Friday, September 30, 2011

i love animals. do you?

Salam people.

Lets screw people who hates animal and even someone who pretends to love animals or pretends to hate them.



ok la.

the least you can do if you hate em, just dont get involved. The fact that you are hitting them like a piece of log is making me fuel with anger, within seconds, I can just run to you and give you a huge punch on the face you jackass!!!!

(lucky you mom and ayah is around)

you and your animal abusive face, making me angry.

Im so angry im basically punching my teddy right now...


the end

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

between money and love

Salam people.


Im currently working.


And my firm was a little laid back type. No pressure. And my boss seems pretty nice even though during lunch, Ive eavesdropped among them saying bad stuff bout him but I dont do early judge.

That is so not myra!

As long as he'd be nice with me, I have no right to let my mouth slip bad words about him. The fact that he's kindly choose me to work with him is mine truly greatfulness!

First day working, I realized how long have I put down my architecture knowledge! My eyes are basically crippled with tears from trying to understand every inch of the drawings!

tender drawings, construction drawings, coding, commands, contract terms, architecture terms!


Thank you God for not letting the knowledge dried so quickly. I believed there's still 45% of them left, moisturing in my brain.

Anyho, so far I am happy with my work. I dont mind staying in the office till midnight but ayah insist me balik on time. (urgh~)

You know, when you love what ur doing, money isnt the whole point of you putting those effort. Its about being able to spend ur time doing what u love and gaining all those knowledge seems so worthy!

(rather than spending so much $$ studying and you end up forgetting all those theory edu after done sitting exams)

-the end-

Saturday, September 24, 2011

jobs and interviews

Salam people.

What a Saturday.

When I woke up in the morning, I was basically lying lazy staring at the crocked ceiling. Getting high with wonderlands thoughts.

Suddenly, mommy came up with a cheering idea of shipping me some office wear clothing for my interviews. (well, mom. You did fantastic!!!)

Yes. For those who didnt know. Lately, my outnumbered job application emails has finally responded.

Alhamdulillah. Im so grateful dear Lord Thank You!!!

When I think about it. I was being an ass exxagerator and my patient level seems to have reach zero.


I couldnt even stand for a month to wait for those firms to respond and what I did was I went all depressed and sick and hating the whole world (despite my parents being a little pushy and created a sort-of panictism vibe around me)

And when I think through, everything was actually went according to MY plan.

Let see...

I apply for my Part 2 in both UIA and Australia and yes.

UIA was doomed, I focus on my Australia application pulak.

While doing those things I decided to take a rest from any sight smell form of architecture basis, I went looking for a part time job. (SUCCESS!)

after the part time adventure, I decided to take the time to settle my Australia application. (SUCCESS!)

After raya, I was hoping to get a job while waiting for the long time result of my furthered study plan. So, I non-stop applying for work for almost a month. (SUCCESS!)

*And now that Im employed I just have to continue working like a normal employee until both my scholarship and Australia application result are release~ (SUCCESS!)

*not yet confirm (another blablabla interviews to go!!) WISH ME LUCK BITCHAHS!! (>0<)/
*kiss my brand new interview attire for good luck charm* 'make me go through~' <---syirik

Future plan...

And if I didnt get to flap my wings to Australia, I could just continue working for a year or so rubbering those experience and knowledge...(gezz, dude. no crime getting those practical training plus self money maker...a double duo benefit!)

'Life is complicated, when you choose to make one'

the end

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

everything will change

Salam people.

Just came back from kaedfest...


Well2. that was actually my original plan coz Ive been involved with kaedfest every year. But the online promotion was a little lacky and I couldnt figured what was ongoing fest there.

So. I went there to check it out with a friend. But it took me less than an hour to observe the whole carnival coz I basically exchanging top news and updates with her.

Things have changed. People change. The whole IIUM change. The smell, the heat, the crowd, etc etc.

It feels so different!!!

And I miss the old times. The usual times. The myratayeb time.

Why does the time dick so fast?!

waidaminit! did i said dick? haha~

i mean tick..ehem2~


the end

Sunday, September 18, 2011

little brother story

Salam people.

Ive decided to take my current livehood stats dilemma a rest through writings for it is an ongoing issues for the time being. So, I dont wanna bored some (is there?) very loyal readers out there with my same ol problemento~

This morning I woke up pretty early. Even the birds still pumping their heated ass in their little tree nest for the cold weather is an obvious sign of deactivation.

