Thursday, December 24, 2009

*tunggu santa*




I juz love observing everything around me

when I observe, I learn a lot of new things which sometimes cn be quite complicated for tis average brain to untangle.

we all do kno that people are likely to CHANGE depends on their

- social surrounding

- responsibility
- life
- etc etc etc

however, tis is juz a long term factors

I relized that we change ALLLLLLLL the time.

tis is so called short term factors highly depends on our:
- mood and
- emotion

yess yesss (>0<)O

what makes me feel like an adult is when I kno how to control tis short term factors
coz when it occurs to me, it might possibly jeopardize my rational thinking thus
turn ON my irrational button

at that point, im being childish… and IMMATURE…I can no more differentiate the good and the bad

I kno people, its nt easy to have a total control with this so-called factors…

and becoz of that…mood swings happen…

sometimes ur in control whereas other times ur not

sometimes ur up on the mountain feeling AREBA AREBA ANDRE ANDRE q(^0^)p

…and sometimes ur down below feelin WUWUWU (T-T)….

one time I might say ‘I HATE SAYUR!!!!!’
(I was extremely depressed that day and everything happens to be heart wrecking. therefore, I said things I didn’t mean to say)

while the other time I say’ I LOVE SAYUR!!!!!!
(my mood was stable and im being rational wit myself)

that’s juz human people…human…

therefore, try to swallow the fact that CHANGE in a person is something very NORMAL~

NORMAL indeed, people~

~the end~

Friday, December 18, 2009

hari ni hari sabtu...esok hari ahad

awak awak

saya menyesal luah rasa hati saya dekat awak

saya tak mintak pon pendapat awak

saya nak awak dengar jer

tapi biler awak bukak mulut jer tadi

hati saya makin sakit

terima kasih la awak

-the end-

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


igt nak buat blog kt lab KAED..

but its JUST akward!!!! (>0<)O

feels like everyone is staring at my pc...

(-_-") shooh! shooh! g maen jaoh2....!!

the end

bukan slalu dpt main layang2~ (^-^)>

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i juz found my long lost t-square!!! miss u!! muah muah XD


and be happy!!!

YAY!!! q(^0^)p

life must go on~

im truly begging on my knees for God sake PLEASE TIME

please move a little faster and make me move on

make me get over with my normal crowd adaption...

i wanna prepare myself for any major changes in my life...

stop crying, its not the end, mira

smile~ coz tis is the true beginning~

i thought if i try to find every second to be with them would make me feel better...

but it wasnt...

they speaks different language...

i dont understand...

i might be close to them...

but literally im miles away from their new tribes...

THEIR new tribes...

while i was sitting here...all alone...

i knew there are many many of them who sincerely open their pure heart and welcoming my presence in my own new bubble

and im truly grateful for that...

they made me forget bout my lame loneliness pathetic reasons...

i matter how negatively i express those feelings...deep inside...its just so very true...

very very true...

whenever fate taps my shoulder,

i force myself to smile and say 'its all okay'

begging not to change a thing no more

coz i have nothing else to give away

its just me now and my deepest thoughts...

well then, its my turn to open my heart and welcoming new things in life

i have to stop hanging on the old tree

and go for the stronger, younger and fruitier ones!!!

who knows, the fruit might taste sweeter than the ones before...

being able to experience variety of fruits

would make me understand life more...

and the more i understand bout life...

the more happier ill be, insyallah...(^-^)d

the end~

Monday, December 7, 2009

studio studio~ *sigh*

mira so very extremely sad…

I kno im being total gedik but to me studio is like everything and its all about the crowd

I cant imagine being separated with my dear trio buddy…

were like NEVER berpecah and always stick together and weve been studiomates like FOREVER since matrics---yess yess…gedik kan?

rationally, i know this thing is juz something really common ull face in the future and I shudnt be too emotional bout it AND its not like were not gonna see each other forever. Class lain samer kowt…

(tapikan mira, studio is like the major thing…) (-0-)n

ArghhHhh!!!! stop playing with MY heaaadd u stoopid mira devil!!! (>0<)n

tsk tsk tsk….(-__-)

