Monday, December 27, 2010

donut and candles


yesterday was a friend's friend birthday. In support of a friend. I gave her my finest effort to help and make it happen.

I went looking for the 'cake' and candles with him, so it was some sorta fun productive activities for us bored-dunno-wat-to-do couple. lol!

Well, even tho the plan wasnt goin so well at the dieing candle part, i hope the rest was awesome. We really did our best tho. *wink2*

happy birthday A~

-the end-

Saturday, December 25, 2010



semalam hantar kak long kt klia for her a week christmas holiday to Japan. *jeles*

since shes so demn crazy about gazzetto, mucc, shinna ringo all those talented nippong singers, theres gonna b a bunch of live concerts there sempena hari her bachelor trip gonna b awesome! *jeles2*

when will my time be...i wonder?

heritage trip maybe?


anyhow, juz as she waved goodbye, i remmbr muhaimin n yah were talking about lobsters. Muhaimin tringin nak merasa and i did saw one huge lobster in Victoria Station Restaurant but tht was years back. And i cnt seem to recall any taste of lobster in my mouth.

So, we decide to go eat lobster kat sekinchan around setiawangsa thre. Our fav seafood bakar port.

Unfortunately, ms we arrive there...lobster xde. *sigh*

however, my tummy has been acting chatty enough for the past 30 minutes, any food wud be fine to shut em up. So we decide to mamam usual ikan bakar instead...(walaopon bru je balun ikan bakar kat bellamy with yah n muhaimin few days back)

balik rumah i was so sleepy, sempat checkout my email to Tan Sri Azman Hashim but he didnt reply...oh well, who wud wan to entertain random students doin research in his house?

i plan to balik uia today as early as possible after settle down with the housechores. Kesian mommy...she gets pretty exhausted jg kak long demam for days before fly to Japan...

And mommy is planning another oversea trip for the upcoming holiday~ YIPIII!!



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

dizzy mizzy

yesterday i barely stick my slippery ass in the room.

early morning attend studio

then klua mamam

then klua pegi galeria sri perdana tu checkout tun mahathir's house

then balik late evening

then klua again to help out a fren in need

and balik around 5 am... (O_o)

and now...i dun feel so good... *pening pale* (*~*)>

p/s: havent turn on my fon for hours...argh! shudnt have left d charger kat studio~ >< sori!

-the end-

Saturday, December 18, 2010

can you at least say goodbye?

people who follow~

my last update pasal pelik:

shes amazingly recovering from her anemic.

well, a week back, she barely touches her food as what mommy had told me thru d fon...

i ws in mahallah the whole week. New semester's approcahing~

belum sempat i see her...touch baby pelik has already left me.

ive been looking for her the whole keramat area, shes nowhere to be found.

im in total shocked rite now...

i ned someone to slap me and tell me tht...

she ll never come back to me.

*pelikk....pelikk syg!!! where r u! kak ngah ad ur fav food nii...pelikkk!!! PELIKKK!!!*


-the end-


....emosi sy sgt terganggu today...

rs nak marah marah marah n nangis all the tyme...

everythin seems so....freakin...annoying...

smua benda org ckp to me seems provoking...

everythin i said, people seems to take it as a joke...

usually when at times like tis occur to me, i choose to sleep. Its the finest way for me to not get pissed off over sumthin so....minor...

this is sumthin abnormal bout mira n i hate myself for havin this hallucinating thoughts which turn out feeling so miserable over...nuthin.

is it really...nuthin?


td g sushi king rrs mcm nak baling pinggan sushi kt kepala waitress dier sbb kena tunggu almost hlf n hour nk dpt da food...and i cn get pretty grumpy when im hngry...

aftr tht **** service, they wan me to pay rm5 for tht?!!!!

pg mampos a!!!!

ok2...saba mira...saba...

-the end-



yesterday i went!! YIKEs!!! NOWHERE! nuthin arrrghhh!!!

(glaba sbb mami ad kt seblah)

~the end~

Wednesday, December 15, 2010



im very happy...!!! X)


yesterday someone gave me free coupon movie tikets...wuhu!! (thank you so much! God bless you!)

finally dpt kluar with him after 2 weeks x jmpa n watch free muviee together! winduu~ *tears*

dpt eat my fav sushi...and we even got one free sushi resit for the next visit and mamam tyme happy hour...another 20% off!!!! walaaa~~

ader huge christmast sale!!! (x bli apa2 pn but i was super happy seeing him shop like lollipop!)

money from my little business finally pouring into my account!! yahoOo!! V(>0<)v

p/s: clas kol 3? kroohhh!!! ZzzZZzz!!

the end

Monday, December 13, 2010 semester? seriously?

new semester is feeling a little achy not-quite-ready jedi around me...

in fact, the studio selection melodrama always had me hanging in confusion. Especially when im stucked with several questions in the aspects of...

social crowd...
the typology itself
lecturer selection wise
and obviously...competition...

but...i came here studying to learn. I shudnt freak out with competition...thats juz life, n i shud expect the worst in the outside world...and that time is so close to my present. i can smell it from here! (>0<)O

instead of literally sayin, its not bout competition nemore, the good ones cn be my teacher, its a way to meliorate my skills...learning cn be fun especially when u r approaching ur final year. (omg..tht statement wasnt helpin...) (>_<)>

getting clicky is juz a usual trend now days. U cant blame them. i cnt blame myself for it as well. Ive been tht clicky version, the version where i was left all alone from my usual group and now were separating into two. It wasnt that bad.

At least, i still have my closest company around me. Work it out well my dear frenz! b(>0<)d

ive learn a lot the whole 2010. A LOT! i swear, if i saw the 2009 of mira, i wud be laughing at her face and tell that 'there is still a lot to learn, 1 year younger mira'

i spent a lot of the time doin my own thing. I dont go waiting for others to start and being tht one heavy shadow following people around. Im basically doin the bad good thing under my own option. Not a person to be blame.

I juz hate draggin other people, makin they do things they werent so sure or naive bout it. So, thats when i created my own bubble. The consequences would juz turn on me. No one else....

ok, ive written much. well spilled and a little mixture issue here and thre. LOL! wuteverrr~

p/s: i cnt believe this year is ending...time, plz...not to rush!!! (>0<)O

the end

Friday, December 10, 2010

about beijing

im back people!!! (>0<)/ fingers are gettin pretty stiffy for the long due type-less days!

anyho, im dieing to blog again! i was technologically shut down during my trip in beijing. My fon wasnt working (no roaming services charge as such) and NO INTERNET!

anyho, it wasnt that bad. I was making love with mommy's digital camera all the tyme, and the full scheduled activities didnt drift me to boredsome. Plus! the scenery in beijing was AWESOME!!! d(>0<)b

At first, the idea of traveling sibling-less was a mess. i couldnt imagine being the only child for the whole week tour. But, it turn out magic~! i feel like a grown up already. My previous traveling moment was too dependable.

BUT now, I handled most of the important stuff! (whre ayah usually x kasi handle) pretty sure they startin to trust me on doin things lately. the luggage, passport, buying stuff, stuff arrangements and organizing, food selection, photo catche~wuuhuu~

I can already see the image of me traveling alone. I can do this! BABY!!!!! (>0<)O

anyho, beijing tour refreshes some childhood memories i had in scotland. the weather and the air...seems pretty much the same. mommy pon sama. mommy ckp next trip would be thre...sbb mami a rindu gle nak balik sne. (insyallah~)

so people. wat dyu wanna know bout beijing?

