Monday, December 27, 2010

donut and candles


yesterday was a friend's friend birthday. In support of a friend. I gave her my finest effort to help and make it happen.

I went looking for the 'cake' and candles with him, so it was some sorta fun productive activities for us bored-dunno-wat-to-do couple. lol!

Well, even tho the plan wasnt goin so well at the dieing candle part, i hope the rest was awesome. We really did our best tho. *wink2*

happy birthday A~

-the end-

Saturday, December 25, 2010



semalam hantar kak long kt klia for her a week christmas holiday to Japan. *jeles*

since shes so demn crazy about gazzetto, mucc, shinna ringo all those talented nippong singers, theres gonna b a bunch of live concerts there sempena hari her bachelor trip gonna b awesome! *jeles2*

when will my time be...i wonder?

heritage trip maybe?


anyhow, juz as she waved goodbye, i remmbr muhaimin n yah were talking about lobsters. Muhaimin tringin nak merasa and i did saw one huge lobster in Victoria Station Restaurant but tht was years back. And i cnt seem to recall any taste of lobster in my mouth.

So, we decide to go eat lobster kat sekinchan around setiawangsa thre. Our fav seafood bakar port.

Unfortunately, ms we arrive there...lobster xde. *sigh*

however, my tummy has been acting chatty enough for the past 30 minutes, any food wud be fine to shut em up. So we decide to mamam usual ikan bakar instead...(walaopon bru je balun ikan bakar kat bellamy with yah n muhaimin few days back)

balik rumah i was so sleepy, sempat checkout my email to Tan Sri Azman Hashim but he didnt reply...oh well, who wud wan to entertain random students doin research in his house?

i plan to balik uia today as early as possible after settle down with the housechores. Kesian mommy...she gets pretty exhausted jg kak long demam for days before fly to Japan...

And mommy is planning another oversea trip for the upcoming holiday~ YIPIII!!



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

dizzy mizzy

yesterday i barely stick my slippery ass in the room.

early morning attend studio

then klua mamam

then klua pegi galeria sri perdana tu checkout tun mahathir's house

then balik late evening

then klua again to help out a fren in need

and balik around 5 am... (O_o)

and now...i dun feel so good... *pening pale* (*~*)>

p/s: havent turn on my fon for hours...argh! shudnt have left d charger kat studio~ >< sori!

-the end-

Saturday, December 18, 2010

can you at least say goodbye?

people who follow~

my last update pasal pelik:

shes amazingly recovering from her anemic.

well, a week back, she barely touches her food as what mommy had told me thru d fon...

i ws in mahallah the whole week. New semester's approcahing~

belum sempat i see her...touch baby pelik has already left me.

ive been looking for her the whole keramat area, shes nowhere to be found.

im in total shocked rite now...

i ned someone to slap me and tell me tht...

she ll never come back to me.

*pelikk....pelikk syg!!! where r u! kak ngah ad ur fav food nii...pelikkk!!! PELIKKK!!!*


-the end-


....emosi sy sgt terganggu today...

rs nak marah marah marah n nangis all the tyme...

everythin seems so....freakin...annoying...

smua benda org ckp to me seems provoking...

everythin i said, people seems to take it as a joke...

usually when at times like tis occur to me, i choose to sleep. Its the finest way for me to not get pissed off over sumthin so....minor...

this is sumthin abnormal bout mira n i hate myself for havin this hallucinating thoughts which turn out feeling so miserable over...nuthin.

is it really...nuthin?


td g sushi king rrs mcm nak baling pinggan sushi kt kepala waitress dier sbb kena tunggu almost hlf n hour nk dpt da food...and i cn get pretty grumpy when im hngry...

aftr tht **** service, they wan me to pay rm5 for tht?!!!!

pg mampos a!!!!

ok2...saba mira...saba...

-the end-



yesterday i went!! YIKEs!!! NOWHERE! nuthin arrrghhh!!!

