Friday, April 30, 2010

vote vote VOTE!

anyone who happen to stop by this blog plz do vote for my dear friend arina zafirah raidah


thank you~

p/s: clean and clear best friend competition

the end

ironman 2 ROX!

have u ever felt tht ur life wasnt fitting up well? U juz gotta fix this one particular section of ur life to drizz the puzzle back to its original state...even tho tht part plays n enormous role in ur heart...?

it hurts...but it has been decided...

-the end-

Thursday, April 29, 2010

life semester baby~ goes…since im so fucking bored in this room. The silence is killing me slowly. I feel like screaming and singing and hardrock jamming but its quite rude to do it in here…with them…who knos they needed a total peace and quiet. I don wanna be a disturbance. Even my msg tone has been the only source of sound…or…may I say…’noise’ for the past 3 days. And the obvious sound my eardrum can actually captured was the door swings open and close and also the obnoxious door locked which I cant seem to empowered the technique just yet. urgh~ I miss mahalah asma…I miss my roommates…I miss gossiping in the room and do crazy weird stuff. dulu studio separation and now this… Oh God, what are you trying to tell me? Are u challenging me with separations and total individual survival? Yes…I might be babbling bout it for the whole month but I know I can survive. I juz need time to adapt. As you know..a..

roommate seblah: AWAKk!!! ADA MONYETTT!!!!

me: MANEEERRR!!! \(O0O)/

roommate seblah: TAKOTT!!!!

me: xpe2…jgn risaooo (amek iron board bdk blik laen)…*bajet hero*…ok..line clear…monyet da blah da…*top tingkap sepantas kilat* (>0<)/ yarghh!!!

roommate seblah: pheww…seb baek

me: tu la pasal! (>0<)O ari tu pun kan wak, ader monyet masuk…pastu….*bla bla bla*

monolog: ek? dah berkawan da aku…HAHAHA~

p/s: thx monyet~

-the end-

Monday, April 26, 2010

bandung...SHOPPING BABY!!

wehuu!! juz came back from bandung and im gonna upload the pictures soon peeps! yuhuu!! im so excited~ (>0<)/

for my next post, ill tell u guys more bout my trip yaw~

guwe mau tidorrr, bilaa bilaa gratissnya guwe upload in...!

selamat!!! \(^0^)/

p/s: 2 a.m.

~the end~

Thursday, April 22, 2010

traffic JAM!!

the hamsters dah safely return kt their co-owner, kak nab...haha sbb their real momma da balik perak tinggalkan diorg...wuuuwuuuu~ 'mommy da x sayang kt kte~' :p (jk)

so aftr i drive to sungai pusu, we went back and g cheras teman my brother amek his SPM certificate~ wooo...dah la boy school...malu! hihhihihi but lucky me they were all stuck up in class. lalalala :D

x pernah drive sne tambah dgn pasangan yang agak buta jalan...(oh tidak tidak...saya je yg buta jalan di sini)...kitorg mmg sesat giler argh!!! and a couple of shocked brakes sbb almost bump into other cars...kereta bnyk sgt plz!! BANYAK SGT!!! good timing la kan we pick during lunch hour, HAMEK KAW~! and the roundabout kat sne was the worst traffic ever and klau skali silap amek corner, jgn harap nak berjaya amek 12 o clock ke 3 o clock ke mmg kena pusing satu pusingan balik...(>_*)> *thump*

adei~ campur dgn the weather td yg extreme hot n humid.. mmg sleepy giler...but at the end, we end up jmpe skola tu (yay) and balik ikut jalan DUKE sbb sesat smpi PJ (0_0) (wtf!!)


anyways, i had fun tho.... (^-^)n

ow n kak long final thesis presentation is today so mari kte sma sama wish her all the best!

'ALL THE BEST KAK LONG!!!! WOHOOOOo!!!!! *piang piang piang* (bunyi mercun) d(>0<)b

she so f nerves...semalam nmpk sgt otak dier da mereng, bully adik dier yg comel ni pastu gelak2 atas meja ckp pasal kawin n honeymoon...uih~! malu akuw! *ketuk pale kak long* (>0<)O 'stop it!'

hihihhi~ gonna pack my stuff now...flight tmrow at 3pm..

bye bye guys (^0^)n

-the end-

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


hari ni jalan2 naik motor dgn adik....

pastu karoke....

pastu main snooker...

pastu balik tido ptg...

uuuUUuu bahagianyaaa~ (^-^)/

-the end-

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


tadi nampak spongebob kat atas double volume ceiling porch umah jiran......