1) sgt SGT BERSIH!!!
2) healthy lifestyle
3) prefer cycling/walking
4) the food r basically sayur sayur sayur and very tasteless..(they dun use much salt)
5) x jmpa pon org cina gemok...
6) some a bit kasar... (most of em actually)
7) when it comes to business..diorg mmg syaitan! plz a...nak shoppin in china mmg x bole nak relax n survey...they attack u all the tyme...(tang ni den kurang minat sket)
8) tea tea tea tea...thts their basic aqua intake
9) taman rekreasi diorg slalu PENUH GLE!!!
10) pmpuan dier mostly cntik2....
11) tandas dier bersih tp berBAU! coz they dun use water nak tgk muker diorg smua selamba je..mayb bg diorg bau tu biasa kot...*hancing*
12) everything well organize and diorg pandai gle market kan product...


ad one tyme tu almost gado dgn cina ni...she wont let me go unless i buy this handbag that ive been eyeing tp harga dier rm300 lebey coz its real leather!!!! (xde duet da tyme tu)....

but she wont let me go n kasar gle...(pendek je pn minah apek tu...ikotkan ak bole jer tolak dier pastu tampar blasah mampos)

ak kt negara org beb...xyah nak buat perangai/ geleng geleng geleng geleng pale je...smpi mommy n ayah pon nak ngamuk...ayah da jerit2...mommy dah lari...cina tu stil wont let go of me....

keadaan agak kritikal coz ayah dah jerit2 ask me to leave but that wasnt an option. my hands were tightly gripped! i cn ensure u if i juz dashed n run, that cina will definitely fall down and terseret kat tanah...

and finally...aftr thta long critical moment...the bag final price...RM50....(-__-") gile x gile?

the rm350 *slashed* rm50 handbag~


the end

Saturday, December 4, 2010



currently busy doing list of things to bring...(i totally sux at packing) *pening pale*

i might as well just throw everything inside this huge lugage and walah~!! lets gooo baby!!

so, ill be off for 5 days...the flight will be tmrow morning kt klia so dr rumah at 5 am...argh! sleepyy!! (=_=")....

gonna miss everyone here *sobs*

the end

p/s: cuace hari ni sgt tenang, mendung, sejuk...sgt lullabyish~ kroohhh krooohh!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


yawdepeep! (^0^)/

today plan nak bangun early to settle my saman. i heard rumors that the semester result is releasing next week on monday. (i wont be here by then)

tp bangun agak lewat today...(kol9)...mommy ngamuk giler!!! *shivers*

anyways, x langsaikan saman uia lg, so better settlekan skrg before it gets messy. I had 2 compounds (dua2 related to parking issue).

come on a~ uia parking space sgt SGT SGT!!!!!!! limited owkayy!!! landscape aper kejadah smua amek giler banyak ruang! tgk a kat asma's tu...siap ad this huge fieldy area yg dah berlopak n penuh cat's poo...asal x construct parking space je?

talk about security...selamat ka kereta2 student kte park kat tepi jalan 2? haa haaa?? *emo ttbe*

ANYWAYS! (>0<)O i assume i had to pay rm50 for each saman sbb i didnt appeal one and two, i checked my compound kat my uia profile, it wasnt updated and my balance hutang yg tercatat was id better off prepare a hundred then~

pg bank muamalat, amek number, trus kena panggil...then legal unit...

sister: mmm...adik, saman adik smua dah bayar la

me: huh? (o_o)! tapi kak, hujung sem lepas saya kena 2 saman.

sister: ye ke? xde pon. maybe diorg x key in lg kot

me: f*** the SYSTEM!!!!! <---dlm hati...'abis tu cmne?'

sister: cmni a...klau adik xdpt tgk result. adik dtg sini balik and baru kasi copy payment slip kat legal unit.

me: bile ms plak a ak nak dtg sini balik goin beijing tis sunday!!?? <--dlm hati again. 'mmm...yela kak....mmm....'

ARGhhHHHHhhh!!!!!! o(>0<)O

gehrawrmnyaaa akuuwwww~!!! mari sama2 kiter buat muka geram... 1...2.... arghhh!!!
gigit gigit patah patah!!!!!!!!!!

okok..mira relax...seratus je pown....

p/s: banyak saman ak bole buat a pasni....................BAKAR MAHALAH OFFICE!!!!! V(#0#)v

the end

Wednesday, December 1, 2010



yesterday spose to be my first leave-me-alone-people-i-wanna-feel-my-holiday.


jeng jeng jeng....mommy's in the house, baby!!!! *mami joget* ~(-0-)~

pagi2 dah riuh...

mommy: MIRAAAA!!!!! *baling bantal* BANGOOOnnnNNNnN!!!!! mommy wash ur clothes today u mop the floor kayyy? and bsh pinggan tu. banyak btol~ lap2 sket umah ni...dah berhabuk...pastu...(cntinue)

me: (=_=") urgh~ ok mommy...

settle everything by noon and i had my solo day out makan my FAVVVvvvvVVv SUSHI...! yipii!! (^0^)/

psst! thk u sbb temankan ak makan~ *smile*

balik rumah~

mommy: ap yg best sgt sushi tu? asik sushi sushi sushi!!! and u spend rm40 for one meal!!!!!

me: (cmne mommy tawu ni?)...err....lapa a mommy....

mommy: *geleng2 kepala* more duit belanja from now on smpi we go beijing nnti. paham!

me: (T-)/ *pasrah*

i ask u people out ther! spe bole resist SUSHI!!! its like the most succulent raw fish mix with that fantastic extra soy sauce flavor with a little wasabi tu give that twitch of excitement through ur brain....IT SOOO IRRESISTABLE!!! (>0<)O

*meleleh air liur*

(gamba hiasan semata2)

the end

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

baby visits....

ok! enough with the teenage melodrama people!!! (teenage lg ke?) (0_o)?

mom's gonna start her one week holiday starting tomorrow. so, dah x bole nak secretly merayap sana sini nemore. She'll be watchin every move. *shivers*

and monday/tuesday was a greeat final hangout moments for mira! yes! gotta meet my lovely bf, my best friend, ina and ham! and of coz, the new born baby, irdina...(xde la new sgt...dah 2 bulan actly)...terlepas the first baby visit...(sorry ham!) (>_<)>

and after that, i went back by putra...sheepishly sleepy, my head was rolling here n there ms dlm putra. naseb baek x terlepas stesen klcc....oh! no no! bukannya nak smbg lepak, my mom's office happen to be around tht area, so, g la singgah tgk mami n balik 2gther with her~ ^^

and now...i am extremely sleepy~...*snore*

tq ham~ tq ina~ luv u baby dina~ toodly nite nitey~


Saturday, November 27, 2010

paris hilton and I


im finally free from the 2 weeks attachment!!!

now i can finally embrace my holiday~ (yipii!) \(^0^)/

yesterday was a blast! despite mommy and ayah wont let me go out much, they actually let me hangout with my schoolmates for the whole day and sleepover at Fa's house!

how cool is that people!?? (i kno its lame. but for me, it is super rare opportunity!)

My dearest noreen is back from NZ for the summer holiday (4months), So, i wont miss that chance to go meet her and yesterday was the once in a present life for all 6 of us to fully presence!!

( I almost ruin the whole plan for that wedding at Rembau scheduled)

Meet up kat pavi and lepak till our jaw drops and drive to wangsawalk and had a cool karoke session! then dinner kat RK and later lepak around taman jelatek area and camwhorinG!!!

sleepover~ well breakfast~balik~

total satisfaction, baby~ *thumbs up*

pictures uploading....(noreen, cpt a send gamba2 tu yer...ak tunggu niiii...) ><

thank you guys~ i had d most awesome time!!! and the life updates still feels un-updated....a lot more story!!! nnti we try buat another meeting kaY~



Noreen ad mention cool activities primary children in NZ had during the school hour. They write event or even celebrities who were born on the same date as their birthday. So, i went googling mine~

Paris Hilton and I actually born on the same date~ yesss.... (--__--")

i wonder the common character between us? No wayyy~~~~~ (>0<)>

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

sangat COOL!


semalam i had a really tuff time. Total emotion disturbance. (probably becoz of first day PMS)...THEREEE!!! i juz admit publically!!! woaah!! *blush*

i jus havent been out with frenz for quite sum time and had been loitering around 'adults' everyday, i juz miz my teenage crowd~ my wildest crazy ass chracter~

rindu korunk~ *peluk bantal*

(and my usual family crisis)

anyho, mira kena positif as always...2 days left before freedom ass baby!!! XD
(i shud zip the a** word now)

boss been gone for almost 2 weeks. family holiday g korea beb...winter sonata kot skrg! pergh! XD and my lucky star, without him around, i dun feel much stress. he likes to eye on his workers...a lot...tekey aku (>-<)>

and and and! pc dah hantar repair and it cost me half a thousand!!! (BAPAK A!)

tu pon, dier x guna the exact motherboard and power supply brand and quality tht im currently using...slightly, kegempakan pc ku telah lenyap!!!! (xde a gempak mne)

(thts y im so piss off about money currently....mommy ayah nak pengsan da dgr the total and lepaskan geram at my face...the blaming session is heating up) *emotional mira*

tu blom lg luahkan my saman yg tak berbayar...i wont dare ask more money for now. let them cool down for a moment...bia la x dpt tgk result...later i pay after bukak sem pn i dun mind....

owh~ and the stremyx dah convert to home line wifi and it a** laju!!! i love it! and no more facing those tanglicious wire here n there. i juz have to turn on my laptop and walah!

