Monday, November 28, 2011

the final

Im starting out fresh.

I have to say goodbye to this blog.

Because it doesnt feel me anymore.

It doesnt turn out the way I wan it to be.

Im gonna kept all those memorious posts silently here.

While I moved on to another chapter of my life whilst with a new blog add.


this blog has been a baby momentum to me.

Thank you for giving me the chance to write~

the end


Sunday, November 27, 2011


Ive been working out daily to get those fit and healthy body these past few days.

Gosh, its not easy at first!

But, discipline is pretty important when you have the target to fulfilled. If not, you'd just end up like those people who cracking up dreams 27 hours but none was ever to accomplish.

Just pray hard Im not one of em. *pray* because

Im pretty am serious with what Im currently ve doing!

gambatte ne, mira chan!!!! (>0<)/
the end

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I had a bummer.

I do not like my current life right now. And when I think back how Ive been living the past month after working, It's absolutely NOT the life Ive been dreaming of.

I needed a change.

I needed to do something extraordinary every week.

every day. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

the end

Wednesday, November 16, 2011



Ill be wearing braces on december. (yay!)

My first appointment was actually last weekend but the price was too crazy, I had my second survey in a proper dental clinic around de palma hotel and the price was way reasonable.

So my 2nd round of first appointment will be on 2nd december.

Im so happy!

Ive been planning to wear those since I was in highschool but my parents wont allow.

They actually dare me to have those when I get a job and have my own money then I can pay all those bills.

and guess wat!!

Im actually paying all those dental appointments using my own money, my own kick and sweats! It took me almost 5 years for my dream to fix this crazy teeth and patient does pays candy.

cant wait!

I know some may have their negative point of views about having braces on per say, changing what has been created by God. But I believe, everyone was created in a perfect form. What changes the beauty was we individual ourselves.

My teeth got jumble back and forth because when I was a kid, during those time when your tooth plucks off like pop corns, I refuse to see the dentist and ends up, my new baby tooth's growth went abnormal.

I create my flaws. I wasnt careful.

So im fixing it, not as perfect as God's beauty creation, I know

but giving me that chance to feel good and confident with myself (of course with a little sacrifices)

Most importantly, what Ive learnt from experience.

Never to point fingers at someone elses flaws. You never know how much it hurt them. deep inside...

deep inside, if they were given a chance to feel beautiful...

the end

not inspired

I am not inspired to write.

Because I havent been reading much.

I have lost my words and poetical expression.

And its not good.

Probably I should start reading while on trains or buses.
Probably I should start reading during other half and hour lunch break and sacrifice those gossips sessions.


Im extremely particular with my surroundings. To me, certain surroundings click in with certain activities. Thats just how things work with me.

For example, I get really sick if I do text sight on moving base like vehicles as stuff.

Thats the reason why I dont do any form of mind interpretation in public trans or even in my own car. Its just wingling off my brain and directly fuel my throat with clear vomit fluid.

Instead of inducing new verbs and terms or even so, experiencing the work of a famous novelis, I actually receive nothing more than just a BAD HEADACHE.

so not worth it.

Plus, people who knew me, myra working hour is all about work. I dont do cheap conversation persay gossip as such (during that time ONLY). That's why my breaking hour is my special time to socialize.

For me, socializing in my current phase of living are totally vital. I did mention on my previous post how weekends in my family dont do holidays. We always crack with family events and stuff. Weekdays are out of the list of considerations because my ayah dont admire night outs.

So, Im actually pretty lonely now. And I miss my friends a lot! If I happen to meet one of them during weekends, no word can describe how priceless those time spending was.

To be honest, Im quite chatty at my office but pfft! my jokes are subsequently clashed by generations differ. Being the youngest do have their pros n cons. When I act my usual crazy mira, they all go...

(0_o) 'err, are you ok?'



the end

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I feel so fat.

Raya Haji was superbly amazing fat.

I dont really do visiting like Aidilfitri celebration. Its more to eating fat.

Many aunties were around and they all are one of those crazy cook fat.

3 days of doing nothing much but eat fat!

FAT! fat! FAT!

the end

Friday, November 4, 2011

be happy

Something came up and I wasnt feeling so good.

But hiding feelings are not a stranger to me. Im so good at that. Most of the time, people wont even notice I was actually shedding blood tears.

And it has always been wise for me to distract myself with work. And lucky me, work are coming in like rain.

Personally, I think its not healthy for emo individuals like me to let those unhappy thoughts playing in your head like a disease. In fact, its gonna affect the whole YOU as a person and slowly, negativity will start to linger.

by the end of the day, you are nothing less than a miserable human being.

not good.

So, yes. I slit a paper onto the chapter where I was crying my pants off and reopen a new book for a new exciting adventure.

'Ill deal with you later..'


So, for now, everyone in my office are starting to open up with me. And seriously, I never expect US to click so well. They drew a smile on my face everyday.

So, ive never got bored.

I cant believe Im saying this but, Im actually looking forward with my daily work everyday~ a new gossip, stories, jokes, work and experience probably?

(especially the fact im being the youngest one...Soooo SPECIAL)


the end

Thursday, November 3, 2011

too too

When you think you have done too much...

more than the usual...

you just need to take a step back, and ask urself.

Should you slow down a little...

Or should you not?

Coz if its hurting you now, probably you should just pause for a while and do something extraordinary in your life.

A distraction.

the end

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Seoul, Korea

Since pre-retired, ayah has been cope up with a bunch of future time waste plans. Oh wait. Thats just too negative. I'll rephrases that...

Since pre-retired, ayah has been cope up with a bunch of future TIME WISE SPENDING.

and of course, (I assume), you have been working for more than a half of your life, would you not want to just chill back and HO HO HOLIDAY?!

yes. Thats exactly what he did.

Few days back, my parent happen to or I would say, had random plan for a vacation and since Im very new in working and obviously still under probation period, I am not taking the risk to ask for an unpaid leave (for a family vacay?)

So, they flew 6 hours and a half leaving me home alone for a few days to....SEOUL KOREA!!!!!!

(Jealous plz)

Well, they just got back yesterday and theres one photo of mommy and ayah was EXTREMELY ADORABLE!!!!!

but ayah warned me not to post it on facebook...or other online posted webbies...

but...they're just so kawaii!...

here goes...

I hope this will be considered as...half-posted...nt really uploaded but its there but not there...

p/s: forgive me ayah~

architecture talk

Maturely grown.

I love my job.

3 weeks has passed. Another 1 week to reach a month employed. I learn so much and I have no regret what so ever leaving my previous job in Pandan.

Im surrounded by professional teachers. Top excellent architects handling hundreds of A. Mix project. How could I not be grateful for my current stand?

Im gonna work my ass off at this company and putting daily huge amount of effort to preserve my stats because I knew being in my position now, is not something I would call as 'common opportunity'.

My Part 2 plan will be put to rest. Im gonna settle down with my job and gain as much per experience (and money) I can swallow and Im looking forward to local edu base for my Part 2.

Fundamentally, I dont have much money to spare those 2 years both tutorial fees, hostels and cost of living overseas unless I am able to grab aweosme scholarship plus personal bank account spree to accommodate my own studies.

My ayah just got retired and I cant force mommy to pay for my master while she had to pay for Hafiz's education in Egypt. Enough sacking her with my needs. 22 years old is OLD enough to be walking solo and embrace the reality of life/money.


So hereby I announce.

I totally wanna rock architecture~

the end