*gosok mata* (nn)


the end

Monday, April 19, 2010

putih i had fun with my schoolmates. went to fa's house and serves free lunch...hihihii (amek kesempatan)...(^-^)/ weee!!! happy2~ recent life updates dr diorg~

and my brother's gonna be back home tonite (yess..hes already ere pissin me off...haih~ lumrah adik beradik la katakan, x umph! la klau xder pertengkaran)

anyhow, im happy coz finally ader company dlm rumah ni selain BINATANG2~ haha XD

and my health condition apparently is gettin better and better~ so my mood is turning into rainbows every minute now... no more dark evil thoughts...i hav to stop cursin to fit tis new colorful image of my blog already...haha XD

okie doke, gtg

p/s: -

the end

siblings crisis!

i dont do dishes and laundry ke apa sebab nak MENUNJUK OWKEY! if u feel tht way then its up to u la coz i dun even care! at least i contributed my female daughterly energy for the family. at least i know MY responsibility! And it has been tht way since forever. I dont beg for ur appreciation even tho u ought to giv me one sincere gratitude!

ape gune wey if u are capable tapi x buat? coz xnk menunjuk? pfFff! PLZ LA! thts da lamest reason ive ever heard! Dont have to act innocent kat sini! ur juz denying the obvious fact tht ur just a total LAZY bum bum!

kaw bley tunjuk besar dgn aku, berlagak mcm raja kat umah ni but the fact is...u cn never deny tht im ur BIG sister and plz respect me for tht! make me feel worth sacrificing for you... u r physically huge but mentally, ur still our baby boy...

try to put urself in my shoe and understand me...ur harsh words really breaks my heart... :'(

-the end-

Sunday, April 18, 2010


People have been talking bout holiday activities. How was mine so far? it wsnt tht good. This might be one of the worst holiday ive ever had. ive been sick for almost a week now. urgh! this aching and soaring!!! I did try to break the ice and go jalan2 nearby and end up temp naik balik. dem dem DEM! (>0<)!

phew...saba mira Mom ckp Tuhan nak uji...cobaan cobaan. ader la kot benda x baik yg ak buat, Tuhan marah... (bnyk bnyk) (>0<)O

and cohty ni asik makan makan MAKAN gettin bowlat bowlat! my face yg xpenah ader fantastic jaw shape ala2 model gitu jadi lebih melengkung menghampiri darjah kebulatan yg amat ketara. tidakkKkk!!!!! *histeria*

anyways, my Bandung flight has been postponed to 23rd if im not mistaken due to kak long's final thesis presentation. MEANING, im gonna b back uia lambat. might b on tuesday. MEANING, i cnt register mahalla together with my current rumates. (T-T) MEANING~ the whole short semester, i wont b their rumates nemore...probably...haih~ ape nasib...

went and ask mahalla office n diorg ckp kawan xley the only solution is...i ned to find someone who looks like me...80% identical pon ok and ask her to go register kan my mahalla on saturday mornin nnti...yes...! d(^-^)b

(mira sense hoplelessness)


(T0T) wwaaaa!!

p/s: omg! i totally forgot bout desktop! dh kena pikir ke?

-the end-


today, Im gonna bable bout aliens. when I was in a freakin innocent age, I am crazy bout the unknown. I love the revealing increases my naive curiosity conquering my mind. I love the fact tht it is unsure and uncertain. It gives me goosebumps of excitement. I even witnesses UFO myself when I ws 13 but clearly, no one believes me. The fact they say I might see things despite my exaggerating imagination, im telling u guys…it’s the truth! I really saw one!

I was in a queue on Saturday evening at the public telephone booth as usual. Waiting for my turn to call home. Ive been in the line since aftr the jemaah asr prayer at our ground floor musolla..well…u kno…ordinary boarding school routine. as my digital watch beeps 7 pm, one more person to go before Id get the chance to dial home. as I crackin my knuckles and hips, coincidently checkin out people behind me. surprisingly, I ws the last. Everybody seems to given up waiting for the long queue I guess. ..