'you are connected to taib's wifi' (sore computer)

WAAAHHHHh!!!!! (*0*)/ <---bdk ni jakun gler


wanna share wit u guys these 2 amazing twin singers maria and helena...

they called themselves as HELENAMARIA....both sgt sgt talented!!!

one slalu nyanyi part high and plays the guitar (rythm),

the other nyanyi part low and plays keyboard and guitar plucking...(kidal)...

SGT COOL!!!!! (>0<)/

you cn juz go to youtube and see their cool covers~ the fact tht i love country song so much, they way they sing was im totally adoring their talent for now~

tepuk! tepuk tepuk! tepuk tangan kagum! *mcm KRS tyme skola*

the end

Monday, November 22, 2010

hai, saya Johan~

Sorry people. You must be wondering why I haven’t updated my blog these few days back. Well, u r aware bout my broken pc whereabouts, rightttt right righttt?? (obnoxious giler)

well, basically, that was the reason.

The lightning also affected my home stremyx line. Sebab tu xley online. My life had been a total boredsome after work!

anyhow, its not a problem for me. Mira always know what to do and how to spend her time in quality. *wink2* yeah miraa!!! wohooo!!! <---monolog positivism

I got this reviews story books packed 3 in one from a friend. reader’s digest giveaway.. the 2 stories bored me to death about detectives, serial killer and stuff. (not my type)

while this one famous author sophie kinsella had caught me in her story in ‘remember me’

The book review was only been released. so, ak ingt the story was latest but got caught by some frenz and they told me it was basically published in 2008…(tht was like …erm…*kire2 pakai jari…kali ni xley silap kira da…* TWO YEARS!!)

klau korg gempak n sensitive, try stroll down my previous post, cn u detact my mathematical error?


oh…pagi2 dtg keje, slalu ter bump dgn tis macho dude and I name him….(drum)


ini Johan~

hensem kan?

ha? why Johan? x nmpk ke mcm champion muker dier? haha! XD

-the end-

Thursday, November 18, 2010


aloha!!! (^0^)/

today mira is a little sad...



tiz morning makan lemang dr kolo pilahh sgt banyak!! (kak yana bwk kt ofis) and i end up feeling totally sleepy aftr tht food stuffing!! (=_=*)

x bole fokus keje~ *lari g tido kat surau* <---bdk ini ponteng keje

ALASAN KEDUA!!! (>0<)ll

i ws so anxious nak balik awal tody, i cnt barely count how many times tiz head hd been twisting n turning kat jam dinding tersegam indah tuh...totally insecured with the time seconds beating the whole day......and guess wat?

at 5.30pm, ttbe hujan la plak (lebatnyaaa!!!), i cnt leave early. So, i end up leaving the office at 6.45pm...(=_=*) its like 1 hour and 45 minutes late! imagine how my eagerness got swollen by the thunder beast!!!! (mira's imagination) (>0<)/ arghh~

SBB KE-3 SAYA SEDIH...??? (>0<)lll

smpi rumh, as usual i went upstairs to my bedroom and turn on my pc...but...nuthin appear on the screen except for this word 'no signal'...*plop*...>mati<.........

wat the..hektar!!!???? NoOOoooO!!!!! PC buat hall now noOooo!!!

yes people, my pc dah kena short circuit and dah xley on for now~....

<(ToT)> forgive me Lord thee i have been a bad child n a bad sister!!

OH! APALAH NASIB KE-4!! (>0<)llll

had a fight dgn ayah. Ayah was being a lil sarcastic bout me being irresponsible sbb x tutup all the plug b4 left the house to work....blame me plak! argh! <---anak derhaka


me: (grumpy face)

ayah: so...mcmane 'broadBOND' (broadband) yg ayah dah bayar tu? dah stat senget2) bond? (tahan2)......HAHAHahHHAHHAHAHAAHAHAh!!!!!! XD AYAH BOLOQQQQ!!!

ayah: boloq??? *blur*

PHEW~ ayah make my day~ *smile* comey a ayah akuw sorg ni~ (cobit perut)

p/s: current emotion: neutralized by ayah's boloq of the day~~~


anyho people! o found out 3 cool picturesss!!! extreme coolerz! V(>0<)v
yum yummm~

picture below entitles : Sleeping in heaven~

haa! my fav! tiz amazing model is actually jumping from the bed!!!!!! bukan camera trick taw!! clap clap hands to the model yg sgt amazing!!!!!! *eksaited lebey*

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ayam kelakar

im back!! (7 p.m.)

>kena marah dgn ayah balik lewat<

ok done~

i had a grrreeeaaattt tymmmeee and a great life updates from them. Lama giler x jumper diorg! Jrg jmpa after we left school, so biler meet up, the viber were freakin awesomely on fire!!!

Everyone ada their own story telling to present... Relationships, family, friendship, education, lecturers...bla bla bla

we kinda rangka tiz crazy plan nak go swimming n roller coaster-ing at sunway next NEXT week. (after i finish doin my short term attachment) but not quite sure itll make it ke x...

and i even have this secret plan nak jalan2 around melaka balik hari wit nana during the holiday, so mcm wondering wether my parents gonna let me go wild alone twice....if u kno wat i mean...

my parents are totally protecting me in their own bubble creation which i so used to blow it up as if it meant nuthin...(bad child) ><

sorry mommy, ayah. Im juz not good at convincing u guys to trust me with words. I juz hope when u had to face me doin things on my own, u'd eventually trust me...

even i had to face ur loving, overprotecting, caring, insecured lectures~ i kno u lap me very much~ (^-^)n

OHhhHhh!!!!! *eksaited*

td g umah aina, and i found this funny chicken toy...sumpah lawak giler!!!! and sedap dipegang/ramas/gengam....(astagfirullah) ayam kelakar

mira angkat ayam kelakarmira picit2

ayam kelakar patuk faa
ayam kelakar patuk bontot bk

the end

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

hari raya aidiladha

salam aidil adha everyone!!! (^0^)/

hari ni bangun pretty early than my usual sbb kena ready utk solat hari raya! yay!

rs mcm dah lama x celebrate kat KL. We didnt balik kg becoz of the inappropriate holi- DAY which is in the middle of weekdays. so, raya KL jer la.

Since my free time is kinda limited sbb keje, i took tis holiday opportunity to go lepak with my CBN buddiez~!! yayyy!!

in another half an hour, im gonna dressen up and pick BK n go jalan2 to aina's house. Then later move to my house and finally bk's~ hihi ^^

ayah: raya qorban maner de g umah ke rumah beraya. pagi g solat raya, pastu sembelih lembu, agihkan daging, masak, makan ramai, bla bla bla....(continue babling)

me: er...ok a min...juz a sec...

ayah: (cntinue babling)..'Nabi Ismail dulu kena sembelih...<---ayah ter'carried' away

me: (phone) 'guys~ meet up at 12 kay~ c ya!'

the end!

sedikit info!!!

last monday ad usrah kat tmpt keje. And ustaz told me that raya aidiladha is actually much more bigger than aidilfitri but our culture dah terbalikkan everything...jap...i like his statement...lemme refresh~...mmm

'Orang Melayu kita ni, datuk nenek moyang kita, diorg pergi besarkan yang kecil (raya aidil fitri), dan kecilkan yang besar (aidil adha).

'Kerajaan sepatutnya bagi cuti seminggu, bukan sehari!'

(ops! dah statement lain dah)


happy moOoo mOOoo slash2 people! (>0<)v

car wash

hola! (^0^)/

today's holiday (as u all aware~) (^-^)n

but mommy's home as well so x bole bangun lewat. i was train since kid to not sleep till late. and in my mom's lifetime principle pantang nenek moyang. 9 am is already reaching her boiling temper... (seriously, dun mess with her)

my mom taught me well *smile*

anyho, wake up at 7 am had a good shower and i buzz out to wash my baby Lissa here. The rainy weather these days had smudge her with dirts and butches! Plus, to me, car washing is a total satisfaction. I love doin it so i really dun mind spend another hour scrubbing the baby inside out.

done at about 9!

later tolong mami kat dapur with the daging lembu cutting session. Smua stuff da bli yesterday. mommy was wise enuff not to chase around cows at last minutes....and by 3 everything siap!

so yeay, basically im having my own time now. I was tinking of composing a new song...(my last one was like forever!!!) i havent been spending much on my music lately... need to get back on track!

anyho, ckp pasal car washing, i found out cool info from the Book of World Record tribute and it says here the MOST EXPENSIVE CAR WASH COSTS

(drum plz)


7, 200 FUDGING EUROOOoooo peopleee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BAPAK AAAHHHH!!!! \(>0<)/

mahal giler~ and its in Britain~

to make it sounded more reasonable, the dude here name Gurchan Sahota (Indian) used...