(glaba sbb mami ad kt seblah)

~the end~

Wednesday, December 15, 2010



im very happy...!!! X)


yesterday someone gave me free coupon movie tikets...wuhu!! (thank you so much! God bless you!)

finally dpt kluar with him after 2 weeks x jmpa n watch free muviee together! winduu~ *tears*

dpt eat my fav sushi...and we even got one free sushi resit for the next visit and mamam tyme happy hour...another 20% off!!!! walaaa~~

ader huge christmast sale!!! (x bli apa2 pn but i was super happy seeing him shop like lollipop!)

money from my little business finally pouring into my account!! yahoOo!! V(>0<)v

p/s: clas kol 3? kroohhh!!! ZzzZZzz!!

the end

Monday, December 13, 2010 semester? seriously?

new semester is feeling a little achy not-quite-ready jedi around me...

in fact, the studio selection melodrama always had me hanging in confusion. Especially when im stucked with several questions in the aspects of...

social crowd...
the typology itself
lecturer selection wise
and obviously...competition...

but...i came here studying to learn. I shudnt freak out with competition...thats juz life, n i shud expect the worst in the outside world...and that time is so close to my present. i can smell it from here! (>0<)O

instead of literally sayin, its not bout competition nemore, the good ones cn be my teacher, its a way to meliorate my skills...learning cn be fun especially when u r approaching ur final year. (omg..tht statement wasnt helpin...) (>_<)>

getting clicky is juz a usual trend now days. U cant blame them. i cnt blame myself for it as well. Ive been tht clicky version, the version where i was left all alone from my usual group and now were separating into two. It wasnt that bad.

At least, i still have my closest company around me. Work it out well my dear frenz! b(>0<)d

ive learn a lot the whole 2010. A LOT! i swear, if i saw the 2009 of mira, i wud be laughing at her face and tell that 'there is still a lot to learn, 1 year younger mira'

i spent a lot of the time doin my own thing. I dont go waiting for others to start and being tht one heavy shadow following people around. Im basically doin the bad good thing under my own option. Not a person to be blame.

I juz hate draggin other people, makin they do things they werent so sure or naive bout it. So, thats when i created my own bubble. The consequences would juz turn on me. No one else....

ok, ive written much. well spilled and a little mixture issue here and thre. LOL! wuteverrr~

p/s: i cnt believe this year is ending...time, plz...not to rush!!! (>0<)O

the end

Friday, December 10, 2010

about beijing

im back people!!! (>0<)/ fingers are gettin pretty stiffy for the long due type-less days!

anyho, im dieing to blog again! i was technologically shut down during my trip in beijing. My fon wasnt working (no roaming services charge as such) and NO INTERNET!

anyho, it wasnt that bad. I was making love with mommy's digital camera all the tyme, and the full scheduled activities didnt drift me to boredsome. Plus! the scenery in beijing was AWESOME!!! d(>0<)b

At first, the idea of traveling sibling-less was a mess. i couldnt imagine being the only child for the whole week tour. But, it turn out magic~! i feel like a grown up already. My previous traveling moment was too dependable.

BUT now, I handled most of the important stuff! (whre ayah usually x kasi handle) pretty sure they startin to trust me on doin things lately. the luggage, passport, buying stuff, stuff arrangements and organizing, food selection, photo catche~wuuhuu~

I can already see the image of me traveling alone. I can do this! BABY!!!!! (>0<)O

anyho, beijing tour refreshes some childhood memories i had in scotland. the weather and the air...seems pretty much the same. mommy pon sama. mommy ckp next trip would be thre...sbb mami a rindu gle nak balik sne. (insyallah~)

so people. wat dyu wanna know bout beijing?

1) sgt SGT BERSIH!!!
2) healthy lifestyle
3) prefer cycling/walking
4) the food r basically sayur sayur sayur and very tasteless..(they dun use much salt)
5) x jmpa pon org cina gemok...
6) some a bit kasar... (most of em actually)
7) when it comes to business..diorg mmg syaitan! plz a...nak shoppin in china mmg x bole nak relax n survey...they attack u all the tyme...(tang ni den kurang minat sket)
8) tea tea tea tea...thts their basic aqua intake
9) taman rekreasi diorg slalu PENUH GLE!!!
10) pmpuan dier mostly cntik2....
11) tandas dier bersih tp berBAU! coz they dun use water nak tgk muker diorg smua selamba je..mayb bg diorg bau tu biasa kot...*hancing*
12) everything well organize and diorg pandai gle market kan product...


ad one tyme tu almost gado dgn cina ni...she wont let me go unless i buy this handbag that ive been eyeing tp harga dier rm300 lebey coz its real leather!!!! (xde duet da tyme tu)....

but she wont let me go n kasar gle...(pendek je pn minah apek tu...ikotkan ak bole jer tolak dier pastu tampar blasah mampos)

ak kt negara org beb...xyah nak buat perangai/ geleng geleng geleng geleng pale je...smpi mommy n ayah pon nak ngamuk...ayah da jerit2...mommy dah lari...cina tu stil wont let go of me....