‘natasha. Natasha. Natasha. what took u so long? come on, come on. hang up the fon already.’, waiting for my endless turn had forced me wingling around with my own thoughts. Natasha wasn’t some stranger. she is, apparently, my roommate. we hppen to be the only juniors in our 20 students per dormitory sharing with the other 4 seniors batch.

anyways, back to my story. As I ws indirectly givin Natasha the times up signals, something caught my eye. It was right thre. Flying slowly yet surprises my mind with a lot more questions to be answered. I was so sure tht it wasn’t just an ordinary air plane. I was 13 for God sake, I knew wat I ws looking. The shape was a clear sphere metal-like. and it crosses over the sky just enough time for my brain to uncover its physical appearance.

I knew if I blurt out the story the next day, no one wud have believed me. Unless….~

yesss! Natasha! I quickly turn to her n trying to grab her attention to look at the sky. Unfortunately, seconds before I cud do so, I caught her crying and it stops me. she was crying on the phone for God sake and I juz cudnt force myself to turn her eye balls towards tht freaky metallic sky thingy.

gezz! well, u cn guess wat happens next. As I look back at the sunsetting view, it was gone. And tht sacred memory had been kept before me since then. People wud never believe me. Until one day, one unhopeless day, i watch ‘secret files of UFO’, and by tht moment, I knew what I saw wsnt juz a 13 year old imagination, it was true. I wasn’t seeing things. This thing really exist!

and it freaks me out even more after I watched this movie called ‘the fourth kind’.

It is a true recorded story about a woman who had lost her child believes to be abducted by aliens and she, as a matter of fact, turn paralyzed after being used as a medium to communicate with the ‘thing’. And her story was well told. ..seriously…it was freakin creepy.

The question is, people. If aliens do exist and they are able to control our mind and souls. What are their plans? Why did they do this? Where did they come from? How about in the Islamic point of view of their existence? Bubbles of multiple questions triggered abruptly when the book of silent has been open. After this woman had voice out her story. After they discover the truth behind the truth.

p/s: the truth isn’t always good, sumtimes it is meant to be kept unreveal…

(anyone interested to see the movie, u cn come n see me n copy the movie file) (^-^)v

the end

Thursday, April 15, 2010

everybody needs an inspiration ^^ roller coaster emotion had reached my limits of patience. i really gotta smack my head and wake up. Well, i cant go blaming myself all at the same time tho. Living all by myself with my below average health, i cnt seem to push away all those ugly thoughts. My life rhythm are currently, eat, swallow yucky medicine and sleep.

yes yes. my '6 pack' plan has fail... its been almost 3 to 4 days already and im still stick with this current sickness tempo. I wanna play music, but my body is aching here and thre. and when i turn my head to recording, my voice wasnt reaching my mind notes. argh! this fluu~! (>0<)O no other way but sleep and get enough rest. I just wanna get healthy asap!

but today, my condition seems to get better. I feel better. (^-^)v despite my aching body and flu and cough, it seems less distraction to my normal routine. But im still no good at doin the house chores. Sian mommy had to do everything. Kak long pon sakit jugak. So mommy n ayah had been driving here n thre to check us out. (T-T) luv u mommy ayah~

so today, im not gonna push myself doin tough work. But i shud at least move and do sumthin. Im gettin weaker everyday if i keep following this unhealthy beat n tempo. Oh! and im goin to Bandung next week! yipee!!! (^0^)/ our previous family vaca was at yes, tis will be our next family vacation. Looking forward for it tho. ~(^-^)~ *joget2*

p/s: i miss kak long and hafiz...balikla cepat my dear siblings...sunyi la sgsorg kt rumah ni with pelik and 6 hamsters and smua lack of human communication skills. ;p hihihi

the end

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

uhuk uhuk

hey peeps. im havin a major fever downtrum ere. i hate fever. i wanna staay healthy. dr dulu lg i was the only one yg slalu sakit n hospitalized. haih~

ow...i tink...God wanted to show me sumthin. remember my last post about 'ohana means family'. Yes, right aftr tht, id got sick and you can guess who cares bout me the mother.

she went back home from office early tht day becoz she was so worrid sick and she bought all these healthy food, air kelapa, and cook for me bubur and she even sleeps with me tht night. and wake me up at 3 sruh makan medz and prepare a simple hot milo with biscuits and roti juz to fill up my tummy before telan those pills...

