Sunday, October 31, 2010

birthday girl~

time wasted, as usual mira me juz being the one perfectionist psych. I took too long doing the less than a thousands words essays and end up being left behind alone in mahala.

tell me about personal timeline, people! *roll eyes*

Mommy and ayah had to balik kampung without me then!! waaa!!

anyho, ill survived. sunday night i manage to crushed several hours of family spending time and help mommy out with the dinner. We both cook special steam lemon fish and mommy's special tomyam (extra spicy people..kata org nogoi)

kenyng giler!!

aftr tht really fat dinner, went back uia to celebrate a fren's birthday.

when my own crowd turn their backs on me, shes there opening her heart for my crying soul to comfort. never appreciate her more than being there when i needed someone.

care for u..

happy birthday BO~

p/s: Tommrow's gonna be a grrreeeaaattt day for me

the end

Saturday, October 30, 2010

puff puff....habuk!

OMG!!!! i havent write for sooooooo loooongggg!!!!

i kno i kno i kno...well, to be honest..ive been venturing my blog wings to another not-uia-known websites and im crazy bout it sgt SGT!

but...let it be one secret blog aite? dun wanna ruin the 'anonymous character ive been adopting thre' it wont be fun nemore~

so basically that is why i havent been hanging around here in blogspot lately~

ok..updates updates updates

theres juz so many to talk about, the babling turns mashes!! i dunno wat to say! (write!)

so, currently holidays starting on the 8th and mom wants me to do practical job at her fren'z firm. Im still deeply deciding. not yet concluded...

aiayayaite! gotta go dashed's comin to pick me up havent been home for months!!! toodlesss!!! (^0^)n

p/s: tomorow's gonna be a better day for me~ ^^

the end

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


ive been having thoughts lately. people do a lot of things for self satisfactions. for example: they do hairs, play musics, sports probably, design t shirts, photography, etcetc. a field that they were happy doin it. not something serious i might say.

however, i met few friends who involved themselves into this self satisfaction field converting into somethin serious. to me u juz gotta have those guts to do so. coz i tend to own such philosophy believing tht bringing on to the next level wud juz washed away the rainbows...u kno...the beauty of doin it for fun wud flushed off...

however, stories ive heard about the experience, doin something u really passionate about and yet u gain something from it, makes me wonder...

i love music but future reference pros and cons, not very assuring. sports were juz apart of ideal health settlements. personal achievements, ....can u guys guess?


omg! i juz loveeeee to writeeee....i was wondering....if i ever get da chance to publish my own book. story book maybe...wudnt it i juz write thoroughly, without gettin pressured with dues and stuff...and by the time i finish the chapters, i cud try to find a publisher~ even one book wud be a total satisfactory!!! omg...smgat giler~

this is fun!!!

ok mira...back to work~


p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Friday, October 8, 2010

what i did for love

i cud have never imagine myself loving someone so deeply...

plz God...make this relationship work...

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Thursday, October 7, 2010


despite being truly emotional, i tend to let it go quite easily. so, no worries people who care. i did said all these cursing stuff but afterwards the cursing turns to flower...

i juz need a good material to let it go : writing~

i may look totally disturb when u discovered my posts but honestly, aftr i end the blog spitting out session with the 'dot', i eventually close the chapter permanently in heart...

totally fine! *smile*

i pretty much hate hanging myself on problems too long. Its juz not cool, people!!!


however, i wont deny theres juz some itchy bitchy heavy stuff might lose my pattern of recovery. but that bitch gotta be reaaalllyyy affecting me...reaallly apart of me....

im no robot

p/s: tomorrows gonna be a better day for me *shineee!!*

the end

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a pinch of salt~

have you ever wonder, why in the world theres a difference between status respect? i have always jeopardy this so-called culture. however, what i cant seem to ignore the hallucination of this principle is at home...

i have always been the silent daughter. Doing my own stuff without telling off what i was doing. i prefer to keep it to myself and let the result out of it speaks. That is just my way of doing things. I dont go bable about my progress achievements yet i would juz sing it out after it became successful. Thats how things work for me.

Even in the pitch of anger, i juz rather keep the story to myself and entertain the curses inside my journal or even this public read blog ive created. Not the fact im exposing my personal problems here. I juz hope ud take it as one of those people feel about themselves.

loyal reader, surprisingly, u might know me more than my own family. I dont speak much at home. seriously. its such a huge contradictive personality... im juz raised with that environment at home, im gettin used to it n slowly, it bacme too difficult to change now.

the glue hardens~

i dont go off telling people how i feel much doesnt mean u cn step on me like a pathetic cheap skunk slave. im human for god sake! and try to put urself in my does that makes me feel? stop with the fudging vito coz it starts to annoys me especially when im reaching adulthood...i deserve some respect...

and of coz...vice versa~

-the end-


i juz saw a group of lembu walking out from klpac around sentul!!!!! (correct me of im wrong with the road)

kat jalan...jalan jalan jalan raya...atas jalan..(eksaited sgt smpi gagap)

lembu in the urban people! wohOoo!!!

o(>0<)O moooOOo MOOoooo!!! <---out of control in the car

the end

Saturday, October 2, 2010


oh my God! yesterday was THE most tiring day!!!! (but i had a lot of fun tho)

my mom n kak long sleepover in maah place yesterday. (in my very small 3 x 3 meter compartment) (-_-")

they were so smgt wanna be on time for the graduation, they plan the whole scouting thingy~!

as early as 6 sumthinm they already bump off my arse and getting ready...(im so sleepy!)

the ceremony starts at 9 and ends at 12...and i was almost sleeping the whole event..hahah! but of coz i wont miss kak long's graduating moment la!

mommy n ayah was so happy. i cn see it through them even if theyre not sayin it...

my job was to snap as many pictures as possible for kak long's. to b honest, its kinda first time thingy for me handling stuff like this. i dun usually follow people a round n take pictures...the experience?


dah a aku pegi pakai high shoe pump wtf sakit giler kaki!!


congrtulations kak long~ dah grade da anak mami ayah sorg ni...when will it be mine? (cross mah fingers plz a grad plzplzplzplzplzzzzzz)

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end