Saturday, September 26, 2009

nak balik daaa....

my oliday has come to an end...(which i dont quite feel like one whole happy doodle chillin out typo)...but thre r chip and chop of things which gave a BOMB to my life n worth to be remembered tho... (^-^)>

therefore, i hereby announce tht, aftr tis, my blog is goin to be updated not as many as i had done for the past 2 weeks holiday ... GOMEN NE! (>0<)O

i havent settle my work which seems to pile up even higher than before...

DUDE! wat dyu expect?! its a raya holiday! its not juz bout homework to bother! family, frenz, this meaningful celebration....!!!

bak kata my old fren Jill Toyad.."all work n no play, makes jack a dull boy"

im feelin quite dully bully rite now tho....

need more colors to brighten up my lifeless life...

well, insyallah next gonna cntinue da house to house raya tradition with my old school budddies!!

sorry guys i didnt turn up for the regathering yesterday at the gardens (>-<)O

ur old pal ere havin an architecture crisis... (>-<)> *understand me situation ere pretty plz*

oh! aku agak membebel malam ni...! maafin guwe...~


p/s: i missin my uia frenz already!!!! cnt wait to get back n tell some raya stories and new gossips as well...weehuhuuuuuu!!!! q(^0^)p

cm ni la ruper, gaya, perasaan ak during school tyme...biler holiday jer...lari klua skola cmni la....sejibik cmni....

kdg2...cmni pown ada gak...

THE END....!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

hari ni hari....?

maybe to some is juz an ordinary day...

but for me, today means a lot to me..


becoz i juz pull myself out of my protective bubble...

tis bubble has been protecting me for almost a year now...i guess

securing me from pain and heart aching which i fear the most...

i knew very well my dear fren...if i keep on depending on the bubble to protect me...

when will i ever learn?

maybe it is time already...for me to forget bout da past and really move on...

i hav to end tis hiding...

i hav to b strong and go for it!!!

coz i knw people,...if i ever succeed this thrive...

it might be the happiest moment of my life...

p/s: to gain sumthin...u need to sacrfice...thts juz life..

the NED~

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

'berlalu lah sudah ramadhan...sebulan berpuasaaaa~

HO HO HO!! juz came back from kampong and I am tired tired…yes yes TIRED! (>0<)O

my dad really put family bonding thingy first in heart. So, its like a family tradition to visit every house-family-blood-related. And I tel u wat….mmg banyak nak ******.

Tue blom lg consider the due time per house. Old time stories and their P&C family gossips…

nenek: mak bedah kaw tue…tork ponah nok layee tetamu. den ponah dtg skali uuu..di sobatnya pintu tak nak bagi den masok…gowam btoi den….(>0<)O << muker smagat giler

hehehe..layan jer la…sometimes its kinda entertaining to listen tho…. (^-^)>

raya tis year seems a lil different than before.

WHYYyyYYYYYy??!!!! (>0<)O

well….mom n dad skip buying us basically our first and second day raya was a bit….DULLL.. (-_-)” ~~~….

jeles gilerr dgr our neigbours tung tong tung tung showing off their expensive mercun….

I am well known to be the creative one playing mercun…so NO mercun kinda make me a lil down..


thx God my handsome cousin<<
there goes me wit my creative mercun hand.!!!


me: (^-^) lallalalaa..BooOOOOooMMMM *ignore her*

second thing is….im getting older I guess…they don’t giv me duit raya anymore…


im stil a kid people…open ur eyes!! x baligh lagi niee…!!(>0<)o…heheee

my duit raya seems to be lesser and lesser every year n it sux…

i bet u guys, less than a week I cn suck it all up and swooshhh!!! there goes my duit raya…


and! becoz of my final crit…I dun feel like raya…and usually im excited organizing a simple open house n invite all my buddies but it seems like everyone might be busy settling their crit as well…

‘brader mmg kejam…’ (-__-)”

a story to share

i went visit my nek su…(I guess..ker nek ngah? err..) and I saw this CUTEE ORANGEY CAT walking like a drunk man...i tot si comel (da kasi nama sendiri) was dizzy or sumthin…so I ask nenek…

me: nenek…naper kucing tu jalan cmtue?

and u kno why?

the previous owner kept si comel dlm cage since he was born. In tht small tiny cage, si comel x dpt nak blaja how to walk. So by the time hes a teenager and they let him free…that’s the result…he walks like a baby.