(rs terharu and nak nangis) T-T

i shudnt have tot tht way~ wuuu.....wuu....

x kisah la if ur not one of the favor but u can never ignore the fact tht ur parents LOVE you. and they CARE for you no matter what....

love u mommy, ayah~

p/s: do pray for me....i wanna get well cepat coz fever during holiday mmg x best!! (>0<)O

-the end-

Monday, April 12, 2010

aina, happy 14th anniversary~

sedikit introduction pasal budak ni...

weve been friends for almost 14 years now, happy anniversary aina. Dlu ms ak masuk boarding school, we both promise tht we'll stick 2gthr no matter what kan? syukur sgt for all these years weve been together, u never fail to be a good true friend in my life. love you so much.

Plz forgiv me if i ever hurt u ke ms zaman x matang dulu. i kno i ws a bit notty n used u sumtimes especially homework kan aina? hihihi..tgk la...sape yg stick to science stream skrg? ;)

And i still remember ms kiter nak msk darjah 2, kiter terpisah class n we were crying mcm org giler kan? ahaha~ kelas bukan jaoh maner pon tyme tu...our innocent moments~ and amazingly, we only had a serious fight once. tu pon the next day dah bersalam n forgive each other. cm bodo jer bile igt balik...haha XD

i hope we'll stick friends till death do us apart. hihihi (^-^)n i officially confess that, u hav taken a portion of my heart~


p/s: i juz hope i am able to see ur grow, becomin someone's wife, mother, grandmother and so on so forth klau umur panjang~

the end ^^

ohana means means ud never leave them behind...

Do you guys know tht every parents have their own personal fav child. Its a matter on how they are able to control. Not making it too obvious among the other children.

well, of course, as a child, i know i wasnt in the list. But i pretend to ignore the obvious fact even though deep inside, my heart was in pain...i ws always jealous and comparing my status in the family.

You know, when it became so obvious, it makes me cry. It really does hurt my feelings. Is it worth questioning me if im acting a little rebelious? or if im gettin myself into musics and socializing too much? Thats juz a tits and bits of my way to feel good about myself. Dont i deserve to feel good about myself? huh?

I try and try and try to get the attention. I do a lot of things. Things that make u happy. But my weaknesses and lacking seems to grab ur attention the most. i juz wan u to know im doin all this for you! dari dulu lagi! kak ngah buat smua ni for you! becoz i love you and i want you to see me! look at me! be proud of me!

p/s: forgive me... :'(

-the end-

Sunday, April 11, 2010

secret long kept

'the crocked book has been open
thee heart were scrunching by the light of woo,
texted by texted shoot straight in the eye,
for she starts to wonder by the old history of a croaked soul...'

witten by MiraT

post khas utk adik ku~

p/s: budak ni biler fly mesir nanti...sure ak rindu nak mati... m(--___--)m

-the end-


yess...u guys out there must be wondering....y the heck mira load on an ASTRO REMOTE CONTROL for the post tis tyme.....yes yess...y? WHY?!

i juz lost this remote a couple hours ago and im already in misery. And the last channel that was on was ASTRO RIA! yipeee wuhuuu joget2 RIA nya rasa hatiiii~~ weeey!!! *sarcastic*...

HELL NO!! (>0<)p

ive been watching AF ulangan for zillion times and dun mention about AF cast in kau dan aku...muntah weyh!!! *bluek*...i give zero star for tht drama...mila has zero talent in acting...please la dude. why even took her for the role and using real names for the whole drama is already makin me sendawa like crazy! (tanda2 nak muntah)

hakim: Mila...ugh~ saya...saya sayang awak, mila...
mila: hakim.... (senyum malu tersipu2 yang cam gedik giler bajet innocent la sangat) ><

typical story line la weyh! bajet Mila tu cinderella...smua seksa dier! dier jer la yang paling baik!!!

(ok..i better stop now...klau x merana hidop akuw)

plz magic remote control!!! come back to mee!! giv back my lifeee!!! O(>0<)O

-the end-

Saturday, April 10, 2010


mommy: mommy okey jer...try ask ayah

ayah: mmmmm

ayah: ......(aftr being bombed with ayah's nasty detail Q)

ayah: ok...

me: YAHHHOoooOOO!!!!!!!!!!! im gonna go sleep at aina'z house...yipeee!!! im a big gal im a big gal!! *joget2* ~(--0--)~ oh wait! xley heppy sgt...relax jer...

p/s: happy ending!! ^^

the end

Friday, April 9, 2010

hamsty damsty~ ^^

i juz clean up the hamsty damsty cage and mandikan each and everyone of them. Very cute and cuddly cuma a little tiny miny for me to hug juz able to cococok their tiny fluffy body with my pointy finger~ (^-^)n

right after everything settle, the mother seems to act quite restless and mad. I cant understand hamster as much as i understand cats so i decide to googled em. (easiest way to find answers dun u tink? hihihi). So yea, i get juz what i wanted in one click.