I was reluctantly influenced by the sleepish weather as well. I couldnt pushed myself to stand whilst the semi thick blanket of mine are forcefully cuddling my cold shivered body.

My mind was too bored to think or even move a single twitch of brainy impulse because last weekend was extremely packed and today I just wanna lay in my bed~

'truttutu trutututt...dont feel like picking up the phone...'




2 days back I had a little fight with my brother. Its a very rare situation because me and my brother, we basically never fights. Fighting was our last season of growing phases like when we were so little and immature. Now, basically. Everything we did we take it as funny and humorous.

Nothing seriously taken and that's how everything works well in our brother-sister hood relationship.

But that particular day was a different story for us.

and what makes me a little sad was. We kinda screwed the bond.

And for us to laugh and make fun on something like we usually does, currently, feels a little off/akward.

and isnt it sad?


-the end-


Salam people.

Ive deleted my previous post because it somehow gave me this extremely negative vibes.

And i feel more and more miserable every single time I read through it.

(Yes. I basically read my own blog)

*you think thats weird?!!*

screw u...(hihi)

So, here goes myratayeb creating a very positive feng shui around her own blog with feng shuish news and updates!!

1. LEMAN is getting better and better EVERYDAY! wiiiii!!

2. I am so free and happy now for weekends are OVER!!! (i did tell you guys my weekend was never leisurious!)

3. Yesterday I went to neshy's house and get to meetup with old KAED buddies! Rindu giler dorg~ My used to be usual crowd!

4. Me and Apeng are happier everyday!

5. Immah healthy women!

6. next week are KEADFEST! woowwiii!! KAED FEST...KOWT!! WAAA!

7. ...

8. ...

(Suddenly mira started realized theres not much for her to celebrate...)


-the end-

Saturday, September 17, 2011

super addicted!

Salam people.

Im currently crazy with Nicki Minaj: Super Bass.

Cant stop humming the song!!!



'booom borommbom boom borombomm bass got that super bass'

the end

stupid i am

Salam people.

Today I was eager to promote my freshly graduate stats official job exhibit in mid valley together with my well prepared copies of my CV~ (10 copies if im not mistaken)

With lightning speed, I stood front entrance fueling with hopes and succession.

(setelah tawaf 3-4 kali keliling job fair tu)

not even a single tear of booth fair anyho related to architecture base!!!!

OMG! I feel so stupid!

My sister did warn me to checkout the booth list before going there but I was so excited and decide to just observe my way thre and who knows, theres a bunch of awesome stuff i might missed if I just judge the whole event thru online webbies~

amek kaw~

padan muka~


the end

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

kitty sick kitty

Salam people.

Leman is sick.

And myratayeb determine nak make him better.

So Ive started nursing him since last Saturday tapi terpaksa postpone becuase I GOT SICK plak.

My sister keep saying she doesnt know how to feed him the pills.

So yes. Taking care of sick cats are extremely penat...but i really want him to get healthy~

It is so sad to see somecat who used to be very hyper active had turn to a lumber jack.

Leman so cute. Everytime I force him to swallow the pills he'd cried out loud and get very aagry. Then myratayeb had to pamper him with his favourite baby pat on the back about 5 minutes to calm him down.

Then later when I left him on his own, x sampai seminit, I caught him dead asleep.

'Penat menangis ye syg?'


lets all pray for leman to get back to his usual paws!

-the end-

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Plan B: I am taking my chances

Im done filling up my 3 overseas universities forms for my Master in Architecture.

And now, I just have to submit it on Monday at idp, KL.

And just pray.

p/s: 'life is all about taking chances, no matter whether you succeed or fail, what you'll be cherishing is the effort you have put into it'

the end

a good life, healthy living

Salam people.

It was myratayeb's usual stomach aching phase on the 10th September 2011.

(so i thought it was)

Suddenly, the pain went so wild and painful. My human bare have reach my limit. My eyes start to get teary from holding the excruciating pain and my hands and feet had turn numbed.

Mommy found me rolling on my bed, wet with sick sweat and she and ayah rushed me to the clinic. I had to cut the lines for my aching was an emergency pain. The clinic doctor wasnt so sure what was happening. So, she suggested me to go further checkup at the hospital.

Later on, I was caught having... poisoning and was admitted to the hospital.

Ive been having stomach aching since forever, all and all, my mom suggested me to just go through medical process to check my whole tummy.

4 days of my absence, I am A-OKAY. My tummy is negative from ulcer and any dangerous bacteria. Thank God nothing serious was rolling in. hehe

BEFORE the incident, I was piled with future thought, works and planning.