1. 100 cleaning fluids and wax
2. polish the car inside out 5 times
3. uses microscope to detact scratches


the end

Monday, November 15, 2010


esok boss kasi cuty a mira...

YEAAarrGGHhhhh!!!!!! *joget joget joget*


ehem ehem~ 2 days off means a LOT!

still, i gotta lot of HOME work to do... bought them back home. that working hour wasnt enuff to settle the whole serious thing~ ><

anyways, im gonna busy myself for raya qorban celebration btw. So esok gonna elp mommy out with the cooking and stuff~

OH OH OHHh!!! balik keje tadi, i happen to pass by 3 lorries of lembu...real lembuuu weyh...MOOOo MOOOooo!!! haih~ smua akan jadi lauk by wednesday~ embrace ur final moments my friends...i hate to say tis to ur face but u guys taste D E licious!!!

ehem~ ehem~ (x baik taw ckp cmtu depan lembu...) (-0-)n

sempena upcoming celebration, im gonna share with u guys sum itsy bits cow related info~

picture below is the biggest bovine (subfamily terms for cattle/cow/etc), in Chilli Britains!!!!

woahhh!!!! satu kampung mariii!!! kiter buat jamuan besar besaran weyhh!!!! (>0<)/

oh oh ohh wait wait...i kno wat u, architecture/ graphic/ editing minded people'ah..its not photoshop..its REAL!!! if u dun believe me...try watch this lembu besaw on youtube. juz click 'saya x percaya' below

saya x percaya

i read one of my fav blog and she mention a lists of cats and it kills me!!! (literally)

and it reminds me of pelik...

some of u guys muz b wondering how is she kann~

well, she was dreadfully sick but i was being optimistic bout the whole thing. I dont wanna layan perasaan as if shes already dead yet shes still here on my lap, with me. Juz a lil bit weaker than she used to be. She cant even jump to me anymore, but she wud touch my lap with those cute paws and begs me to lift her up to me...

Kak long's been very emotional and it stresses me out. I mean, at least shes still alive and lets juz try our best letting her live longer.

So i cntinue my nursing skills, jaga dier everyday and give her those vet's pills on time. force her to eat...i might be total abusive forcing her but i juz dun wan her to not eat at all...when the foods r in, theres hope of living...(wat i believe)

and guess wat?

the past 3 days, shes been meowing for food and she ate a whole fish!! (thats juz....WOW PEOPLE!!) she's still weak but slighlty stronger. She can already jump onto me despite getting imbalance later n fell like a baby juz learn how to walk...


i knew from the very beginning i adopt u, pelik...ur one strong u...muahhh muahhh mUUAhhHHHh!!!!!!!!


the end

Sunday, November 14, 2010


saturday ive been out shipping winter clothes with mommy, (^0^)/ yay!

it looks sumthin like tiss~

the last time ive ever experience real winter season when i was 4 years old. Followed ayah doing his Master for 2 years in Stirling, Scotland.

It was freakin cold and my body was so sensitive with the whole degree, my hands started to bloat out. Doctors came by and had me checked, i had to missed the snow games outside the yard!!!

I found a picture of me sadly staring outside the window, watching kak long and hafiz inventing their own personal favour snowman. *sigh*



where was i? oh, yes...winter clothes...

bought two clothes for me n mommy and our own was fun!!! XD

and the next day i had it all with kak long. She pwomised wanna belanja me one cardigan and we went out shopping together!!

she surveyed some cool boots for her concert accessories and a 4 wheel lugage~

(fyi: shes gonna have her own exciting trip as well to Japan. So, she wont be following me, ayah n mommy to beijing next month)

after the shopping surveyed period ends! we decide to have our fav SUSHI for lunch!!! with him! lucky he happen to be around the same area, so, i juz snatch da lucky stars and had a wonderful eat+gather session.

later after stopped by optometry to bought new pair of 6 months cntct lense for kak long, we went out KAAARRRRIIIYOOOKKEEYYYYYH!!!!!

(the japan pronounce it tht way tho) (--___--")

*exhausted but happy*

the end

Friday, November 12, 2010


yesterday was a blastt!!!

ok fine fine...

it started out kinda bored and all awkwardly new...but later i was so scrunched up with the tense, i went out making friends.

werent much to do on the first day, without the boss around and i didnt bring, basically, they juz gave me 4 different toilet layouts and ask me to redesign to suit for disabled people...

phew...i was a little nervous at first and later juz hentam je ah~ any bits and flaws, theyre gonna commented later anyways.

u kno how people used to freak us out about architecture? well, i hangout with Ar Yana yesterday, and she said

'when u start working...its wayyyyyy better than U. relax sket.

and most of them i see werent really struggling, ite exactly like we were in the studio but much much more relax.

They said things get hectic only during submission but later the wave juz stops.

how cool is that~

i already had some future plans inside my head.

and i did consulted them about architecture and they even gave me a whole lot of useful architecture books to copy and make my own~! (giler ahh!!!)

well, since i dont really have much to do, i spend a lot of my time at the pantry stake and make my own various drink recipes. HAHA! <---bdk x tawu malu... They even belanja me fruits and cakes!! wah wah~ the fitrah of being the youngest~ waweyyy~

>happy mira<

the end

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

working during holidays?


Yesterday i juz settled the part time resume and guess wat? by late evening (on da same day) ive already got respond!!!

mom said they might be in a middle of a crucial project and needed extra hand so, they accepted me! yay!

ok...tht 'yay' wasnt that truthful~ i was a lil disspointed becoz i had this huge thoughts and plans on doin during the holiday. Jobs covering most of my daily schedule, it seems i have to barge out some of the 'list to accomplish'...

i guess~ *sigh*

and my hangouts with buddy programme might be deceived...(and dates) wont be seeing him much for a while...m(_ _)m *pengsan*

and! im a little nervous becoz...i never worked my whole ENTIRE LIFE!!!! its like...NEVER!!! N E V E R!!!

so, my hypothetical situation for tomorrow kinda freaks me out...oh? wat? i didnt tell ya? yup...ill start working by tomorrow at 10~

uUuuuUuu (neves giler) (>-<)>

anyways guys, do wish me luck in this new firm surrounding. Im goin to face reality by tomorow, and my perceptive about real architects might probably change~ for better and for worst~

(>0<)O CHEERS!!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

smells brand new

another new layout!!! (^0^)/


well, the main reason y i have it change becoz...

well...basically its a personal motivation kinda thing. My eagerness to write in 'here' seems deteriorating so im well pump up those wiritng spirits when everything turns brand new and exciting!!!!!


so yes, holidays have started and ive got a lot of personal plan to do. me mira watashi, so used to carved her own activities. aiyo, im so not good at doin things by group except hanging out and stuff. (work is not an option)

my mom's working plan for me is moving but it is still an unsure thing. Cant confirm my scheduled ll be decorated with work just yet.

Part of me wanna have fun for the holiday while the other part of me think its a dem gud idea to widen my architecture mind scope to sumthing more reality and future embracing...if u cn understand wat im babling...

LOL (^0^)>

anyho, im currently at home baby sitting 'pelik. Havent return the mahala key yet. Later plan was to go out with my long lost lesbo partner. NANA! heard a lot of not-so-good things happen to her so i gotta get direct updates~ yeahh!!! (smgat)

pelik updates. She juz came out from ward aftr 3 days treatment. Shes been weak and sick ever since. after the delivery failure, she lost a lot of blood (anemic) and her long flu disease stops the surgery process, her uterus is bleeding. (it is bad...seriously). Mommy tot it was better for her to stay at home. vet vibes seems so gloomy and sick. (and of coz its dem expensive) (>0<)O

so yes, here she is...sitting on my lap.

am i worrid?