'the first thing about hamster is to let them know and familiarize their surrounding and obviously they all r still shocked with their new environment.'

me: Just gotta giv em sum time to adapt then...

'second is do not force or touch them regularly especially at the stage of introduction.'

me: 'darn it! i juz molested each n everyone of them wonder they hate me!' (>0<)O Anyho, gotta reverse my mistakes!

i didnt touch them ever since and follow the info...

'they need to know ur a friend n not an enemy, do not touch them, start with a little treat. Pass sum through the cage..'

me: owkey...(mira pass one bits kuaci to a hamster)

hamster 1: *sniff sniff*...(took the kuaci with their tiny little finger)

me: (>0<)O waaa!!! comell!!! okokok..tis is

'try to put sum treat on ur palm n get ur hand inside the cage, let them hold u with their hands and if theyre comfortable enough, they might just sit on ur palm and play around'

me: (put sum kuaci in my hand then selit inside the cage)

hamster 2: *sniff2*...(gigit)

me: Ouch!! (>-<)n SAKITT!!!!

hamter 3: (hop on mira's hand n comfortably sit on it sambil munch one kuaci)

me: OMG OMG OMG!!!!

5 minutes later

(4 hamsters chillin on mira's palm)

me: (*0*) IM SO HAPPY!!! THEY LOVE MEEE!!! WAAA!!!!

p/s: ow man, i cnt get too closely attach with this little cuddly creature or else, i might end up crying havin to giv them back to their real mother... (T-T)

but im already so in love with them!!

(one hamster grip mira's finger n look at her)

WaaaAa!!! I LOVE YOU TOOOO!!! \(ToT)/

the end

Thursday, April 8, 2010


me: plz mommy, i wanna go slepover at aina's house...plz prety plz!!!!

mommy: .....

(to be continue)

-the end-

for fun....

its juz my luck...*sigh*

hari ni again i went out dating with ina. The original plan wasnt juz the 2 of us buttttt...... tis person aaa...overslept and tido mati manyak manyak kali tara angkat....manyak susah mau kejhot! (>0<)O hahaha XD

anyways, my luck wsnt tht great early morning, everythin seems to be in a mess. the baju i decide to wear biler pakai nmpk cm org tua plak n i go pick another clothes and another and another...dunno y nuthin seems to inject interest in my mind. My reflection seems to be displaying an old hag poser!!! (>0<)o buruk buruk buruk!!

Oh!!! look at the time!!! IM LATE!!!!

so i go pick any baju n malas nak pikir too mch bout it and swoosh!!! klua~! and aftr like 30 seconds walk, i baru nak wonder my door room close ker tak. if x totop, habes laa the hamster jadi pelik's dish!! so i go turn around back home n someone elses hamster kot!! if anything happen, im totally responsible!!!

okay, aftr i walk for like 15 minutes to the putra station under the HOT SUNNY weather!!! i mean, where the F is da cloud!! cover me liao!! im burning hell here!!! ssshhhh (bunyi hangus) habes all my makeup, im sweating like a pig! oh wait, do they sweat?


smpi jer putra of coz i targetted the toilet! nak fix up everythin, my face, my makeup, my temperature rise!! uih!! peluh peluh peluh...

(sorry, the toilet is under renovation)



okok mira...relax...relax..take a deep breath...ok now juz rushed to the escalator coz ur kinda LATE!...

waaa...lucky me, as i reached on top, conincidently, the train seat seat...


