Wednesday, April 29, 2009


after 4 days of non-stop practice...

i finally conquer the steps and moves!!!YESSSS!!! (>0<)n
(Nobody- Wondergirl)

happy happy... lalala

havent had such serious choreograph dance for such a long time...

oh, how i miss my school's moments~ hmmmmm~

oh well!

now i can get enought sleep and focus on my housework routine \(=0=)/ woarghh~

basicly, i have fulfill 70% of my holiday plans...which are:

1. learn the dancing steps- CHECKED
2. learn new guitar tabs and chords- CHECKED
3. memerize back previous piano notes especially
umi no mieru gai and laputa solo piano- partly CHECKED
4. family vacation- CHECKED
5. bloggin like crazy- CHECKED
6. photoshop pictures- CHECKED
7. watch movie- UNchecked
8. hangout with schoolmates- CHECKED
9. PD trip- UNchecked
10. find a new BF (huhuhu)- UNchecked

(-0-) ahhhh~ wat a holiday...cnt wait to get bck to uia, to b honest~

im missing my uia's buddiez like crazy...

im all alone in the house everyday~ so, people...dun blame me for writing uncountable posts in a week coz tis is one of the way for me to entertain myself...

thank you for those who support me and layan my loneliness...thank you..thank you...

cnt wait to see u guys next week!!! \(^0^)/


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


i am REALLY TRULY EXTREMELY in love with DISNEY~ (>0<)v
total obsession can also be the rite word ere...

(-0-)prove it, mira!

(-_-) well....

i memerize almost all disney's songs...
sumtimes..i cn even remember the dialogue as well (-0-)/

me n ina once played disney games...(well, ina is one of my disney-clicky.. huhu)

i'll act a short disney's scene and she'll hav to guess which disney movie...AHAKZ..! best gilerr~ hahahaha (^0^)>

when i was a kiddo, i was extremely into peter pan. i used my pocket money juz to buy tis so-called gold dust at my school's bookshop. i believed tht tis so-called gold dust could actually makes me able to fly~ (hohoho)...

so when i obtain such powerful elements in my hand...i sprinkle the dust on my head and with a wide smile on my face...i went to my top double decker bed...and FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyy....e.r...r.e..r..aAAAAARRGHHHHHHHHHH
arghhhhhhhhhhhh....GEDEBUSH!!! (as expected...i head ws the first to land)

ouch! (*0#)>


when i feel sad...i will always sing 'reflection' from Mulan and also street brat from Aladdin T-T

im in a happy dodo mood.. there belle's songs from beauty and the beast and also hakuna matata from 'lion king' (^0^)/ yipee!

and when i feel like my dream is overrr...i'll be singing 'Dream' from cinderella...

when i see other people cn do it...why cnt i? there goes 'Part of the world' by little mermaid.... (>0<)O

and finally..when im in LOVE...hihihi..i'll be singing 'Tale as old as Time', beauty and the beast...and Aladdin...the part where they're singing on the magic carpet..~~~ ahhhh~~~ (^__^)ahhh~

etc etc etc.....

SO...yess yess...i am TOTALLY into and forever...coz disney really gives me such emotion to express in a very dramatic and fun ways...broaden my imagination and giving me such wonderful dreams~ q(^-^)p fit my current gonna share wit u guys this lovely song from Cinderella~



'A dream
is a wish
ur heart makes
When your fast asleep...

In dreams
you will lose
your heartache
watever you wish for
you keep

Have faith in your dreams
and someday
your rainbow will come smiling to

No matter how your heart is grieving...
you'll keep on believing
that dream is a wish

THE eenddd~

Monday, April 27, 2009


(T-T) wu....wu....wuuuu....
MY miyavi-kun is gettin married....
im so sad....
hes not single anymore...
oh well...ive read hes blog how he wanted a baby and so on...
im sure hes happy now...
da baby might come out on september...

