Friday, April 29, 2011

2 days left

another two days, im leaving tiz place....

surprisingly, i feel sad deep inside. i know malaysia is way better than this so-called dodgy, unhygienic place.

however, the value of us working together, getting spank by prof razak together, sweat our pits up together...will always be in out hearts and soul....and the people in surabaya are very very friendly. im gonna miss them all...and the experience....priceless...

to be honest, i was freakishly angry with the team division at not gonna mention specifically here, but u can see it urself, the skill division were unfairly divided. Some were filled with skillful members while others had to learn from the base....


this shudnt hav had happen....

molot kata bwk nama batch but i can stil sense the grouping issue.

however, mira sangat proud dgn my group...we all tried our best to make the best.

when people call us unskillful, we learn. when people dump us like trash, and form us a team, we work as one...

paling terharu skali, kt sini, mira makin close to some yang i tot i cudnt even befrenz with....

yang dah rpt, makin utuh,

pertalian baru di pegang erat... (cheewahhh!!)

anyways, report team ad mention, since the 18th lg, surabaya mmg spread dirahea and muntah2 yes, most of our team members were sick...smpikan soalan yg jadi keutamaan was

'dah sihat dah?'


so far, i was lucky not to get sick....even the food was brigthly welcoming through tiz tummy. the traditional food did taste different tho taapi to me, acceptable je....xde smpi bdk2 ni...even the smell make them sick....

rindu perpisahan tu xde sgt kt sini since we were doin everything independently...



the end

Sunday, April 24, 2011



woot woot! again these blog is full of dust....poof poof! im officially here in surabaya where i heard a lot of 'dodgy' terms about this place...well....

it does...

but i dun mind...

as long as the basic needs of mine are well, a nice place to stay and easy route transportation....and alhamdulillah, smuanya lengkap dengan moderate skali.

so, family and friends, if u ever wonder how i am totally fine! so no worries kay! (^^)/

ive been living here for a week now and things were goin ups and downs...too many stories to tell and im glad that we survived till now.

however, theres another week to settle and i hope everything is going well in da future....plz god plz!!!! ><

here in surabaya are, to me, imitating the arabs. some part of the place are covered with arabs background (and surprisingly, they speak indonesian very fluently!!!), even the market are covered with arabic products and sellings mcm jubah, perfumme, ketayap, tasbih....

so, when it comes to shopping stuff for family kt surabaya, all i cn think of are stuff which to me mcm x reflect surabaya sgt but more to brg2 dr arab....

so, mami, kak long, i bought u guys a very nice jubah....ayah pon sama...i juz added another white jubah collection for ayah utk dipakai ke masjid, kelas arb and class2 agama yang ayah rajin attend every week....

hafiz, i tot of buying u one as well tapiiiii......u ask for a casual man tops, im goin to the urban mall to cari one for ya kay adikkk!!

and for my dear idea.....haha....but i still got another week to figure it....mmmmm *think hard*

kay sleepy...tmrow will be another tiring exhausting work for mira....sure does challenging....everytime settle je my daily work...pengsan!

but thinking bout wat will happen if i miss even a tiny particles of ornament to gives me goosebumps! (>~<)

k guys~ bru jer redo gantt chart and key in leader's off to sleep!

p/s: i miss my apeng sgt2... :'(

the end

Saturday, April 9, 2011

truutt truttless dah bermula and i dun fee like bermalas malasan cuty ni...

hati bersemangat giler nak buat mcm2 for the holiday...even dodok kt rumah pon i dun seem to have much 'lazy moment' to handle...but im kinda like it that mcm productive giler hidop~

hwa hwa hwaa~

terasa dewasa~ and x sabar nak kerjeee!!!! (>0<)O

anyho, plan for the future mira still simpan elok dlm kotak perancang masa depan mira. and with several option of coz...mira nak sangat pegi overseas utk hari isnin nanti i'll be goin to checkout kt australian ambassy pasal architecture school kt saner maner yg seswai dgn my selectd in-heart typology utk thesis....


and sambil2 apply utk part2 luar negara, i will be havin backup option utk smbg di uia...apply jugak~ yayy~

yg penting skrg, mira nak sgt end my part2...bru bole explore knowledge through practical life-time training....

(then bru pikir kawin...hehehe)

pastu, pasal heritage plak mira da stat pening pale pasal, easy come easy go im gonna distribute balik all the money ikot group heritage masing2...den x larat dah nak handle...too much responsibility...urghhhh! beraaattt!!!! (>0<)O

okok...enuf work....cuty ni xder plan nak pegi mana2 pon...its like a week je and dad still, im basically trying to balance up my chaotic, unhealthy routine....daging kat badan pon dh membuncit sana sini....) terasa mcm lama benar tinggalkan my sweatin activity~

oh! btw...inallillah buat pah....dier meninggal last week....i kinda knew tiz gonna happen sbb shes been sick ever since her throat start to bloat....I know now shes happy in heaven...thank God, for end up her suffering...but now...jang seems to be a little depress and lonely....mana taknya...satu2nya adik pmpuan dier dah xder....and his only companion...

mommy suh bli lg 2-3 ekor...make him company...but...2 turtles dah mati ni...cmne? observing my way of nursering them, ive been following their advices and steps...x tau da mana silapnya....some part of me rs mcm im not meant to bela turtles....

tapi kalau dah qada n qadar diorg x hidup lama...i cnt see things in tht perspectives...its as if mira melawan takdir gitu...and mira xley selfish jgk....jang needs a compny...i admit, im nt always there for him.....

so...maybe i shud go grab 2-3 turtles later....*sigh*

petting turtles are fucking laen than cats....cats, i aadmit, are hard to hndle...but easier to understand.... *tears*

i miss u, pelik....


the end

Sunday, April 3, 2011

thought of today

my cousin yg kawin at a very young age is now a father of a newborn princess.

i cant wait for the written test to end despite my laziness to study.

my treasurer job is killin me!!! need a hand pliz!

future plan is starting to contruct in my head.

part 2? keje? oversea? local? money? scholarship? results?

oh wait! cataloging!

pah start to have tiz fungus all over her teeny tinny hands and feet walaopon mira tuka air every single, i left the water unchanged with medicated water and the fungus starts to wash away....

tapi pah seems to have another issue with her throat...esok mira might find a vet to check her up...(klau ad) --__-"

cuty pegi singapore kot.

dah lama x shopping baju

vincci kt jj dah bukak...yayyyyYYYYY!!!!!!!!

penah tak rs annoyed dgn org yg suke mengajar2 kiter benda yg kiter dah tahu?

penah tak rs annoyed dgn org yg kiter slalu bukak hati nak ajar dier benda yg dier x tawu but by the time were in her/his shoe, dier underestimate kiter instead and laugh at our unfortunity?

org mcm ni mmg........(isi tmpt kosong)

p/s: panas giler cuaca skrg..... *sweat*

the end