Sunday, October 30, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

salmon sashimi

I spend RM5 for my lunch and RM5 for my transportation...EVERYDAY~

and today I was a little gloomy and one thing that can turn my table around was no other than...


it cost me RM15 for one dish...

equals to...

my 3 days lunch

my 3 days transportation fee

p/s: i wanna be rich so that i cn eat salmon sashimi everyday~ :'(

the end

Thursday, October 20, 2011


nak emo kejap.

kejap je...


benci bila org banyak kasi alasan bodo. Alasan x munasabah. Cuba dengar diri sndiri skrg. Sumpa nonsense giler.

Setakat main intonasi, body language, communication wise nak 10/10 tapi isi mcm tin kosong pn x guna jgk kan?

benci bila org jadikan benda lain sebagai penghalang dorg nak buat sumthing sedangkan its so obvious, xde benda pn yg menghalang sebenarnya kecuali diri sndiri.

diri sendiri yang tak cukup gigih nak capaikan impian tu.

klau hati dan molot kata laen, perbuatan laen.

tak tawu mana satu nak percaya...

p/s: a mixture of personal and general-ism...

the end.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

english sux

Good evening.

My sister read my blog.

I was thrilled at first but the feelings went pouring down the lake. Oh wait. I mean 'the feelings change'. because she said my english word was spock spicking here and there.

Oh wait. I mean, 'My english vocabulary was badly practised', it kills her to see her own blood severing the beauty of ENGLISH TERMS!

:p blek!

p/s: in MY BLOG, i dont go by rules. I write in any terms Id like to express. If you dont get the word, then buzzzzzzzzzz~~~~~ *wink2*

the end

Friday, October 14, 2011

Saturday morning

Salam people.

Its saturday morning and Im swimming in the sea of room misery because things was a bit cope up lately. So, I tend to just throw everything here and there without considering the later consequences which I am facing right now and its driving me mad.


It does.

Well, finally everythings clear up a little and I can finally feel the air flowing inside the room. I mean fresh air. My turtles have been evoking pee smells all the time. My parents dare to enter me smelly room. Even the Ambi pur doesnt work with the toxicated smell.

So I went googgled the solution behind this and the only manual cheap way to reduce the smell was to feed my turtles in a separate jar. So, da living jar will only be their place to stay and play.

'Ahhh, so the smell comes from the food and poops.'


*accidently saw the bundle laundriate to do*

urgh~ got to go...

the end

Thursday, October 13, 2011

time travel

Salam people.

Today is my first day spending with ayah. My ayah's finally retired and poor him, he had a lot of adapting to do.

We did our own time travel survey from home to my new job place today and concluded it took about half and hour to reach there but the major concern was the KTM lagging arrivals.

We waited almost 30 minutes for one session train to arrived and that sux!

Im excited and extremely nervous at the same time. And my mind and physics should be ready to pump up with good performance by now.


-the end-

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

graduation tale

Salam people.

Everyone are cramping facebooks photos, taggings with graduation pictures.

Well, to be honest.

Mine was still kept lazy in mom's digital camera downstairs, waiting to be uploaded. The cam ve been giving signals at me everytime I walk by it but i pretend to ignore. I was not enough enthusiast to do so.

My graduation day was suppose to be the big super awesome day of my life had turn to a railway cracks. It might be funny later but for now, I was super unhappy.

Leman took his last breath right after my graduation dinner and I sat beside him that night crying my pants off. From the beginning his cute little paws turn white till his body frooze, empty.

The so-called big day tomorrow was meaningless to me. My cute baby leman's gone. I told him to stay alive until i got my scroll in hand. I told him everyday to be strong and see his mommy getting her degree~ T-T

The day.

My whole family gave Leman a proper grave ceremony because we all loved him very much and he brings many happiness to our life.

And the traffic was scary, I arrived at the hall right before the lines start moving. Did not even manage to tip my foot in the event hall, I got stopped by a committee and was told that I GOT THE WRONG ROBE!

They gave me diploma's robe which for god sake how should I know. Later, they prisoned me inside the fitting rooms looking for my robe size and I end up hearing echo's of the opening ceremony, negaraku and iium song from where I stand.


Waiting for the right robe to come.

They couldnt find my size and end up giving me one size smaller and the robe was severely broken. I lost count of the pins they attach on me to get it look almost perfect. I was down enough to even care.

I just want everything to end a.s.a.p.

So much for a graduation...


p/s: by the end of the day, mommy ayah and kak long had really made my day. They were the only one who gave me strength to find the courage to outlook a smile on my face. They sprinkled me with their own happy imaginative scenes. Appreciate enough my family was there to support. I love them~

sacrifice for better future

Salam people.

Its been days since I last blogged. I had a hard time coping with my new routine. You know.