CANT WAIT!! (>0<)O
my my, im sure u cnt wait for it too, miyavi...

anyway! hope u and MELODY live well and happy doodly alwys!!! (^-^)v

my MIYAVI (^0^)/
(the picture has been deleted due to unacceptable comments and mere judgmental appearance)

MELODY...(^-^)...aku merestui kamu berdua..<---poyo


OH! BTW! im gonna checkout new guitars at the music store...
im buying a new rose is gettin weaker everyday...not juz da strings...the body as well...its crackin up...gotta go find a new 'BF' ASAP! (>0<)/

went browsing sum of gibson's collection....

damn CUN! but da price is waay too expensive....
so, back to reality...gotta buy one tht is cheap, nice sound, medium neck size, low curve, semi-acoustic probably...wanna try survey the body fiber type...looks kinda cool, tho...

and heres one of my fav...Gibson elvis presley rockstar...

damn cun....

n if u eva wonder y i bought my black colored rose guitar...
i wanna fit the image of miyavi's favourite guitar ere...hihihi (^-^)/ solid black wit a lil meaningful scribble there*

my mom pwomise wanna buy for me one new guitar IF, i repeat IFFFFFFF i get 3.5 above which is near to impossible...
so i might have to prepare for plan B= used my own pocket money...sigh* (-_-)'

anyways, the survey mission might start during short, guitar lovers! help me decide..!!!

p/s: uwwwww....i cnt wait!!!!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

famiLy VaCatiOn--------> LANGKAWI!! (^0^)/

after almost 3 years non-family vacation....T0T wu....wu....wu...
we finally able to find the RIGHT PERFECT ALAKAZAM time where all of us are AVAILABLE!!! yeah yeahhh yeahhh!!! happy happpy!!! (>0<)v

mommy ada...
ayah ada...
kak long ada...
mira..hihihi..saya la tuh...ader
hafiz pown ada....

yay!! \(^0^)/ smua ada!!

lets MOVE!!!!!

we woke up real early on our flight day to langkawi...
i start packing my bags at 3 am...(=0=) sleepy*

as we arrived at the airport...
the klia was quite empty...its nt holiday season, i guess...
we were da only loud family lingering around klia...
had our KFC breakfst....
i was still sweepy...

anyways, by the time we reach at langkawi,
it was raining like a chicken dancing wearing the hawaiian leaf-like mini skirt...
(apa aku mengarut ni?)
the first thing pop up in my brainy brain was 'how r we goin to walk through the heavy rain to the airport?

AHA!...the answer to my quickie question was tis..

wuhuuuu...'one umbrella each, everybody!!'

oh! im gonna tell u guys the highlights of my family journey...
the journey starts...NOW!!

well, of course...

they show us the fish farm where they kept, train and care the fishes...
bla bla bla horse shoe fish, lazy fish, tuna-like fish, etc.
sting ray...(HA?!) wait2...isnt tis da type who killed steve irwin?!
(mira back off slowly)
(the farm owner realize)
owner: jgn takut...ikan ni jinak! klau tangan lukak, pegang ekor dier baru bisa
klau pegang mcm ni....(he holds its tail)...xder aper2...
me: woooOOOoo (-0-)

but, seriously guys...the stingray...i mean THIS DAMNNNNNNNN CUTE ADORABLE TAME MANJA WUTEVA sgt3!!!!

when i try to put my hands in the water, one of them pop their heads up at da water surface and they start flippin their hands and tail...(manjaa wooo)

i took one fish food from the basin they provide and (the owner told me how) i put my hand slowly inside its mouth...and the fish sluuurrrrppppp!!! my hands and the food's GONE!!! wahahahhaha...they dunt ave teeth no worries...and they really love it when we pet them on the head and on their white tummy....hihihi...extremely adorable......

