chicken n it took me almost half n hour to finish washin them off…including tear off those fats!!! *not good for ya* (>0<)n

next morning…siap siap siap…we went to bukit feringgi~!
we ride a boat to monkey beach..(our bbq spot), and honestly, our boat is D besttt!!!
mamat driver tu is the youngest n dier drive mmg bapak extreme…thts why our boat paling bising...becoz he really speed those gears and dgn sportingnyer, he rode us towards the huge wave n mmg scary giler experience tyme tu…our boat ws bout 50 degree senget n rasa mcm nak terbalik weyh!! (>0<)n
tp mmg syok habess~

kat monkey beach, normal beach activity:
1. swim2
2. main pasir
3. ader swing…best~
4. BBQ….(sedap!)
at the back, ader tis creepy house…mmg creepy sgt2! terasa cm nak berlakon citer hantu seekers…

so….(guess wat)

kitorg btol2 berlakon…HAHA! n lucky me, I act as the ghost konon2 tgh turun tga!
at first I ws juz havin fun with ina n ham taking scary pictures with creepy pose…and end up the guys starts to involve as well and there goes 3 cameras shottin me doin the creepy act….HAHA!

it was fun, tho! b(^0^)d

then balik….we went straight to kota besar….i was dem bored n stil regretted for sleepin yesterday, without tinkin much, I decide to tke a bus n went back to bukit feringgi to shop some stuff at the free market tonite~!!

mmg best giler n sangat ramai org..there were Arabian, Japanese, Mexican Indian…, etc etc.
and I bought myself again some accessories n tis COOL lighter!!! mmg cool gilerr!!! (its juz for fun collection…)

the next day…
we woke up real early…dun wanna miss the train…
and went down stairs…but…only 3-4 people were there…
so we waited n wait n wait for some time…and suddenly…(bunyi azan)
“korg…solat dlu la”

tik tok tik tok…

we realize..we were extremely late for the train…

when we were rushin on the ferry…we knew that…the train juz passed…POOF! our rm30 ringgit tiket…
dem dem dem! (>0<)

spend another 30 for the new tiket n its at 9 pm…WHATTT!!!??? (0o0)!!!
we have like half day to do nuthin?

play guitar..snap pictures…jamming wit yaya n yah…sleep…getin bored…
AARRRghhhh!!!! So!….we decide to go jalan2 at the pacific mall… (im getting a lil tired n missin uia already)

pacific mall activity:

1. survey clothes n shoes
2. bought new lens
3. lunch
4. bought some food
5. play game machine (car race n basketball)
6. archery
etc etc etc…

forward forward forward……balik~

9.30pm….reach kl sentral at 5.30am….(=-=) f***ing sleepy…
my head was like a rc aka roller coaster while I was in the putra train…
extremely tired n sleepy…dun giv a dem wit amir who sits bside me watchin my sleepy moves…
amir: (-_-)” nantok btol minah nie…
around 7 am….”HELLO ROOM! HELLO UIA!!!

the end

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

when ur happy!

juz came back from penang trip...! XD

penat tak very suck at long distance journey... (=-=)**

kesian kak fara...bak kata dia.."mira tido sangat ganas"

ampun ampun...mira mmg cant cope with long journey...i tend to be very uncomfortable

bought very little souvenirs...sorry for those yg x dpt...

i care for a lot of people...but my money says da other way around...

sorry again~ l(>0<)l

later i'll tell you guys da whole penang story~...

kinda tired rite now aftr hd hd that research meeting and another structure task to settle with my very heavy eyelids... been sleeping too much, i guess...uncomfortably~

p/s: special appreciation to those who really care for me...luv ya! (^-^)/

THE end

Sunday, August 2, 2009

happy birthday mommy!!! (^0^)/

my mommy’s birthday was last 2 days ago, and on tht exact date, I ws too busy preparing my presentation board.

So, I ws sucked up by the work…I kinda forgot to wish her…

im sure shes totally disappointed with her daughter ere. .. =(

guilty? of course!!! (>0<)O

the next day I ws ACCIDENTLY overslept n woke up by my bro’s text sayin “ngah, hv u wish mommy yet?”

and I ws like..”OMG!!! BLOMMM!!! (>0<)o

and even before the blink of an eye, I manage to text n wish her…


don’t wanna feel gultier not to buy her anytin, so I went to the store rite after

the presentation date (which was brought to next wek…urgh!) n get tis cute ‘SOLAR FLOWER’. hihi~ (^0^)/

WHY I bought it?
1) I kno it’s a simple gift, but tis thing caught my eye n its quite cute, tho.
I got interested to get one of those aftr I saw it dancing cutely in ham’s car…
2)I knew my mom is into gardening n flower is like apart of her life…n she always hd tht sparkling eyes n tis huge smile everytime I accompany her to nurseries to search for plants n flowers.
3) it’s a kind of immortal flower which will always bloom n dance happily…(sentimental value)

so it might fit her taste…I hope so…

therefore, I bought ONE~~ hehehehe~~ (^-^)/

to make it look more ME and interesting, I decide to decorate wit some simple cute stickers bought from mph and write a bdy wish at da flower’s butt…heeEE~~
I hope she loves it…

Oh, now shes in Indonesia happily celebratin her birthday thre…im takin tis opportunity..(her absence)

to make her extra happier,

so, I went home n did some cleaning… (lucky my sis hav one duplicate house key)
clean the whole house, sweep, mop, arrange stuff, clear all d mess, settle the laundry n the rubbish…

n I left the house blink blink n put my flower pwesent on the table…

the table is the first thing u’ll c when u flip the main door open…

so I ws kinda like imagining her walking inside with all her huge language…n was like…


ha ha ha<<<(mira…the daughter who is always hunger for her mother’s attention)


anyways…juz wanna write here…

‘mommy, happy birthday…you will always be in my heart n I love u forever”

The End!! m(^-^)m