Tuesday, May 31, 2011

kotak HATI


i have been sleeping the whole time yesterday due to my un healthiness~

anyhow, i went back home early yesterday from since my parents just came back from doin their umrah and mommy and ayah got me a lot of stuff! im so happy!! XD

i had down moments the past few days and im slowly gaining consciousness in terms of my psychology status. im aware with these dark thoughts even though theres nothing dark about it...

i have one small happy family. they ve been raising me so well tht it makes no sense for me to feel unappreciative about it. I shud me a shame of myself...wat more can i ask?

theyre perfect just the way they are~


anyways, theres been a tumble of competition around me and i kinda getting a little itchy with the vibes...wtv~

the end

Saturday, May 28, 2011


i cant do it....

i wanted to do one productively informative blog for me to just share and develop myself but the fact that i have been budging around with low-qua internet services, i cnt seem to make the idea came true!

i am very disapointed!!!

now, since my inner emotion have been growing death and angerism! i juz dont give a **** anymore!!!! waaaahhhhhH!!!!!!!!!! (>0<)O

and tiz kind of expression seems to take a little effort from the low-qua.

MUTUAL! (-0^)d

anyhow, updates updates~

heritage progress seems to progressing well and to be honest, im loving it! I love the fact when i know what to do daily and acting on live stage like one busy career woman seems to inhale satisfactory....

work work work~!

plus, ive been emotionally wonder how this feelings im feelin might be the last. my part 2 agenda is still floating in air. with no wind to direct their path. And working plan has always been my centre of ignorance, but now, the image of me working seems to be in a bundle of probability.



(wa...puas hati giler blog mcmni)

anyhow, parents xder. they went to do umrah for 10 days. pejam celik pejam, by this tuesday they're back. so i have to be home to welcome them. woudnt it be sad to be back celebrated by an empty house....apa guna ad anak2...

yes, im juz totally good at justifying...but the question is either my act is running or it just stood there and see myself acting nonsense as a child...a minute ago i juz gave one huge reason not to be able to come home...(again)...i wont deny...i hate myself for tht.... one minute i said i will another i wont....

wtuever.... *refuse to think much*

A CAT JUZ GAVE BIRTH TO 4 CUTE KITTIES!!!! under my bed (home)...my sister had this spiritual belief that God had replaced our beloved 'pelik' with 4 new born kitties....

how do i feel about it?


u must be wondering why...

well, ive been facing pet's death for several of time now....and now im basically in fear...fear of getting too close/attach with anythin....even tho deep inside i do have a tiny miny feelings of dearly to those kitties but at da same time, my evil thoughts are whispering things like

'they'll die sooner or later. at tht age, death is possible...'

or even

'they'll leave you one day.....trust me'

and what makes me never agree more to those whispers was the fact that ill be unavailable to be their guardian since id be here in mahalah most of my living time and mommy and dad are stil working...(same goes to kak long)

so...yes....be rational when loving a pet...dont give them all this hopes and dreams of a nice place to stay and a good food to serve while u wont gonna be there for them all the time.....u are offically a jerk when u act that way.....

ur torturing them...

ok...ive talked much~

the end

Tuesday, May 17, 2011



future planning has always been MY major headache. Ive always refuse to think much about it and expect to just follow the flow and see how it goes,

i'll encounter it as much effort as i can...

for now, in a blink of an eye, my 4 years in architecture is ending...

so what i need now is a good future planning for a better future life... (AKU NAK KAYA!)

ok...ignore the monolog..(--__--")


  1. Get into your bedroom and close the door. Make sure your siblings are watching TV in the living room or playing out side.

    Set as many goals as your heart desires. It's free, fun, and easy! To list your dream goal, just click below~ (its FUN FUN FUN!!!!) 'im starting listing down already and its a secret! NOT SHARING! >:p
    click me
  2. Go through your life thoroughly. What is your gift? What do you want to be in the future? What is your passion? (i.e., something you would love to do even if you were not paid to do it.)
  3. Write it down. Most of the people who have achieved their dreams took the first step towards achieving them: they wrote them down.
  4. Plan a route to get there. Write down what ever it will take you to reach your dream.
  5. Put your piece of paper where you can see it and remind yourself of your goals.
  6. Work your plan. Put it into action by following the route to your dream. It may mean adjusting a lot of things in your life, but it will be worth it one day.
  7. Start a savings account and deposit 25% of your monthly income. Then when you need to buy a car, etc., you'll already have a lot of what you'll need.
  8. Dismiss negativity and begin to speak your future in the present. This will assimilate into your mind and help you to persevere towards your dream.