......(mira day dreaming)

mira: MOMMY!!! NAK BELA IKAN PARI!!!!! (>0<)n
mommy: Isssyhh!!!! jgn ngarutt!!!!!


anyhow, our boat driver drove us to this amazing restaurant at the middle of the took about 30 minutes to reach there...the sea seems to be an endless route but after tht long due...we finally reach the place and it is worth IT!!! (>0<)n

we go pick our fish and octapus....
the fresh n real ones in the sea...(oh, they have their own fish farm as well)
and they stim/roast directly!!!
nyum's reallllyyyy fresssshhhhhh!!!!
and the surrounding view is pricelessssss.......!!

mmg sangat best!!!

after tht, the 'cute'(hihihi) boat driver bought us to this end route river...
and they start to throw away pieces of cutted chicken into the water...
we were like..'haa?!' (-0-)?





i snap2 sum pictures....and heres da best!!!

da next day, we went to the fruit orchard....
they even serve us fruits not juz a mere talks on fruits and veggie...thts da best part... everytime the speaker almost ends her babling fruit talk...i would put my hands together and wait for the fruit serving..HAHAHA! <---x malu!


and finally! we went to mahsuri!!

i got bored with the mahsuri legend, darah putih, curse, difitnah wut-so-eva...
i made my own fun entertainment instead...

me n my sporting brother join my crazy mahsuri acting at mahsuri's house...

me: akan ku sumpah 7 keturunan tanah langkawi takkan aman!!! aku difitnahhh!! aarghhh!!
hafiz: mati ko mahsuri buduuuuhh!!! eeehhh??!!!! darahhhh putihhh???!!!! (exxagerate)

'abang...jgn tinggalkan adinda..'

'jalan baik2 yer bang...'

'akan ku sumpah 7 keturunan...!!!T-T'

(all the tourist from siam, korean, english were looking at us)

i guess they taught tis was apart of the tour...HAK3!!! free show everybody!!! (>0<)v

OH! not to forget my experince riding the cabel was scary, eerie (becoz of the top fulled-mist surrounding) and cool at da same time..!!

by the time i reach at the top...they let us walk around the RnR so tht we cn hav fun n snap sum pictures....
to b honest, i ws terrified!!! (*0#)>
try to look down...grip tight on the steel fence...
feelin as if the gravity is pulling me down...
sumtimes i even thought sumone would accidently pushed my back and the end! (i'll be flying down 700m inside the forest)....(x-x)****<---pengsan

heres my terrified face...

anyhow...!!! langkawi is very much different from the last 8 years i've went there for fmily vaca as well...

so, any of u guys planning to go on a vacation...langkawi is a 4 star rating place to go...!!! huhuhuhu (^0^)/

other visiting places i went in langkawi:
-the bat cave

-the crocodile cave
oh! my sister found tis HUGE CHOCOLATE MENTOS WATEVAHHH!!!!! THE CANDY ERE R HUUUGEEEEE!!!!! to all sweet, candy, chocolate lovers (ina? hihi)...cum to langkawi and shop shop SHOP!!!

other interesting pictures~

bye bye~~~

THE END!!! (>0<)v

Thursday, April 23, 2009


ALASSSS!!!! my dream of eating sushi wit INA has come true~~~
after facing such major headache and might known as being 'high'
seeing things, like 'a flying california roll, a walking tempura and my chilli sos turn into wasabi....' PUSHED me to drive straight to klcc, snatch around 10 various types of sushi which cost rm1 per sushi...maki, set! california, set! tempura, set!, soy sauce set!, wasabi set!, octapus set! takuya kimura set!

ready to pay!!! KA-CHING!!! waaalaahhhhh!!!!

itadakimasu!!!! (>0<)n (bismillahirahmanirrahim)


BURP!!!! ahhhh!!!
tottemo oishi desu!!! (^-^)n

bbrrggrgrbrgr (bunyi perut)
tehehehehe blush*

im full!!!!!

p/s: to whoever searching for a sushi fren!!! im ere for you!! coz im a sushi-die-hard-fan-lovers-BINGBANGBONG!!!arghhhh!!!!!! eating sushi with such clicky company, pricelesssss......(sambil air liur meleleh)

thanks, ina!!! (^-^)d


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


tis is a story…I mean tis is MY story….and i named it….’BED BEDDIE BED’

I still remember when I ws a lil gurl…I was damn close wit my big sister…

we shared a lot of stuff together…even tho we r slightly characteristically different…

im not saying were not close anymore…its juz tht…were…not as close as we used too when we were kids..thts all…<(*0-)

around the year 1995, me n my sister, we step into an empty room. its 3x3m wide and at my age during tht moment, the room is as huge as the world to me…q(^-^)p

mommy: well gurls, this is ur room..share it well, ok?
me n my sis: YAAAAYYYYY!!!!!