Kejam kan…~~~ (>0<)O

u guys should tgk the way he walks…mmg sedih giler…mcm Parkinson pon ader gak…
CURSE the previous owner…!!! (>0<)0

shian si comel~ (pat pat the cat) (T-T)/ {:3} *meowwww*

p/s: bdy org tue dah nak dekat... nak plan aper yer…? hmmm <(^__^)>


Friday, September 18, 2009

wish u guys..~

peps! im headin back to rembau tmorow..! (^0^)/

walaweyh~ its almost raya! hehehe! jogeeettt jogeeeetttt! wishin all of my beloved dearest fren a happy raya day...

and do forgive all my was unintentional..if i does hppen on purpose...i might be emotionally disturb during tht moment..

therefore my fren...forgive me inside out...

for those who apologizing due to tis holy celebration....

i forgive you all...heheheee!!!


nyiiiiiiiiiii BBBBOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! (mercun)

\(*0*)/ waaaaaa....


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

presenting! MINIMON! (^^)/

hai frenz! (^0^)/ I am so bored doin drawings all by myself with such tempting mode.
1. tv
2. PS
3. internet
4. keyboard+guitar

therefore, I had created ‘minimon’ to support me (^0^)/ YAY!
come on minimon!! introduce yourself! (>0<)O

minimon: errr….(shy shy cat)

me: (-__-)”

minimon: NoooOooo!!!

me: dyu wan me to CUT u off?! (>0<)v *threatening*

minimon: NoooOo…ok fine…fine….!
hai mira’s fwen…im minimon…and I am totally bored being
her assistance…shes f***ing BOSSY!! (-__-)

me: !!!!!!!!@#$%^&*()_ MINIMONNNN!!!! PASS ME THE SCALE RULER!!! NOWW!!!! u and ur
notty mouth!!! I shud have created you wit such gentle atitute!! (>0<)n….AND

minimon: urghh!!!

the end!

reader's DIGEST my fav~!! (^-^)d

I would love to share wit u guys tis funny short story I got from Reader’s Digest (September 09). It’s a compilation of funny stories from several different countries. My fav is the Taiwan’s. (^-^)d

me: -reading- (0-0)


Papa Turtle is tellin his son a bed time story. ‘Once upon a time, there was a white bunny.”

me: (^-^) aww…cute~

“aw, c’mon, Dad,” says the boy. “that’s kid stuf. What about some science fiction?”

“All right. Once upon a time, there was a bunny in outer space…”

me: HAHA (>0<)>

“Dad! Make it grown-up.”

“OK, OK. Promise you wont tell Mom”

me: -nervously continue readin- (-__-)

“I swear.”

“Once upon a time…..

there was a…..




me: hahahaha…wu….wu….wuu…(tetiber nangis)

me: (T-T)..bunny…bunny….wuuu…


me: (T-T) lunar……

my sister: (-__-)”


Saturday, September 12, 2009

bukeee puaseeee~

I need to loosen up my mind and stop tinking bout ‘her’!! (>0<)O im getting restless and really down….

so…I do hope the gathering plans r stil on…however…I cnt say much coz the 3rd year were worn-out preparing for da minor submission…

lucky me! I end up dating wit yang and we had da best steamboat ever!!! mmg sedap gilerrrr~~!!! (^0^)d

throughout the outing, I was happy…very happy…tq yang….tq~

the end~

sayonara sayonara sampai berjumpee lagi...

yesterday, after my studio’s iftar, my dearest beloved ‘lunar’ was transfer to a new family. T-T

How was i?

I hate hate HATE tis kind of situation!

I love lunar with all my heart and I took care of her as if shes my own. me and ina start asking around whos interested to own her since we seems to have problem to take care of her during holiday and even giving her the best bunny environment.

I kno…she shouldn’t be left playing inside our room and the cage ONLY.

She needs freedom. She need to feel the grass and jumping here n there like any other bunny would experience.

I tink ina realized during the times she was busy asking people around…I displayed the less enthusiastic image…I wasn’t focusing…forgive me ina. that tyme, I was struggling to swallow the fact that were gonna let her go to other fmily…tis is juz too much for me to bear…weve been keeping her since she was so small and cute…

I m stil recovering…. n Im well aware how easily attached I am wit animals. Im a total animal lover psych, people! <(>0<)> dont giv me that looks!