  • The difference between a big shot and a little shot is that a big shot is just a little shot who kept on shooting!
  • Talk to your parents, guidance counselors, etc., about what they think you would be good at and how to get there. You may not want to, but remember, they went through this too.


  • Ignore criticism, stay focused.
  • Don't do drugs.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Know the kind of friends you keep and move around with. Be your own person, not a follower!
  • Think before you make a move
  • Think before you act.
DO IT NOW! (>0<)O

Thursday, May 12, 2011

kotak BUKU!

I am indeed hunger for reading materials right now and online basis, cant seem to find any that suits my interest wutsoever.

If any of you guys do find one mind explosive reading web, jangan malu2 and do let me know the link. Coz your dear friend here is dieing to spend her quality time: reading...

I have this major issue on spending (not time) but money on reading materials. Top sale books are always expensive. All those harry potter collections/ top sale books I had was tumpangan from my family/friends.

Lets just say Im the kind who prefer spend her money on clothing rather than books even though I have full interest on both.

So, how do i solve this 'velllyy persssonnaalll' problem of mine?

Id grab 2nd hand books or any jumbo sale boothz!

(it cost like RM5 jer!!! OMG! kill me now!)

Anyho, my dear boyfriend told me about this cool 2nd hand shipping at the AmCorp Mall every Sunday. Well, Im gonna check it out and will review to you guys how does it roll~

The way he explain seems rather fascinating and usually, when the thing he said was 'cool', never fails my expectations. He does have quite a taste there.

Will update soon after the visit..(or shipping maybe...hehehe)

Monday, May 9, 2011


if any of u guys havent watch INSIDIOUS juz yet...plz remotely stop your pure intention to. Because the movie makes me laugh of akwardness!!!!

its freakin kelakar in a sense tak takot langsung!!!! im dissapointed! ok...now im gonna giv a big round of applause to the trailer maker~

TRAILER MAKER...U ROX!!!!! V(>0<)v

its funny when the image in front of you is so obvious hantu tipu make-up je ni but the actor was so into his acting and trying so hard to convince (even himself).....


(sorry to disappoint any of you horror lovers)

i dont get how the IMDb (internet movie data base) did their ratings?

i mean 7.2 over 10 stars? like...seriously~?

this is the 2nd periodically season ide got ditches by british-american ratings! they are exxageratively criticism liars! oh wait....dont get too emotional, i might culturally born and understand the horror terms differently~

gah! im off~


Sunday, May 8, 2011

kotak DSLR for dummies

here goes....deciding to buy one dslr camera. dont get annoyed, ive been observing people with dslr for years ever since it was first trend starter around 2009. im getting old and at the tip of my age of discovering. I finally decided to have my own...

im getting pretty sick and tired with handphones+camera techno = FALSE HOPE!

never truly satisfy me... the picture...

well~ tip tap top...

(research manipulating tapping kepboard sound)

How to Decide Which DSLR Camera is for You?

So how do you decide which DSLR to buy? There are an increasing array of them on the market so you have a real choice ahead of you.

Here are a few factors to consider when looking for a DSLR:

1. Price

a good place to start when thinking about buying a DSLR is obviously price. DSLRs price range in price from some quite affordable deals at the lower end to extremely high prices at the professional end. Set yourself a budget for your purchase early on but make sure that you keep in mind that you’ll need to consider other costs of owning one including:

  • Lenses (some deals offer ‘kit lenses’ but you should consider upgrading – see below for more on this)
  • Batteries (all models will come with one but if you are travelling you might need a spare)
  • Memory Cards (some models come with one but most are inadequate in terms of size. Even if you’re lucky enough to have one included you’ll probably want to upgrade to at least a 1 gigabyte card).
  • Camera Bag (some dealers will throw one in – but once again don’t expect a high quality ‘free’ bag. Your DSLR is something worth protecting – invest in a good bag)
  • Filters (at the least you’ll want to get a UV filter for each lens you purchase – but you might also want to consider other types down the track also).
  • Extended Warrantees (there’s a variety of opinions on whether they’re good or not – but they’re worth consideri
2. What will You use it For?
when you head into a camera store to purchase any type of question the first thing most sales people will ask you what type of photography you want to do. It is well worth asking yourself this question up front as it will help you think through the type of features and accessories you’ll need.

Will this be a general purpose camera for recording ‘life’? Are you wanting to travel with the camera? Is it for sports photography? Macro Photography? Low Light Photography? Make a realistic list of the type of photography you will use it for (note I said ‘realistic’ – it’s easy to dream of all kinds of things you’ll photograph – but in reality most of us only do half what we think we will).

3. Size

DSLRs are all more sizeable than compact point and shoot cameras but there is a fair bit of variation in size between them also. Some photographers don’t mind carrying around weighty gear but if you’re going to use it for on the go photography (travel, bushwalking etc) then small and light models can be very handy.