running around feeling the excitement….wow..i was damn happy…I mean, WE were damn hppy

yesss…our vey first bed…ayah bought us a double Decker bed (^-^)d

at first, we fight for the best place…which I tot ws at the top…but, curse her (>0<)O my sister got da place while I’ll b sleeping under her…

sumtimes…when I get really mad at her..i would kick her ass straight at the lumpy area…visibly seen at our thin mattress…then she would shake the whole bed and everythin would turn chaos…!!!

ARGhhhHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (>0<)n

hahahaha! reminds me of it, makes me laugh to tears…

as time flies….

we bought a new bed…!!! WUhUuuUu!!! (^0^)v
it’s an average queen size steel bed...but nuthin really change..haha…
everyday we fight, fight and FIGHT!!!

me: I wanna sleep beside the wall
my sis: NO way! Im gonna sleep there coz I sleep like a snake…u dun wan ur sister to end up falling on the floor the next morning, don’t ya? anyways, u sleep like a living corpse…u sleep here!!!
(as usual..she wins)

swooshhh….swiishhhh (daun berterbangan)

one day….

me n my sis: aarRRRRgHhHHHHHHhhhhhHHHhh!!!!!

(the steel got distorted and cracked)

mommy: ya robbi…dh besar anak2 dara ibu…I guess we ned to buy u a new bed…no more steel tis time

NEW BED!!! YIPEEEE!!!! (^0^)/
ow yeahh! ow yeahhh!! yeah yeahhh!!! (^0)/\(0^)
mommy n ayah bought us a queen size wooden bed!! wohoooo…(^0^)/
and even a new mattress as well….wow! its thick n comfy too!!!

hormone and time changes…ahakz....(*0*)>

my sis: lets stick our legs dis side n head tht side
me: tht way kepala tak kena air cond!!! y dun we juz follow the bed position..head dis side!!!
my sis: do wuteva u want!! im putting my ****ing head this SIDE!!!
so here we are….sleeping together with both opposite direction…every morning I’ll b seeing her legs kickin my face while mine was at hers…

as time goes by…..

things changed…

SHE change…

with different holiday schedule and stuff, we barely sleep together like we used too…
even if we had da chance…I dunno why…shes likes to pick a fight with such a tiny winy things like…

eventually…she juz stop sleeping wit her only lil sister….T-T
with such a LAME excuse….’were too big to sleep together’
rather than sleeping wit me on tht queen size solid wood bed…she chose to sleep downstairs on the sofa bed instead with my cat lingering around her…
the cat is worth sleeping with?

I wonder….
oh, well…
I dun mind sleeping all by myself by the way….
the bed is all MINE MINE MINEEEEE!!!!!! yeahh yeahhh joget2! yipeeeee!!! hapy2!!!(which I tot i was)

but I was wrong… T-T
(y mira?)

It feels so lonely to sleep alone on such a huge bed… T-T
suddenly, the bed feels so….big and….spacious…and….quiet….

well2….people change…
wat we experinced during our childhood, we might not experience it today
therefore, treasure those moments my friends…
coz u might lose it anytime….

THE end!

a letter to sumone...

Dear casper,
Im on my knees….begging you to forgive me and please leave me alone...

love, mira T

Sunday, April 19, 2009

dreammmsssss~ ahhh! forget it!

i tink im facing a teenage-to-adult age convert crisis... (>0<)>
why now do i ave to start thinking bout MY life...
da other half of me keep saying...'hey, mira! wake up! its too late for you to change'
da other half, however..'y dyu have to be such paranoid wit wat ppl's gonna tink, juz do wat u feel like doin, dude!'

my greatest fear..unfortunately...if i ever turn my bck on wat ppl's gonna tink...i'd might be doin it wrongly and maybe...juz gonna regret it....forever...
its heart feels happy doodly blink2*...but im gonna b surrounded by this negative charges energy... killing me softly...on the outside...gently..on the inside as well...