NO SEAT!! WTh!!!!

there no seat!!! i mean not tht it is filled but theres jz no seat!! no chair!!! no seating!!!!

so there i ws...standing...feelin dem unlucky....from setiawangs to Taman Jaya tht took around 45 minutes...urgh~ wat cn be worst?

well, aftrwards, everything went well n i had a really good tyme shoppin with ina~ ^^

thanks ina for everythin!!

anf for u notty overslept, we'll go shoppin together another tyme okay~ miss you~ mmmuahx!

p/s: im so exhausted n the hamster is safe~ (n n) amin~

-the end-

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CUTEE!!!! \(>0<)/


juz came back from mah club! had our dinner~ and ader tis datuk gatal main2 mata, kenyit2...observe2...pastu x malu ask my mommy i buat aper skrg...ewt! awak dh tua...xmo xmo! (a brief flashback of 'Pisau cukur')

ow...while i was numsciously munching my marinara pasta and flippin the women's day mag i pinjam from the counter, ader tis KIooTt kitteehh pictureee!!! waaa!!! comell gilerrr!! snap snap snap!!!

ere it is~ ^^

ow! and kak farah already pass me chib..ekk!!! ramainyaa!!??

(kira kira kira kira)

6!! (0_o)!!!

omg!! kiot gilerr! chibi n her bf <---x tawu pon kewujudan mamat ni...and they dah married n mengawan happily n have 4 cute kids!!! mmg comel gilerr! when i slightly stuck my pointed finger between the steel cage, the 4 of them pounding hard sniffin my finger.

I cn see their curiosity~ im sure the miss their real mama~ now i have to babysit 6 cute hamster in 2 weeks n i hav to make sure pelik wont go and eat them!! (>0<)O hihihi~ sweepy~ nite2 everyone~ (=_=)zZzzz

~the end~


updates updates updates...ok..where to start..

ow...todays activity~

(^-^)n well i woke up real early today waiting for sumone really special. or may i say sum 'animal'?


kak farah offer me to babysit her lovely hamster since shell be flying (exagerate jer ni) to kedah tmrow mornin but ive been waiting for her calls but she didnt ring the fon and now its already 4 pm...x tawu mcm mane ni? (blur)

so im kinda curious bout whats goin on free to babysit chibi but if kak farah has other plans, i dun mind as well...

i decide to do laundry selang satu hari. So i wont go bazir air n tenaga. When the laundry basket fulled, bru do the laundry and today's my laundraying day~ ahh~ sgt penat... *lap peluh*

but the weather seems happy today n i can see the hanged cloth well furnished under the hot sunny weather. They seems happy as well.. hihihi~

Then mandikan pelik skali. dun wanna miss this chance. Its a pretty good time to mandikan her. 'BUSUK PELIK! BUSUK!; (>0<)O

waaa...all alone in my house doin all the chores and doin my stuff. heaven~ but i do admit i miss my social crowd!!! i dun mind being all alone but lama2 sgt cn make u crazy if u get wat i mean...

owh~ tmrow might be goin jalan2 kat bangsar...chillin out~ change my surrounding~ and tis sunday im goin to aina's house (my BFF), da last tyme i went to her house was form 5 kot! its been a long LONG tyme since i last lepak there.

anyhow, cnt wait for the next activity!! (^-^)/ chowie~!!!

p/s:BurrPP!! *bau durian*...'scuse me'

the end

Monday, April 5, 2010

fenin fenin~

ok ok...da x mara da...hari ni igt nk prepare 5 special birthday present tp terfikir nak kena prepare 5 ke 4..haih~ pening pale ak...

IQ ZERO!!!!!!!

We had a precious 3 years relationship with Missy Q

when we and Q started to turn our heads and walk to our different path,

she just changed...

i kno change in a person is something common and who am i to judge her growing up issue. yes...who am i? her friend? is it worth saying it outloud but as a matter of fact in her bloody heart, my image was no where to be found...

i wasnt much sensitive about her corrupted personality. oh..thts harsh...even so, cant she even consider the fun and laugh we had?

the 6 of us were always together! ALWAYS! it seems minus to 5 now...coz ur the only person who seems to careless bout our friendship.

i dont kno how u live with this attittue coz dont u realize ur breakin the 5 of us! ur breaking our heart! how cud u be so selfless!

i truly cannot accept ur way of dealing with the things here. If you want us to go away, cant u juz spit it out!!! if ur brave enuff to destroy the friendship, u shudnt be a chicken to end it kan? rather than keeping the rest of us waiting for your hopeless respond? and not to forget, ur unrealistic promises!

i might not be the major victim here but listening to the other voice of sadness and dissapointment. i ws bloody shocked! how cud YOUuuU!!!!!!!!!!

if u tink were like a disturbing insect in ur holistic life, we might not waste our PRECIOUS tyme trying to fix the relationship while u were givin zero commitment! no more reunion, no more calls and messages, ur no longer in the list!! NO MORE! were BLOODY OVER!!! im gonna cut ur fucking face outta the picture frame!! u hear me!!??? i mean it gurll!!!!