OF COZ!!!! but i tend to let my mind not to go 'there' taking care of her for now...the medicine n stuff seems to be my handling here for her...lucky for her my semester ending~

Ive been with him all the time and the sudden holiday scenery had got me drown in misery. Might not be able to see him like we use to. So..yes...holidys always have their pros n cons and human has never fail to feel unappreciative. (im gonna miss u badly!!!) (>-<)>

the time alreaady strike 10 and i havent prepared my resume yet...(mommy's gonna kill me) ><

chalow everyone!! (^0^)/ and happy holday~ *smile*

the end

Sunday, October 31, 2010

birthday girl~

time wasted, as usual mira me juz being the one perfectionist psych. I took too long doing the less than a thousands words essays and end up being left behind alone in mahala.

tell me about personal timeline, people! *roll eyes*

Mommy and ayah had to balik kampung without me then!! waaa!!

anyho, ill survived. sunday night i manage to crushed several hours of family spending time and help mommy out with the dinner. We both cook special steam lemon fish and mommy's special tomyam (extra spicy people..kata org nogoi)

kenyng giler!!

aftr tht really fat dinner, went back uia to celebrate a fren's birthday.

when my own crowd turn their backs on me, shes there opening her heart for my crying soul to comfort. never appreciate her more than being there when i needed someone.

care for u..

happy birthday BO~

p/s: Tommrow's gonna be a grrreeeaaattt day for me

the end

Saturday, October 30, 2010

puff puff....habuk!

OMG!!!! i havent write for sooooooo loooongggg!!!!

i kno i kno i kno...well, to be honest..ive been venturing my blog wings to another not-uia-known websites and im crazy bout it sgt SGT!

but...let it be one secret blog aite? dun wanna ruin the 'anonymous character ive been adopting thre' it wont be fun nemore~

so basically that is why i havent been hanging around here in blogspot lately~

ok..updates updates updates

theres juz so many to talk about, the babling turns mashes!! i dunno wat to say! (write!)

so, currently holidays starting on the 8th and mom wants me to do practical job at her fren'z firm. Im still deeply deciding. not yet concluded...

aiayayaite! gotta go dashed's comin to pick me up havent been home for months!!! toodlesss!!! (^0^)n

p/s: tomorow's gonna be a better day for me~ ^^

the end

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


ive been having thoughts lately. people do a lot of things for self satisfactions. for example: they do hairs, play musics, sports probably, design t shirts, photography, etcetc. a field that they were happy doin it. not something serious i might say.

however, i met few friends who involved themselves into this self satisfaction field converting into somethin serious. to me u juz gotta have those guts to do so. coz i tend to own such philosophy believing tht bringing on to the next level wud juz washed away the rainbows...u kno...the beauty of doin it for fun wud flushed off...

however, stories ive heard about the experience, doin something u really passionate about and yet u gain something from it, makes me wonder...

i love music but future reference pros and cons, not very assuring. sports were juz apart of ideal health settlements. personal achievements, ....can u guys guess?


omg! i juz loveeeee to writeeee....i was wondering....if i ever get da chance to publish my own book. story book maybe...wudnt it i juz write thoroughly, without gettin pressured with dues and stuff...and by the time i finish the chapters, i cud try to find a publisher~ even one book wud be a total satisfactory!!! omg...smgat giler~

this is fun!!!

ok mira...back to work~


p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Friday, October 8, 2010

what i did for love

i cud have never imagine myself loving someone so deeply...

plz God...make this relationship work...

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Thursday, October 7, 2010


despite being truly emotional, i tend to let it go quite easily. so, no worries people who care. i did said all these cursing stuff but afterwards the cursing turns to flower...

i juz need a good material to let it go : writing~

i may look totally disturb when u discovered my posts but honestly, aftr i end the blog spitting out session with the 'dot', i eventually close the chapter permanently in heart...

totally fine! *smile*

i pretty much hate hanging myself on problems too long. Its juz not cool, people!!!


however, i wont deny theres juz some itchy bitchy heavy stuff might lose my pattern of recovery. but that bitch gotta be reaaalllyyy affecting me...reaallly apart of me....

im no robot

p/s: tomorrows gonna be a better day for me *shineee!!*

the end

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a pinch of salt~

have you ever wonder, why in the world theres a difference between status respect? i have always jeopardy this so-called culture. however, what i cant seem to ignore the hallucination of this principle is at home...

i have always been the silent daughter. Doing my own stuff without telling off what i was doing. i prefer to keep it to myself and let the result out of it speaks. That is just my way of doing things. I dont go bable about my progress achievements yet i would juz sing it out after it became successful. Thats how things work for me.

Even in the pitch of anger, i juz rather keep the story to myself and entertain the curses inside my journal or even this public read blog ive created. Not the fact im exposing my personal problems here. I juz hope ud take it as one of those people feel about themselves.

loyal reader, surprisingly, u might know me more than my own family. I dont speak much at home. seriously. its such a huge contradictive personality... im juz raised with that environment at home, im gettin used to it n slowly, it bacme too difficult to change now.

the glue hardens~

i dont go off telling people how i feel much doesnt mean u cn step on me like a pathetic cheap skunk slave. im human for god sake! and try to put urself in my does that makes me feel? stop with the fudging vito coz it starts to annoys me especially when im reaching adulthood...i deserve some respect...

and of coz...vice versa~

-the end-


i juz saw a group of lembu walking out from klpac around sentul!!!!! (correct me of im wrong with the road)

kat jalan...jalan jalan jalan raya...atas jalan..(eksaited sgt smpi gagap)

lembu in the urban people! wohOoo!!!

o(>0<)O moooOOo MOOoooo!!! <---out of control in the car

the end

Saturday, October 2, 2010


oh my God! yesterday was THE most tiring day!!!! (but i had a lot of fun tho)

my mom n kak long sleepover in maah place yesterday. (in my very small 3 x 3 meter compartment) (-_-")

they were so smgt wanna be on time for the graduation, they plan the whole scouting thingy~!

as early as 6 sumthinm they already bump off my arse and getting ready...(im so sleepy!)

the ceremony starts at 9 and ends at 12...and i was almost sleeping the whole event..hahah! but of coz i wont miss kak long's graduating moment la!

mommy n ayah was so happy. i cn see it through them even if theyre not sayin it...

my job was to snap as many pictures as possible for kak long's. to b honest, its kinda first time thingy for me handling stuff like this. i dun usually follow people a round n take pictures...the experience?


dah a aku pegi pakai high shoe pump wtf sakit giler kaki!!


congrtulations kak long~ dah grade da anak mami ayah sorg ni...when will it be mine? (cross mah fingers plz a grad plzplzplzplzplzzzzzz)

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Tuesday, September 28, 2010



bing home assignment in less than 42 hours with a tut number of questions and essays. used ur own word theory wth!!! argh!!!!

take tht MIRA!!!

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Monday, September 27, 2010

theory of architecture

lately i ate so much. i dont know why. people might not know this but i do have my 'monstrious eating habit' moment. And it freaks me out! (>0<)O

my mom starts to realize her daughter unusual symdrome when i was about 15 years old. reaching maturity, hormones actively pumping.

i went downstairs and checkout the letover dinner at midnights and the next hour i realize, the whole leftovers was squeky clean. i ate all of em!!! and it happens every single night later on... my mom freaks out totally!

after a while i realize i just have to stop my unlimited eating midnite habits! and my weight started to built up like mushrooms!

trust me. my apetite cn be totally unexpected sumtimes. so people who care, dont u worry much bout my eating phase. i do eat. its not like im skipping my eating pattern alll the time~ likewise~ i have such complicated personality.

anyho~ yesterday i juz balun a bowl of lontong and 5 nasi himpit, another bowl of mee kari and one plate of another 5 nasi himpit with rendang and lemang and fruits and two glass of water plus with a box of juice drink. OMG! gilerrrr!!!!

and i tot of fasting the next day but end up hungry again and the end of my tongue starts to feel the rashes and senses of sushi! i wanna eat sushi pleazeee!!!! (>0<)O

begs ina since i dun hav a car and YES! sheagreed! yay! im so happy!!! ~(^0^)~

well currently its theory class and i skipped to blog coz i feels like i juz waste half of the class hour doin nuthin but camwhoring through my web cam with ina and reviewing our past pictures...