I dashed off to the office at early stake and end up home around 8.30 p.m. due to the bundle works. (I do not complain. I have always enjoyed working countless hours. no pressure)

But my usual online-psyc has been tied on a rope due to exhaustion. So, with no mere intention, I have neglected this blog for quite some time.

Well, back to my story.

Yes. I quit my job.

Its not because it sux. To be true, my boss, my collegue and my new environment was super awesome there. We somehow click well even at the de-vast period of time spending. Those little time feels longer than how the real times tick.

It was extremely hard for my part to say goodbye. I already build a good bond with my boss but at the end of the story, I got to let go to pursue my future dreams.

I agree much that sacrifices has to be made to stand in a better pathways, to drive in a better route, to float in a better boat and to fly in a better plane.

My new environment, sounded a little difficult to go through. Most of it feels a little stranger to me but I should open up my heart and mind in pursuing professional platform. dont I?

And I think this kind of opportunity don't always come knocking on your doors. Its just plain crazy if I'd say 'No' even at the edge of loving my current job. This is my key for better future.

Im sacrificing. They all had been really supportive of me quitting. They think I deserve to be in a better foundation basis. Thank you all for the taughts and care~

Every single one of you stars will be twinkling in my heart forever~

-the end-

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Salam people.

I hate dinners.

But I miss my friends.

the end

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

let me cry...

Ya Allah, mengapa wanita sering menangis?


Kerana wanita itu unik

Aku ciptakannya sebagai makhluk istimewa,

AKu kuatkan bahunya untuk menjaga anak-anaknya,

AKu lembutkan hatinya untuk memberi rasa aman,

AKu kuatkan rahimnya untuk menyimpan benih manusia
AKu teguhkan peribadinya untuk terus berjuang pada saat yang lain menyerah
AKu berikannya naluri untuk mencintai anak-anak dalam apa jua keadaan sekalipun,

AKu kuatkan batinnya untuk tetap menyayangi walau dikhianati oleh teman,

Walau disakiti oleh “orang” yang dia sayangi..

Wanita makhluk kuat,

Tetapi jika satu saat dia menangis itu kerana AKu berikannya air mata untuk membasuh luka

batin dan memberi kekuatan baru.

Monday, October 3, 2011

my story: time adaptations

Salam people.

Im exhausted as usual after work and i think today was the worst exhaustion coz I'd got stucked in traffic for an hour only from pandan to my house. And its the same miles as from uia to my house that usually goes around 15 minutes journey.

And I was suppose to stay late at the office to settle my crazy house design but after pray for betterness, Thank Godness, office server suddenly went down right before 6.

So im off home pretty early today and I thought I could be home before 7 and have a quick date with my hafiz but nope.

The traffic was too crazy to fulfil my sincerric request.


Anyways, Ive been observing my batch page in facebook and its annoying! I apologies but honestly, its freaking irritates my eyes with all those stats about people going different future paths; top nor bottom.

I knew it was controversial at first but you know things like this will end up okay later. I call it time adaptations.

I think its pretty normal for people to feel a little uneasy because we have been together for 4 years and suddenly A is on the left, B is on the right, C is top of the mountain, D is swimming underneath the sea.

The fact that you have to freaking write it out on facebook, allowing this people who are in their progress to adapt to somehow regain back those uneasiness and having multiple thoughts about the so-call small matters, just not a thing I would call as a solution.

I know what ur thinking. so, uve heard the rumors?

You know when things are turning ups n downs in your group and it got leak into someone else's ears and it went pouring like crazy and the story might went hyperbolically different from the true matter...

honestly. it makes me sad.

But who really cares right?

And I hate it when other people start asking what was going on because when I try to simplify the story, it end up differently.

The version I felt was in pain but the version im telling people 'who care' was neutral because I wasnt feeling the pain anymore.

I moved on. like i said before, time adaptations.

So, Mrs History, you dont have to come to me and start to reopen the old chapter of life coz I dont really care anymore.

Im happy with my life now and Im actually extremely happy for her.

The happiness doesnt present so well because I knew it from the channel of dark surprises.

but nahhh, already tear off the page and dug it in with the other i so-called rubbish memories.

well, thats my story. the other's are not the same.

the end

Saturday, October 1, 2011

sushi freak

Salam people.

Yesterday was robe day!

OMG! Im actually graduating soon! I cant believe it. Time passed so quickly, i barely feel it coming through me. And (slap my face once), am I a working women now?

HAHA! Im so happy!

My sister told me the lines gonna be gruesome tomorrow, so i woke up very early to settle everything by noon and everything went according to plan except for the part me, Ina and Ham decide to cut the lines and we all got screwed.


After I got the robe, we went to a nearby mall and had our FAVOURITE SUSHI!

Happiest guys~ thank you~ (^-^)/

(sushi dah ader new menu for bento set btw, sushi lovers should have a visit and try it out!)