keadaan agak kritikal coz ayah dah jerit2 ask me to leave but that wasnt an option. my hands were tightly gripped! i cn ensure u if i juz dashed n run, that cina will definitely fall down and terseret kat tanah...

and finally...aftr thta long critical moment...the bag final price...RM50....(-__-") gile x gile?

the rm350 *slashed* rm50 handbag~


the end

Saturday, December 4, 2010



currently busy doing list of things to bring...(i totally sux at packing) *pening pale*

i might as well just throw everything inside this huge lugage and walah~!! lets gooo baby!!

so, ill be off for 5 days...the flight will be tmrow morning kt klia so dr rumah at 5 am...argh! sleepyy!! (=_=")....

gonna miss everyone here *sobs*

the end

p/s: cuace hari ni sgt tenang, mendung, sejuk...sgt lullabyish~ kroohhh krooohh!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


yawdepeep! (^0^)/

today plan nak bangun early to settle my saman. i heard rumors that the semester result is releasing next week on monday. (i wont be here by then)

tp bangun agak lewat today...(kol9)...mommy ngamuk giler!!! *shivers*

anyways, x langsaikan saman uia lg, so better settlekan skrg before it gets messy. I had 2 compounds (dua2 related to parking issue).

come on a~ uia parking space sgt SGT SGT!!!!!!! limited owkayy!!! landscape aper kejadah smua amek giler banyak ruang! tgk a kat asma's tu...siap ad this huge fieldy area yg dah berlopak n penuh cat's poo...asal x construct parking space je?

talk about security...selamat ka kereta2 student kte park kat tepi jalan 2? haa haaa?? *emo ttbe*

ANYWAYS! (>0<)O i assume i had to pay rm50 for each saman sbb i didnt appeal one and two, i checked my compound kat my uia profile, it wasnt updated and my balance hutang yg tercatat was id better off prepare a hundred then~

pg bank muamalat, amek number, trus kena panggil...then legal unit...

sister: mmm...adik, saman adik smua dah bayar la

me: huh? (o_o)! tapi kak, hujung sem lepas saya kena 2 saman.

sister: ye ke? xde pon. maybe diorg x key in lg kot

me: f*** the SYSTEM!!!!! <---dlm hati...'abis tu cmne?'

sister: cmni a...klau adik xdpt tgk result. adik dtg sini balik and baru kasi copy payment slip kat legal unit.

me: bile ms plak a ak nak dtg sini balik goin beijing tis sunday!!?? <--dlm hati again. 'mmm...yela kak....mmm....'

ARGhhHHHHhhh!!!!!! o(>0<)O

gehrawrmnyaaa akuuwwww~!!! mari sama2 kiter buat muka geram... 1...2.... arghhh!!!
gigit gigit patah patah!!!!!!!!!!

okok..mira relax...seratus je pown....

p/s: banyak saman ak bole buat a pasni....................BAKAR MAHALAH OFFICE!!!!! V(#0#)v

the end

Wednesday, December 1, 2010



yesterday spose to be my first leave-me-alone-people-i-wanna-feel-my-holiday.


jeng jeng jeng....mommy's in the house, baby!!!! *mami joget* ~(-0-)~

pagi2 dah riuh...

mommy: MIRAAAA!!!!! *baling bantal* BANGOOOnnnNNNnN!!!!! mommy wash ur clothes today u mop the floor kayyy? and bsh pinggan tu. banyak btol~ lap2 sket umah ni...dah berhabuk...pastu...(cntinue)

me: (=_=") urgh~ ok mommy...

settle everything by noon and i had my solo day out makan my FAVVVvvvvVVv SUSHI...! yipii!! (^0^)/

psst! thk u sbb temankan ak makan~ *smile*

balik rumah~

mommy: ap yg best sgt sushi tu? asik sushi sushi sushi!!! and u spend rm40 for one meal!!!!!

me: (cmne mommy tawu ni?)...err....lapa a mommy....

mommy: *geleng2 kepala* more duit belanja from now on smpi we go beijing nnti. paham!

me: (T-)/ *pasrah*

i ask u people out ther! spe bole resist SUSHI!!! its like the most succulent raw fish mix with that fantastic extra soy sauce flavor with a little wasabi tu give that twitch of excitement through ur brain....IT SOOO IRRESISTABLE!!! (>0<)O

*meleleh air liur*

(gamba hiasan semata2)

the end