it was a huge memory to be kept~ from fat to skinny thin, from a girl to a woman, from flawless young skin to stress oily facial....hahaha~ XD

gtg now~

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Friday, September 24, 2010

my concept is...

omg! things did work out! omg! i cannot believe it!!!

imagine i had to figure out plans elevations and section in a day!!!


its not a one party moment as well tho, a lot of heart snapping critics as usual but it wasnt tht bad. floor plans and elevations to be fix and walah~

mdm K did threaten me bout repeating studio...*hembushembushembus* poof poof!!! mintak2 dijaohkannn!!! aminnnn (nn)

from manual to auto~



p/s: tomorrows gonna be a better day for (ak hantuk pale kaw klau final buat last minit cmni lg) ><...tak...tak..xmo da...stress...penat...tensi...tekey~

the end

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

flowery feelings~

i will work things out...

dont worry~

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

-the end-

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

adik (T-T)>

im gonna spend a lil time bloggin before approaching the world so-called stressful reality. yes. i hate last minute work coz i tend to do my work very patiently. (synonym: slow).

i go for quality very much and sumtimes when it ends very neutral, its totally devastating. Its usually tht way but tht doesnt mean im giving up yaw~

a friend of mine once said 'its not how the work ends, it how much you put ur effort into it'

so, i know its a last minute effort. but im really working hard on tis thing. im really putting aside comparisons. Im very differently scheduled this semester. just stay focus aite, mira~ *wink2*

anyho, in less than 15 hours, my lil brother is departuring for real to Cairo. i cannot believe it! our very first family to go fly tht far to study! my brother!

i can never imagine him living tht far. it has always been the 3 of us. one gone and tht leaves 2...sunyi giler!!! *tears*

he has always been my light of sorrows at home despite my upmost jealosy towards my sister. He neutralize things chemically between us siblings gtu~ haha...

tho he can b a little srcastically annoying sumtimes but hes one good funny brother!

losing him is like losing the neutralization (is tis word even exist?)...i might get gloomier at home! waaaaaa...hafizzzzz...donttt leavee meeeeee....*trik kaki*


i love you hafiz~ *hugs and kisses*

seriously im gonna miss u u u lil brat at home argh!!!!

p/s: tomrow's gonna be a better day for me aite?

the end

Thursday, September 16, 2010

saya masih belajar

finally enduring my chances of better socializing really ease the inner pain inside. I feel happier! yay! (^0^)/

one step at a time towards better life, people.

benny (my hair stylist) once said to me...

'you are still young, a lot to learn, a lot to experience wit so little responsibility. Do bless every moment of it...(^-^)>'

thank benny...wise word from u~

im no perfector. i am a learner. i am still learning towards perfection. let it be one huge mistakes i made...let me learn...

the more experience i gain, the more im evolving myself as a human...

how cn you tell wether its wrong or right until it actly happens to you? experience people~

p/s: Tomorrow's gonna be a better 'consultation' day for me *smile*

the end

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

joy to the mO_On!!!

wow~ this year raya seems so packed and part of me feels the need of adding more holidays to the number~! seriously!!! my last 3 years raya back then had been hectically covered with projects but...

this year was a total blast!!! i was having a whole lot of fun celebrating i totally put those heavy minded stuff aside of the plate! terukkan!! ur not alone, people (-0-)n

anyhow, i went back seremban, melaka and rembau with full packet deal of visiting here and there. wuhuuu! XD

i'd get a lil psych and tired burdening my mind with tanglelicious fermented work, i decided to feel the jolly raya more~! family comes first, dont they? *winks* (-0^)v

what u give, ud get back. well, im giving a huge lazy smirk to bundlicious work and yes! im gonna get back those sleepless hours and stressful events later~ yuhu! (mati ak) ><


i juz came back from beekay's raya house and they reminded the fun crazy side of me!!! (i almost forgot i cn act like one!) wah! i talk so much i cnt bearly breath the whole hour! haha XD giggles my ass out most of the time! miss you guys so much!!! we were so gila kan time skola! (hakikat skola pmpuan)

anyho, strengh did came back to me realizing theres always a way to make peace to the whole crazy croacked situation. No mercy to problems self dissolvement, u gotta make things right and act NOW!

im not gonna run away anymore~ it sux! im gonna be one big matured idol and stand up for myself and be true to my heart and soul and just speak up and fix it, dammit!!! (emo tetibe)

hahahah~ XD

selamat ending raya everyone~ (^0^)/

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a blast better day for me!!!

the end

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

raya 2010

im goin back to seremban in less than an hour and wont be online for quite sumtime peeps!

taking this opportunity to finally wishing my family and friends selamat hari raya.

forgive me for any wrongdoings thee im no perfect human. I make mistakes and always hope to be forgiven...


love you all~

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

-the end-

Monday, September 6, 2010

motor ride experience

to be honest, my family is not the type who rides motorcycle. The first time ayah bought us the mini vehicle was last year! So, basically, the last tyme i used to get on an engine bike was when i was really small with my atuk Mad. That was a really realllllyyy longgg time ago!

The past few days ago, a friend bing me to hangout and the plan was to go there with his bike.

noted this isnt the bike i hop on to but this ones pretty cool kan?! *excited*

Well, anyways! (cntinue) i was a little excited at first. However...

approaching him, snatch his helmet like a pro!

errr...not tis helmet..the..erm 'normal' ones...

ahaa! this one! yes! i go snatch it like a P R O. PRO!!

and boOOo! there goes my sux-ness! Wearing that freakingly huge helmet! I could not stuffed my head inside the monstrous head gear since my bun hair seems to disturb the fittings! Argh!

Then, i had to loosen up my hairband and there goes my hair flowing out of my tudung...(-__-") *tripple suxness* ok..juz put the dem helmet on...


almost half of my head enters the spongy, head fit accessories, my eyebrow was gone, swallowed by the deep sunken head gear. and i cnt barely turn my eyeballs up since even my eyelid was scrunched by 'it'.


the journey was a bit scary but a new adventure for me. Going through highways and trying hard to get in between cars. speed to the front of the rows, it was a total FUN! and windy and stress relief experience! (even without my eyebrow and the eyeball degree limitations) hahaha XD

as we arrived there, i cant wait to get free from the caged helmet on my head. I poffed it out tudung! keronyok gilerrr!!! >< penat ak gosok!!! seriusly! it was like..omfg! running to any reflected glass and trying hard fixing it was an absurd! ok, now im miserable. How hard i try to fix it, never makes it look better. Im ugly... <---low self esteem....

Anyho, decide not to ruin the mood, my head keep on matra-ing positivism and who am i to impress anyways. i already have 'him'. *smile*

busy chatting, we didnt realize it was raining so heavily outside the mall. And u cn guess wat happen...The monstrous helmet was soaking WET!!!


again. i decide not to ruin the mood, matra-ing positivsm (seriusly bnyk kali giler) and swallow the pain~ *force smile*

again, i stuffed my head inside after lossening the hairbun. eyebrow dissapearance checked and we went back.

the journey was a little different than before because it was extra windy and cool aftr tht heavy rain. and tudung was flying like crazy. i cnt believe im saying this but if its not for the helmet, the tudung might fly off! and since my hair was untie...yesss...u cn imagine the ugly image

a girl, riding on a bike, sitting behind, her tudung flying like crazy, her hair was swifting out. Producing a fantastic dance cliche with the fabric of my tudung. It was so ugly...I feel so ugly!!!

matra matra matra matra matra matra


head freedom, poofed! the light color tudung makes the wet soaking helmet shape on my head truly visible and obvious....


p/s: tomorrow's...gonna be...a

-the end-

Sunday, September 5, 2010

capturing memories...SNAP!

howdy peeps!

raya is approaching...!!! wohOOoo!!! but my heart is flying higher for the holiday. Because i am emotionally and mentally exhausted tis semester!!! i juz hope things would be way better after the 2 weeks break, insyallah~

i went back home on Sunday after 2 days back feels like living in an empty cave...The experience was quiet tho. But i cn handle it~ (^-^)n

owh~ im takin this chance to giv a capital XOXO to my dearest friends and family and wishing u guys selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin...<---i mean it! ><

My brother's gonna be flying off to Mesir on the 22nd tis month and yesterday we already start shipping easy-cook food packet for him. Mommy dah start crying . (all the tyme)...poor mommy. her only baby boy is leaving. and MY baby brother is leaving...(lil tears) (T-<)