WHILE it happen. My mind was at pause mode.

NOW, I am ready to go with a positive mind and personality!!

Things happen for a reason and probably, the reason behind all these was God wanted me to took some time to think clearly without stressing myself and see the whole picture of life.

Whatever it is, I shouldnt neglect my health for a good life comes from a healthy good body.


-the end-

another sick kitty on the road

Salam people.

My new 8 months old kitty: Leman is currently sick.

I wonder, why most of the cats I owned end up having a severe sickness?

Have I done anything wrong?

Mommy gave him good food everyday. I bath him twice a month but I had to stop showering him after he had his first baby flu.

(Dont any of u guys ever mandikan ur cats while they were havin their flu. Not Good!)

I dont locked him up because he's naturally a wild cat. And I think its an animal torture to do so. So I let him out free 24 hours. However, most of the time, he would just sleep outside the porch or on the leather sofa in the house.


Despite all those effort. He's still sick.

Leman might came from a very weak genetic breed. Sebab previously pon, most of his siblings and mommy aunty semua die at early age because of flu and cough. (mcm pelik dulu)

Leman is getting worst day by day. So, im not gonna hope too much. So just prepare myself for the worst. :'(

Lets just pray for him to get healthy~


-the end-

Thursday, September 8, 2011

i pray

Salam people.

Tonight I wonder. While I was busying myself trying to find the right path for my future. Did others had to face the exact same thing I am basically licking (all those emails, resume, papers, application forms, fees) right now? Or probably there are worst cases than mine.


I dont usually look at the worst. They're not a good self motivater.

Nah..not because Im being ignorant or even ungrateful with what I have. I am totally grateful for the good Lord had bless me but I know I am able to do better. And isnt better is more likely awesomeness than just being in the average crowd?

If you chose to breed in that bubble, I assume you are no risk taker. You're too comfortable being in that comfort zone, you wont realized, that your journey is actually no where.

You're a dead living.

A zombie.

Is that what you want?

Are you born for that?

Well. Some people are.


As long as you're happy.


My point is about being fair. I think the rate of achieving top equality is 0%.


waidaminit...did you just gave me that look!

look all around you people!!! Some people have to bloody work their asses off but still fail to succeed while others are being so successful, they barely lift a finger to achieve all those effortless blessings!!!!

Its major human social cruelty!

When I turn my mind to God, I realized I was saying bullsyit babble. The Quran already stated yang Allah tu Maha Adil and He knows what He's doing and who am I to judge His perfect plan and creations?

Those people might be 'ON' in terms of educational/future succession tapi bahagian lain dalam hidup which is equally important jugak but we couldnt see it because we are too cursed with the current worldly matters right now.

they might be 'OFF' kat that part. We never know.

Mcm ni la. Just believe that God has His power to give you a successful life as long as you don't give up on trying and keep putting those huge amount of effort you usually does with the decoration of do'a.

Pray.pray.pray and insyallah, God will in return grant your deep wishes.

Life isnt easy. But it is for those who follow the true guidance of the Quran.

the end

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

road suckers

Salam people.

I totally hate myself today.


Some people who knew me, know how I sux at road.

Its not that I'm not a good driver, its just that I get lost pretty easily.

Countless times have I face solo breakdown in the car because I was too clueless at where I was at that moment and I have been driving for so long and its driving me mad!

I used to punch myself, n repeatedly saying, 'stopid mira, stopid mira, stopid mira, stopid mira~' when it happened.

Someday, I will conquer the world and explore!

SOMEDAY, my brains = GOOGLE EARTH!!!



the end

Monday, September 5, 2011

friendship babble

Salam people.

Close friends

Is a massive word for me.

Some people might take it as a pouring rain.

But I don't.

Ramai dah yang berkata, 'myra, kaw nampak sombong giler awal2 kenal dulu'.


Because I dont befriends with any person I met. I choose whoever meets my eyes and brains. Screw them if they wanna say ugly stuff about me.

Because when they do, I knew they're the ones who know nothing of me. And I dont give a rug.

Eh. dont get me wrong. Its not like your first present to me directly is a total invisibility. You say hi, I'd say hi. It would be rude if I didn't. And 99.9% of myratayeb are usually very friendly later...(if you're cool enough)

'nahh...jokin~' (trying to be funny) (--__--")

I do admit, I have a bunch of awesome friends! Love em.