I cried everytime I see her distorted food ware with some evidence of her biting it off…huhu~

…and even sees her water bottle where she use to suck it with her cute chubby mouth….

and seeing my damaged carpet being vandalize…a victim of her teeth strength experiments…

and sometimes, I could still hear her stomping the cage with her cute little legs, alarming me for more food, the sound of her munching and tearing off the newspaper where I used it as a floor cage cover…. notty lunar!

and she even bite off my mouse while I was editing boards! (>0<)O ….huhu…stil remmbr tht time…I was pissed but I stil love her tho…(-__-)”

yes…I stil love her…now n forever…

plz take care of urself, lunar…

I wil alwys be here and pray for u to b happy with ur new environment n family…


……….im gonna mis you (T-T)

the end

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

blog ku hari ni

u guys....~~~~


p/s: perasaan di atas adalah rekaan semata2....(-__-)"

the END

Monday, September 7, 2009

hari ni cuty ek?

kawan2...mira sgt sedih...

sbb ader sesuatu seseorg yg mira sgt sayang...akan tinggalkan mira...

korg mesti wonder...

SAPEEEERRRRRR???!!!! (>0<)n

well...mira cnt tell u guys juz yet...

but for now...mira tgh used all my quality tyme n spend much with *****....


perpisahan tu perkara biasakan, mira? (trying to convince myself)

the end

Friday, September 4, 2009

semester nie mmg mcm tut*

weekend is the only day I would scrunch my time to do bloggin~ (>-<)> sorry for not updating much guys!

anyways, Im getting quite stressful tis semester…too many subjects probably…but I did get some good advise from a fren. And he said its easy to score despite those countless subject…I juz hope hes rite coz im getting extremely tense ere! (>0<)>

studio studio studio

so much unrelated requirements from bro… it might juz relate with our project but I juz cnt see it for da time being. While all tis nonsense were flowing in my life, the project proposals are stil ON. I had problems ere managing my time. Which is which to fulfill? priority? ugh! (>0<)/ my design is in such a disaster…honestly…I tink I was drawn by the extra activities and assignments as well…! dem…I gotta get back to track, dude!!! (>0<)O

the END

kaedfest best...HAHA

I might juz continue freakin ppl out for the next kaedfest….insyallah~ (mcm x kena jew) (-__-)”

"Allahuakbar..." (>0<) DAH BUKEEEEE!!!!!!!


before I forget to wish…
shelamat menyambut ramadhan everyone…(^0^)/

im getting pretty excited bout it at first but my tummy says the way around…(hahaha!)

a story to tell ya

-during the very first day puasa, I already make my mistakes by putting in one huge spoon of veggie soup in my mouth…hEEe~ (hye! it was an accident, okay~ I totally forgot it was fasting month)..”huhuhu~(>0<)v

anyhow, wat so special about ramadhan…


1. the bazaar ramadhan! woahhh! im shipping a lot everyday n the food was extra D-E-licious! cnt hardly miss one day not goin there..UNLESS! if I hav no transport..(na’ah..aint walking tht far, baby)<< *gedik giler* and if mommy’s cooking were served…mom’s cooking is D BEST!!!

2. selasih…(it’s a small seeds you put inside water and it’ll become spongy and expand n it looks almost like frog eggs) (-_-)” ‘errr….i kno the explanation there make it looks like really disgusting but its NOT)….i am extremely in love with this thing…always put it in syrup and I would swallow and munch the whole thing!!! only gets to drink tis during ramadhan~ its not some additional taste or watsoeva…for me, its juz a fun way to drink…while ur slurping ur drinks, your teeth gets to exercise and munching those selasih..some people tend to juz swallowed…which ever suits u…

3.’ one day fasting, u’ll get 1 ringgit…’ uuUuu, I missed those memories….skrg dah tak buat da~ (T-T) but by the end of ramadhan, everyone gets rm30~ not as fun as before becoz last tyme I was struggling to get tht rm1 and when I actually made a day fasting! I was so happy n proud of myself…!! (>0<)/

4.the azan maghrib~ I tend to be more n more enthusiastic to hear azan maghrib during ramadhan compare to other months…y? heheheheeee~(evil laugh)

5. the shopping fever…everyone would start shopping new clothes with the same reason~ raya raya RAYA~~~ heeeEe~ (alasan jer tue, masa x raya pown hang dok shopping baju gak~)

oHH! its alredy 6!! got to go~~ toodles~~ (^0^)//////

before I forget…

‘selamat berbuka everyone~” (^-^)d