ANYHO! im happy for him. His one big potential doctor goin-to-be. So lets juz hope hes doin well there aite?! hihihi XD Owh! since kak long currently workin in cyberjaya, shes literally stealing the car from me. It was spose to be MY turn to utilize its benefits yet she bought it all the way to Cyberjaya. (im not naggin nemore bout tis since ive got my friends wit me) 'thx guys~'

but...the good news is....SHE JUZ BOUGHT A CAR!!!! yayyyyy!!! so now...tht old little, a lil cracked, dark blue kelisa...will be MINE!!! yes yes yesss!!! o(>0<)O *celebrating*

(rmmbr the post bout the accident ---> click me, u forgetful! ><)

yesss, mommy have no-such idea bout it. But honestly, i still feel guilty tho, not to mention it was obviously MY fault and she juz spend almost 8 double zero for the steel repairing... (>-<)> 'sowey'

and! rmbr this post about my eye sight---> click me, u-obviously x follow my blog ><)

well, yesterday i went to recheck my eyes at a real optimetric err..aperntah...and they have all this cool gadgets and stuff..not tht lame ol machine where ud jz fixed ur eyes and the results were printed out like an atm receipt...

and yes, they said my eye sight problem is currently unchange (ak stil rabun ok!) and new problem---> rabun dekat bertambah and the doc did mention bout my eye muscle is weak... and yes...finally! i get a new raya spectacles!!! YAYyyYyy!!! *celebrating* woot woot! trash the old one!!


enuff babling!!! i hav a lot of agenda to do for today!!! (>0<)O

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better raya day for me! (^-^)v

the end

Thursday, September 2, 2010

jiwa rappers *puke*


after 15 minutes of blank stare


ok...seriously dude, i dont kno wat to write.

maybe next tyme yaw~

peace (-_-)v

p/s: tomorrow's better be a freakin good day for me coz i aint prepare much yaw for da crit dead yaw! ><

-the end-

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


yesterday, iftar archustic was superb!! thx to d organizers and crews! i ws havin whole lot of fun despite feelin a lil tired n sleepy, the crowd had turn MY table! hehehe XD

i miss u nana especially!! susah btol wanna hangout with her! nnti we plan another meeting yaw deary~*wink2*

and now im gettin a lil panic inside for wat ws spose to triggered in me wasnt really triggering at tis moment and its NOT GOOD! now is already mid term semesters and i had to turn my gear on to 3 and half AT LEAST! urgh~ wat is it wit me? (knock mah head) *thump* o(>.)*l

well basically im home taking care of da house and mommy is not very well today. Have to elp her out wit things around the crib before balik uia~ sian mommy *kiss mommy*

let us all pray for her healthbeings~ amin~ (nn)

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for mommy and me

-the end-

Monday, August 30, 2010

you never know

yesterday my not-so-close cousin juz passed away and hes only 20~

he got hit by a car while he was on his motorcycle and bang! knocked his head, major brain damaged and got lost into coma...

the next day, his soul left the world~

he was born on the 29th August 1990...

and he died on the 29th August 2010...

tragic kan~


May God bless his soul and give as much strength to his family who lost their first child during Ramadhan, 2 weeks before Raya celebration~

they re havin an extremely hard hard hard time...

p/s: will there be another tomorrow for me? (Al-fatihah)

the end

Sunday, August 29, 2010

poker face

i had deep thoughts lately...

bout me, my life, my friends and family...

its bugging me quite a time yet i manage to cover the pain with well painted smile on my face. hes there for me when i needed him and yes. It help ease my inner pain a lot. Realizing there are many people out there who r much more less unfortunate than i am. I shud be grateful tho comparing my strength with theirs were like 'langit and Bumi'.

I am a runner...i admit. I run from problems when it reaches a point where i cnt even think straight. I run because i dun wan to regret doin stoopid things later. My possibilities of doin so is very fragile and high. Some might not know but yes. Ive done a lot of unwise things when it comes to forcing urself to untie the blasted knot.

ive run for days and currently im cured. But cant ignore the fact that i stil gotta manage sum stuff. Get things right! back on track~ solving the messy puzzle... wat is done IS done and now i have to move on~

What im hopin from the closest me, u do not have to put even a tiniest effort of displaying happiness while deep inside ur not. Just be straight with me and i will be straight wit u. The more honest friendship we could attain prove how close we are.

And to me, u r the closest... (^-^)>

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

-the end-

Monday, August 23, 2010

(T-T)> sgt emo skrg...

sy sgt sedih sgt down sgt kecewa sgt...hampa....

who cud hv imagine, things like tis happen to you?


baik sy kurungkan diri dlm blik and try recharge balik smgat tu...

smgat seorg sahabat...

-the end-

Sunday, August 22, 2010

im awake~


its 4.42 am in the mornin...and im awake all by myself as usual one day before presentation,

i cnt seem to shut my eyes...butterfly swings swiftly in my, im always 4 hours late in progress cmpare to my other rumates~ they all seems to sleep in sound n peace~

i hope i wont blackout during presentation tmrow~ *cross my finger* panicking~ imagine i juz design every single thing in less than 24 hours and tmrow's gonna be my very first final year sem 1 crit and im still playin the fool out of me~

so much for a part 2 degree in OZ ya?

ok...maybe sum of u guys might be in a much more racked boat than mine but personally, i tink i sux~


and...this semester seems to be the most adventurous, crazy, omg i cnt believe tiz is happening to me kinda feelings...but i dun mind tho...i love adventure...adventure gives me experience and experience create a story....a story of me n my adventurous life~ hihihi XD

ow, and i wanna wish a friend of mine, gud luck for ur future undertakings...i might nt able to wish u like i used to back then. but ur a friend i will never forget~ im jz being me...less hangout, i get a little 'sombong' klau bhsa kasar...but actly im a lil shy and the stranger feelings seems to overcome my friendliness....forgive me dearest friend~

ok...its almost 5 morning...n i stil hav one more butter paper to 'FILL IN' <---promote design concept....hehe XD

bye bye!

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Friday, August 20, 2010


me wondering me thinkin me sighing~

yesterday i happen to meet up some new friendly faces and it makes me smile the whole hour~

good family makes a good man~ enduring the moment initially, i am missing my brother n sister very much...

kak long move to cyberjaya and living an independent bachelor life, working...

my brother's gonna fly to Egypt very well soon~

hmmm...the three musketeers are moving into different directions...

i hope it wont feel long tho~

i hope not...

p/s: Tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Thursday, August 19, 2010

too too

these few days, i havent been happier~ (^-^)/ might well said 'it was the happiest moment of my life~' But im gettin a little psych with the thoughts of being too happy all the time, it might drift away someday and the sweet flavor of it might turn senseless...

im too happy being with him all the time..slowly it feels losing my friends. They might not notice this but deep inside, i feel break apart. I kno ive been busy with my new personal commitment, but...girls~ dont turn me down the table. Im stil mira~ and i ned my friends~

secrets is not a great deal~ i dont like it either. Ive been sharing almost everything with my closest friends especially. But as i have slowly created one huge secrets of my own, i realize seems so hard to speak...

even random thing seems to stuck in mah head. My mouth was too scared to say even a word or so. who knows, without realizing it, i might unintentionally spit one or two breakups. think bout it freaks me out~

What is currently happening to me despite all my usual responsibilities in life, is a major life examination people. For my very first time, I had to decide sumthing so major, so...infectious. No turning back. nope~

what im hoping for now is to not regret anything. Things happen for a reason~ believing tht somehow gave me the strength to move on...maturely~ pushing away those guiltiness inside. i dont wanna feel guilty all the time. It hurts~

mira, plz be strong~ and happy~ plz~ (^-^)>

maybe i shud keep things low and not being 'too' or 'so' in everythin~

p/s: Tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Sunday, August 15, 2010

wheres ur PASSION?

passion...passion...i need more passion~

consultation session is always the best way to recharge ur inner passion towards designing. I always got lost at the beginning and wud smossesly catching up things through consultation.