But close friends are very hard to find. And to be honest, my close friends in heart are merely 10 fingers countable (or may be less). (0_o)

Because as I pursue my life in the semi reality, I realized, these bunch of awesome friends sometimes will only be there for you at awesome moments and the highest reason for them to be hanging with you was with a benefit/advantage for themselves.

I was born feeling happy opening my hands, offering any forms of help to a friend (or strangers sumtimes). It sort of give you that bright feelings when you do.


But the world are extremely cruel. They've change me.

Some friends I know, they literally hanging on me when they needed a hand, and when they don't or maybe they had found better option for them to hang their dependent stake, they would just toss you away, with no goodbye's.

And at worst, when you needed them, they just blew you off as if you meant nothing to them.


When I looked at a person, I don't see all those money, bags & shoes collection, your f huge car or your pretty face.

What I saw was your glittering heart, actions and the way you think and all these has always been my major point of attraction. (& only then, those stated above would eventually grow in my mind..hehe~)

'i love your hair'

'you f rich!!!'

'thats a lot of shoe there, girl friend~'


*another sigh*

Secretly, my regret was not having a bunch of awesome friends, doing everything together and having fun travelling/exploring the world.

But then again...

...when I think about it over and over again.

myratayeb didn't actually missed that much...

Coz these close friends she preserved in heart, are much more worth cherished~

(at least I know when I fall, you'd be there for me)

\(^-^)/ wii~

the end :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

give = take

Salam people.

Im writing this because Im trying to make me understands.

God. Make me understand.

How could you expect others to entertain your interest but when the world turns the opposite way, you just dont give a sh*t?

the end

Friday, September 2, 2011

room disorder

Salam people.

my room's a mess. no kiddin.

I have sorted out my closet and still theres a bunch of stuff to handle.

You know, If i were given a chance to decide. I would like to throw away every single thing in my room until its peachy clear. Then, I would slowly rearrange everything in good order.

Theres just too much stuff!!! >< and i cant take it anymore!!

First of all, I would die to toss away ayah's old P&C documents piling up underneath my bed. He's retiring this year so I would love to offer him a free burn-the-paper service if he lets me to.

Second, I would die to throw away my old study table set which seems to have just waiting for its moment to stumble and kill me while im blogging. And the colorful kiddy design which I used to adore when I was a kid now, is a total eye aching. SO UNCOOL!

Third, is my high school decorative box collection which during tht time, I thought I was the most awesome kid in town. Knowing her way to store her stuff aka ikea like. But somehow, the girlish boxes doesnt impress me no more. (BUANG!)

Fourth, is my picture frame hanging silently on my room wall. my immature face trying to look like a model disgust me. ewww... I even put stickers on top of it to somehow make it look hilarious at certain ways but....anyways! (BUANG!)

Fifth, is my old penguin dustbin yang bila pijak kaki dier, the cover 'supose to' open. Now, even how hard I step on its little tiny foot, the penguin doesnt seem to respond. So, everytime nak buang smpah, kena angkt the top sndiri...

Sixth, is my disastrous walls and ceilings!! Dulu my house ader water tank leakage problem and dah affect my room (only!) and theres one portion of my wall and ceiling dah paint-damaged.

So yes, im dying to repaint my whole room and this time I want to pick the color, mommy!!

Seventh, is my penyangkut baju yang somehow doesnt act like one anymore. Every time I try to hang my clothes, within seconds, everything fell down. *annoyed*

please pretty please mommy ayah. LET ME REDESIGN MY ROOM INTERIOR!!!

or else, I will rent a house to settle my bachelor phase.

hihihihi <---kejam gila

the end

let raya speaks...

return from raya

Salam people.

I have gone for a week and has finally came back home safely. Friday's traffic was still secure from jams. It was wise of ayah not to decide to be back on weekends. I presume it will be hectic!

I manage to snap average number of raya pictures. Nevertheless, I am satisfy with the outcome. My new Galaxy phone seems to have had its aesthetic beauty of capturing photo even though Im not quite sure of its camera details megapixels as such.

Both raya and ramadhan had taught me a lot of cool lessons to be practised and learn. Insyallah, those knowledge will continue to shine in heart even at the state of devils loitering everywhere. hihi~ (mcm skrg ni la...OMG! i can feel them!!! they're asking me to continue blogging smpi terlepas waktu maghrib!)


p/s: raya pictures will be uploaded sooner or later~ ;)

'Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri dearest myratayeb blog followeres~ Maaf zahir dan batin...'

the end