U R SO OVERRRR!!!!!!!! u can pounch up ur little fuzzy nose for now and later ull know the meaning of true friends!!! CURSE YOU aikiuuuu!! CURSE YOUUuuU!!!!!! weve been so supportive to each other and i hope one day u realize how much youve lost...not juz a friend...but a true friend who will always be there for you... (T-T)O

p/s: the 5 of strong...we still have each other to love..

-the end-

Sunday, April 4, 2010


phew~ i am so tired packing all those leftover stuff in mahallah n bawak balik rumah! i juz cant imagine to those yg tinggal jaoh...poor u people~ (~_~)n (tsk tsk)

ANYHOW!!! everything settled!! the keys returned, the room's clean. im just glad this semester is finally OVER! OVER! over! over! overrr.....(echo) yipeeEeee!!! Now i can finally jump in the air without hesitation!!! jump jump JUMPPpp!!!!! \(^0^)/ (yahoOOoo!!)

last night i went dangling around curve and me n ina decided to watch movie n the first thing tht pops our mind was 'How to train a dragon'....yep2...already book the tiket yesterday btw :p the movie was AMAZING!!!!!! my heart was pumping hard for the whole movie hour and by the end i ws like b(>0<)d omg omg!!! good job people GOD JOB!!! i LOIKE LOIKE LOIKE!!! bestt gilerrr!!! walaweyy~!! fantastica!!! mmmuahh!! (*0*)v

such amazing work in all aspects; graphic work, expression, story line, dialogues, music and EVERYTHING seems so perfect!!!! id vote for this movie...anyone of u guys really shud go n see this movie~ 100% suggested~ *wink2*

the aftr semester hangout was a little akward n quiet coz we normally hangout with a lot of people but tis semester juz the 2 of us were there~ and i came back home at 8!!! i mean 8???!!! kejap giler~ usually was like 1-2 am ke? >:p

skip the wild nite next tyme aite?

and since my mom's outstationing sumwhere outside the country, seems tht i hv to do all the house chores...(including her part) im extra extra busy!! ><

GUYS out there...u ought to feel grateful to juz hav to punch those brain, work n find money!!!

im here doing EVERYTHING!!! the house, the lundry, the cooking, the work and assignment, my carier, future, my life!! woahh!!! im so impress with myself<---tetibe (-__-")

ned to list down my holiday plan for now~ tihihihiii~

p/s: zzZZzzz

the end

Friday, April 2, 2010

\(^0^)/ poem~

the time is ticking
and im still waiting

quietness isnt the pitch of hatred
deep inside ur love is unmeasured
but im juz a gurl who needed more attention
dont u ding me wit such an expression

is it the sweetness that caught my heart
is it the sincerity tht torn me apart
but after a while the flower blooms
the rain stops and i start to gloom

where were you when the sun falls down
where were you when i cant feel the ground
your reasons of expectations blindfolded my eye
swallowing the loneliness as the time goes by

you may think its better to go off that way
but please dear, hear me when i say
if you wish to be moderate and keep the beat slow
why tie a knot and make me go hoo hoo?

everyday i pray
to feel you when i say
but the philosophy of littleness
had pull out my weaknesses

what worries me the most
is how you can accept me
coz my life is totally expose
different from how you are born to be

your smokey present seems to have blown away
as my daily absence doesnt effect you much anyway
becoz of the distance of love we created
is this unsure fate will surely make it?

why make me wait
why make me stay
if your not so sure
with the love u say?

the time is ticking
and im still waiting...

-the end-

Thursday, April 1, 2010


my dear friendz~ u kno who u r...saya sedikit emotional semalam and im sorry...

ANYHO, tht bbq nite turn out well...(^-^)>

burp! scuse me~

p/s: i love you

-the end-


studio rep: mira...aper kata...kiter combine studio nak utk bbq?

me: waaa!! bgsnya!! ak stuju!! dahla geng ak tu studio laen...ader chance la ak makan bbq 2gther dgn diorg!!! happy sangat!!! \(^0^)/

studio rep: okay~ set! gtao yg laen yer hari kamis malam~ rm5 jgn lupew~

me: okay~~

p/s: :'(

-the end-