4. Previous Gear

the attractive thing about DSLRs is that in many cases they are compatible with some of the gear you might already have.

  • This is particularly the case for lenses. The chances are that if you have a film SLR that your lenses might well be compatible with a DSLR made by the same manufacturer. Don’t assume that all lenses will be compatible (particularly older gear) but it’s well worth asking the question as it could save you considerable money.
  • If you have a point and shoot camera you might also want to look at the type of memory card that it takes as some models of DSLRs could also be compatible with them. This probably won’t be a major consideration as memory cards are considerably cheaper than they used to be but it could be a factor to consider.

5. Resolution

how many megapixels does it have’ is a question that is often one of the first to be asked about a new camera. While I think ‘megapixels’ are sometimes over emphasised (more is not always best) it is a question to consider as DSLRs come with a wide range of megapixel ratings. Megapixels come into play as you consider how you’ll use your images. If you’re looking to print enlargements then more can be good – if you’re just going to print in small sizes or use them for e-mailing friends then it’s not so crucial.

6. Sensor Size

Another related question to consider is how big the image sensor is. The term ‘crop factor’ comes up when you talk about image sensor size – I’ll upack this further in a future article as it’s perhaps a little complicated for the scope of this one. In general a larger sensor has some advantages over a smaller one (although there are costs too). But I’ll unpack this in a future post (stay tuned).

7. Future Upgrades

will you be in a position to upgrade your camera again in the foreseeable future? While entry level DSLRs are attractively priced they tend to date more quickly than higher end models and you run the risk of growing out of them as your expertise grows and you thirst for more professional features. Ask yourself some questions about your current level of expertise in photography and whether you’re the type of person who learns how to master something and then wants to go to a higher model that gives you more control and features. It’s a difficult question but you might find it’s worthwhile to pay a little more in the short term for a model that you can grow into.

8. Other Features

Most DSLRs have a large array of features that will probably overwhelm and confuse you at first as you compare them with one another. All have basic features like the ability to use aperture and shutter priority, auto or manual focus etc but there’s also a lot of variation in what is or isn’t offered. Here are some of the more common features that you might want to consider:

  • Burst Mode – the ability to shoot a burst of images quickly by just holding down the shutter release – great for sports and action photography. DSLRs vary both in the number of frames that they can shoot per second as well as how many images they can shoot in a single burst.
  • Maximum Shutter Speed – most DSLRs will have a decent range of speeds available to you but some will have some pretty impressive top speeds which will be very useful if you’re into sports or action photography.
  • ISO Ratings - Similarly, most DSLRs will offer a good range of ISO settings but some take it to the next level which is useful in low light photography.
  • LCD Size – It’s amazing how much difference half an inch can make when viewing images on your cameras LCD. I noticed this recently when testing a camera with a 2.5 inch screen after using my own 1.8 inch one. While it might not change the way you shoot photos (people tend to use viewfinders at this level to frame shots) it certainly can be nice to view your shots on a larger screen.
  • Anti Shake – in the past few weeks a range of new DSLRs have been announced by manufacturers in the lead up to the Christmas rush. One of the features that is featuring more and more in them is anti shake technology. While it’s been common to get ‘image stabilisation’ technology in lenses the idea of it being built into camera bodies is something that is attractive.
  • Dust Protection – another feature that has started appearing in the latest round of cameras is image sensor dust protection (and in some cases self cleaning for image sensors) – something that will help alleviate a lot of frustration that many DSLR photographers have. To this point this is a feature that is mainly on lower end DSLRs but it’s bound to appear on new professional models also.
  • Connectivity – Getting photos out of your DSLR and into a computer or printer generally happens these days via USB but some people like FireWire and/or Wireless.
  • Semi-Auto Modes – As with point and shoot cameras – many DSLRs (especially lower end ones) come with an array of shooting modes. These generally include ‘portrait’, ’sports’, ‘night’ etc. If you rely upon these modes on your point and shoot you may well use them on your DSLR too. Higher end DSLRs often don’t have them.
  • Flash – Generally professional grade DSLRs don’t offer built in flash and just have a hotshoe while entry level DSLRs include a built in flash.
click kotakDSLR to view top 20 dslr models!!!


announcement: i hereby declaring my blog transformation.

*tunduk pale tanda respect mcm org jepun*

thank you thank you~

do support kotak kosong people!!!!

(did i disapoint any of you?)

GAH!!! <----means i dont care... (--__--")

'video ini' sangat menarik....kih3~

Friday, May 6, 2011


im not happy.

im dissapointed.

im hating the world right now.

leave me alone.

the end