They give u missions to accomplish. The give you a certain list of target for you to do research and plan...and MOST importantly, they give u idea~

so, dont get messed up alone, you can always find a good hand to pull you out of tht deep black hole of confusions...

p/s: Tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Saturday, August 14, 2010

ai means love


im so in love!!!!


p/s: tomorrow's gonna b a better day for me

-the end-

Friday, August 13, 2010

silence isnt the pitch of hatred~

havent blog for quite sumtime? y?

soo much to say, too personal to share, too controversial for me~

p/s: lets not put high hopes yaw~

-the end-

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

dont u dare~

is it just me...or im sensing somethin here?

and honestly dude..this is NOT cool~

even tho i love every minute of it (^=^)>

'happy fasting months everyone~'

p/s: Tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me~

-the end-

Sunday, August 8, 2010


instant spit out~!!

current emotion: humiliate

ok, these past few days i had such A HARD tyme to wake up early as i usually v done before. All i kno is tht tis isnt a good changes in me. I hate the fact when i open my eyes, the sun is already pinching hot at mah face. Early morning sunshine seems more cheerfully sparkling~ (u kno wat i mean)

here goes...

i happen to add subjects at early hours such as 8 am etcetra. so...yes...i skipped several sessions already. and today was the worst!

had had presentation design brief and ive stayed till mornig for 2 days~ and when the time of presentation came alive~ wat did i do? 'oversleeping?' duhh~~

being humiliated in front of the whole studio...'priceless'<--in a sarcastic way~

even if i was late for the first time ever for my studio, it was the worst truly...and i feel like a bad ass student already~ aiyoyoyo!!!<--WorldCup

my estrogen seems to overcome my conclusion of the situation

yeah...i knew later, this matter wud turn to dust tho currently, it is blasting my pride and ego. i juz have to bear wit it till it vanish thru thin air motionly~

p/s: Tmorow's gonna be a better day for me...ugh~ (=_=")> *penin pale ak jadi student ni*

-the end-

i am running away...

admitting the stressing vibe surrounds me, luck seems to pour in later sey~ right after do i say this...'disastrious' presentation which i am mainly pointing all ten fingers to my f face despite that minor errors i did, affecting the other hard working studiomates~ so sorry...*tundukpale* (._.)>

anyho, right aftr the studio hours, me, my dearest fren Arina and Zahirah gettin our ass ready for early dinner since all of us are in extreme hunger. Nice succulucious deserts mending in our minds before we decide to eat western food at 'Secret Recipe'...(the food was f sedapppp!!) b(>0<)d

balik uia where me n ina were spose to attend studio meeting, instead we both overslept til the clock reach 12 and in mumble motion viage, a lil splashy water to wake up the sleepy face and buzz off outside uia to chill out mah inner scrunching mood.

'im nt eager much bout the meetin tht nite plus the overslept wasnt on purpose~' FATE!

lepak and shisha-ing till 5 am~ dare to admit, it was my longest nite of chilling out. the fact tht i ws truly emotionally distrupted...well, it was worth it~ i cn say it was fun...but it was in wasnt in my mind FOR ONCE! God~ why is tis semester seem so...heavy n burden?

went back near to Subuh, i woke up later almost noon when my phone was ringing. A fren inviting me for lunch~ again, i went out pushing the pile of work aside. HE and SHE suggested johny's n with small amount of spender, again...worth it! sedap giler babi!

and the next day mornin. free food at mdm hanita's crib~ delicious kuala lipis influenza dishes~ walawey~ my emotion is literally smiling with a small evil grin at the left side of my lips. cntinue with the plan of running a bit huge miles away from uia...confidentially secretive plan on tuesday *crossfinger* hopin itll come true~ (>-<)n plzzz~~

currently: bored and a pitch of guilt realizing my work wsnt tht i done here?

p/s: Tomorrow is gonna be a f better day for me me ME!!

the end

Thursday, August 5, 2010

blog for fame? \(^-^)/

yesterday nite i manage to sulk in through my croaked time wit one collections of mah moving image called 'Julie Julia'. The story amazed me inside out especially the bloggin part...walah~ touches me deeply inside. How i wonder one determined 30th age women, decided to blog bout recipes and in a blink of an eye...she manages to capture hundreds of comments from around the world!!!

how cool is tht people??!!!

ive been bloggin for almost 2 years and the highest number of comments ive received only reaches 13. and even currently well damaged, my newly post successfully recorded 0 comments award~!!! wah! how it was well said makes me sound so lonely...*mira in tears*

how i wish theres someone out there...are actually eagerly waitin for my next post everyday, being my one loyal follower...i cud never imagine its possibilities tho wondering bout it gives wonders to mah world ~ *dreamin off*

nevertheless, gettin my lil head back to reality, i wasnt bloggin for fame. I blog because i like to express myself through writings. I can even spend whole half a day wen through my old posts and refreshes my memories on what ive written back then. and it's satisfying~ *smile*

so peeps..(if ur even exist), thank you for lending ur eyes and mind walking into my so-called mira personal life adventure. However, to even slightly think tht there r someone out there secretly listens to my inner thoughts...makes me very happy *smile* (^-^)>

p/s: tomorrow is gonna be a better day for me...surely does, insyallah~

-the end-

saya dah tak rabun...

i cnt believe it!!

my dream of havin one cool new spectacles hancur!

i cannot believe itttt!!!!!

((((((>0<))))) <---budak ni tak bersyukur

xder xder...nak g check balik kat kedai optometrika laen~ x kireee...

(@_@) *tgk screen pc dekat2*

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better rabun day for me

the end

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


today i had fun 'lepak' wit yang kat klcc and watch sorcerer's apprentice together sambil had our fav sushi lunch....

i had so much FUN!!! (tq yang)

the fact tht i went thre by bus and lepak throughout klcc...somehow...reminds me of someone...

someone who once had been so special to me...

to whom i am regarding, i cant deny how much i miss our best memories being together...

u might be tht one jackass ive once cursed and loath...

but i cn never recreate the actual fact tht u r also one of d greatest person ive once admire and love inside out...

thanks for the memory~ (^-^)>

let the bad ones buried to death thee i let the good ones breath till the end~

p/s: Tomorrow is gonna be a better day for me

-the end-

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

privacy people...its basic!

how far do u understand bout respecting privacy?

some people i realize are lacking in terms of understanding other people's privacy. The fact that they are being so clueless at something so basic is ANNOYING!

My mind might be old and racked but i do believe tht some things in life are not meant to be question or even disturb. But due to such rumorical surroundings, i see people want to know so much bout other people than their own problematic life! Discovering other people's unfortunity and later tellin everyone about it is such an ass.

I cn be tht ass sometimes. I do admit. Being the ass nowdays is becoming an effort to blend in with others. It has becomin a major trend. Secretly tho, im annoyed with myself and the fact tht some people i respect, turns out to own such ass attitute...dissapoint me deeply.

to those who seems clueless bout this matter, im frankly saying here tht people have their own comfortability standards in life. To you, doin so might be ok while others might think that what ur doing is totally rude. Be sensitive with this minor things in life. Dont be too innocent and straight about everything or people might as well take you as someone so bluntly dumb.

It seems so difficult to be honest when u have different lifestyles and the fact tht some people are so narrow minded, they dont seem to know how to respect other people ways of being ethical especially when u feel superior with ur raising systems and culture.

i might as well agree with Mr Kabuye. You might think tht u r behaving well, however others might think ur being a jerk. Ethic in this case...are hardly standardized into one general list. and i believe, this end with problems of attaining mutual understanding and agreement between the society. not just between other countries, even between ourself as a small community, such issue is stil manipulating~

p/s: i might juz swallow ur unethical behaviour in order to preserve mine and to preserve our relationship... someone juz gotta stand up and sacrifice their beliefs in order to achieve tht one ultimate understanding.

-the end-

Monday, August 2, 2010

mari mari mari!!

hola peeps!!!

im nt ready to be serious juz yet with my design work bargh!!! and i am extremely lazy lazy LAZY nak attend such classes; english n theory!!! serius dude! malas gilerrr!!! rs mcm xmo amik pn ad gak! i dont do architecture for those subjects!!!

ok even if they do connect with my so-called future carier pown, i stil dont see how it is related to in any form or ways!!benci benci benci!!!! i prefer the lame-o powerpoint teaching dr random presentations!

BARGHHhh!!!! (>o<)O

anyho, semalam my dearest senior sedekahkan fruits dr pahang n mah fav sambal belimbing. yipeee~ igt nak share the fruits with everyone kat studio but end up semalam pengsan kat bilik n layan buah dgn my other musketeer~ hwehwehwe~

tamak dow..OH! gtg...breakfast approaching!! karipap bebeh here i come come come...!!

p/s: tomorrow is gonna be a better day for me :)

the end