(T-T) hmm….(tahan mira..tahan) ‘x bley tahan daaa~~)

INA HAM YANGGGG!!!! IM GONNA FUCKING MISS YOU GUYSSSS!!!!!!! RINDUUU SGTTTT SGGGTTTTT!!! KITER DA TOGETHER SINCE MATRIC AND and and my studio life tis sem is gonna be fucking different without u guys around!!!!! (T0T) waaaAaAAaaaaaaAA!!!!!

pegi trip without u guys
skip studio without u guys
curi2 klua g kafe makan without u guys
discuss concept, consult, stay studio together…no more….(T-T)>
all those happy crazy fun times we had masa studio…

(okay…tis is not helpin my soul…I hav to be positive) (T-T)n

OKAY!!! my gedik moment muz come to an end…(>-<)O

ehem ehem…(azam baru mira…azam baru…smgat baru)

I cn always get to know the other gurls and make new studio crowds and be crazy and have fun with MADAM AIDA…!!! yayyy!!!

HAPPY!!! HAPpppPPYY!!!! HAPPYYY MIRAAA!!! YAYyyy!!! (^0^)n

the…..end…..T-T *aip! jgn nangis lagi!!!*

Saturday, December 5, 2009

has come to an END!~ (-___-)n

cuty dah nak abes...

im goin baack uia tomorow mornin...

tsk tsk tsk~


YEAHHHH!!!! (>0<)O

lukisan di atas adalah ekspresi perasaan aku~

the end

Thursday, December 3, 2009

MONKEYS are everywhere in CBN~ no kiddin! ^^

when im angry

i tend to say stoopid things

which none of them really mean deep from the heart

it was just a fake statement to heal a broken soul

i'd make stoopid promises (>0<)O stoppiiddd!!!

like 'i will never do tis tht etc etc EVER!!!!'

so, i dont want any of u guys who i care the most EVER take my word seriously when im in that moment of recovering

its juz a due period to release the burden that was hanging on to me like a BIG FAT MONKEY


desperately needed to throw em away to the ZOO NEGARA!!! (>0<)O

a magical moment i needed someone to JUST lend their ears and listen to my illusionary words of self comfort


the end!

my ayah very cute~ (^-^)>

lokasi: dlm kerete~ (^-^)

ayah: ok anak2...seperti biasa, sebelum memulakan perjalanan, kita mesti baca doa...moga2 Tuhan melindungi kita sekeluarga dari malapetaka yang tidak diingini...

me: BAEK!!! (>0<)/
kak long: yaarh yarhh mari doa MARI! O(>_<)O
hafiz: ermm...

mommy: n(^-^)n *dah tadah tangan*

ayah: ehem ehem (berdehem dulu)

bismillahirrahmanirahim...n(-0-)n <--muker teramat serius

kami smua:(0_o)!??

mommy: abg kan puasa hari ni! (>0<)O

ayah: (-_-")

the end

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

broochiee~ (^-^)/

OMG OMG guys! (>0<)O

i juz found out this kakak name sarah and she did a handmade floral broochie and sangat SANGAT cantik!!!! (>0<)d

i dunno wether she allow me to promote her work of art kt my blog but seriously cantik! b(>0<)d

i pick tis one and she juz delivered to me this morning~ (^-^)d 'tq kakak'

tis is the newly delivered image

and tis oen is on her ad image: (clearer image)

Pink & Black CB
Selling price : RM 9.90
Size : 5.5cm (diameter)

(^-^)? interested??? hehehehee

im so happy i even giv her some of my baked cookie~ heeEe~ baik giler kowt! i juz asked bout the brooch yesterday and today she drive all the way and deliver to my house...

mmg respect sgt org yang ader tis wonderful skills and manages to make her own money

(^-^)> i wish one day i could be like her and make sumthin commercially selled product....hurmmm *wondering*

p/s: mommy...i love u so much~

~the end~

one moment plz...i hate myself...

my result is like....


Tuesday, December 1, 2009