wats so happy doodly bout gettin wat u want with a dieing heart n soul?
i tink im starting to understand wat SACRIFICE really means...
maybe dreams are juz ought to be DREAMS....

ohh!! i miss my childhood moments...every dream seems to be real...
and i treasure it as if it really does exist...!
givin me such wonderful imaginative feelings....
now i see....perfectly...there r 2 types of dream in tis world
one is the one you'll achieved...and the other is juz to satisfy ur empty soul, widen ur imagination and again...its juz a dream...

well2, im gonna giv these 2 dream types a name; (-0-)l
1. reality dreams
2. imaginary dreams

i stil tink tht i am able to mix these 2 dreams up and create one perfect dream typo which cn attain such powerful sweetness cndy in my heart and at da same moment, its rasional, general mentality acceptance. (reality)....

people nowadays, they stick to the relity dreams coz they've given up with the imaginary dreams...they let the bud of nonsenseness and impossible achievements grow abruptly in their minds...they missed the fun! (>0<)n they murder their own golden ticket...!!!! MURDERER!!!! (>0<)n

wake up, people!!!
YOU SHUD..psst* psst*!!! huh?(mira...u've gone too far...bck to ur crisis)
oh, yea...ANYWAYS...everytime, ive been tinking bout doin 'it' image of this person pulled me back to reality...and i kno i cnt resist the fact tht any sort of stoopid crazy irrelevant stuff i gonna splatted on her face even without me wanting it to...its juz gonna splat plat plattttt and SPLLATTTTT!!! and if everythin i did is gonna effect the other person...i cannot be selfish and ignore the natural chain!!!

hmmm...well...the final word is: i tink, by giv awy my dreams no matter wether its the reality/ imaginary typo, if its for the sake to nurture this person, i'll give it up....i will SACRIFICE...even if its painful...however, i realize the methodological fact actually saving another person's heart n soul...and it is WORTH SACRIFICING!

teh den

'here comes the la la la'

ALASSS!!! My very first cousin is gettin marry!!! wohOoOooOooo!!!
(clap clap clapp!!!)

(-0-)l if uve been following my previous bloggie bum gum...i did post updating the engagement process n stuff...

the tie-the-knot has finally come to an END! they are legally...MARRIED!!

'u r now HUSBAND and WIFE' WoooHOhOhohOoho (clap! clap clap!! ) (>0<)v

me cousin is a very bright student in his former university and also a good employee as well...

hes been flying here and there working under the japan's company....3-4 tables are filled with japanese... arigatou gozaimasu! _(_ _)_ <--head down


watashiwa nihong go ga sukoshi hanasemasu...

mareshia jing kara kimashita...

dozo yorosiku onegaishimasu MINNA SANG!!!!

ok2...done wit my ke-poyo-an...
my very first attend wedding serving favouritee!!
oh! and!!! they even giv a speech in japan and sing one japan song to entertain the japanese ppl...they've fly so far juz to c him gettin marry...wanna make everythin worth paying n visiting...u-kno-wat-i-mean

wat makes me happier that long lost uncle was playing the bass for the band and my lovely twin cousin were singing the japan kawaii!! (>0<)n

and...since me, my sis n my bro rarely get the chance to sit together n hav fun being crazy like we used too.... tht night...we were damn gilerr!!! HAHhahhHAHAHah! miss my siblings!

siblings UPDATES:

my sister is having her 3 months practical startin 22nd...
my mom's gonna send her to work...
dyu kno wat tht means??!!!
peace* peace* (>0<)v yeah! yeah!...okok! done celebratin...NEXT!

my brother is so damn busy working at this fast food restaurant...he barely sits at im kinda home alone throughout this holiday...
im planning to giv him my powerful puppy face skill to make him stop workin...
hope it'll work! (giler kejammm)....!!
hey! hes goin to collage soon... im being considerate, owkeyyy~~~ (lalalla)

ANYHOW!!! heres some pictures of the wedding event!!! ><

my LITTLE brother ^^

ayah, uncle and grandpa

sluurrppp!!! ahhh!!

me n my BIG sister!!

me n MOMMY!!! ^^

THE eeeeennndddd!