Friday, May 29, 2009


OMG! <(*0*)>

I went to pasar malam and bought this succulent KERANG LADA!!! mmg sedap giler, guys! seafood maniac shud try!!!

anyhow, while I was busy flip open the shells, and one of them got me scream out of my throat!!! i

nside the shell, the kerang is actually tgh eating a baby crab. ewwwt!

I get to snap one picture of this eccentric event…

cool, huh?

mix feelings ala2 tgk citer the saw cmpur citer fantasy gitu~ (sambil buat gaya ponpon) AHAKS! (>0<)v

p/s: special appreciation to yah for holding the unique kerang lada~ (^-^)n

Saturday, May 23, 2009


ive witness a lot of breakups rite now, people cried, frustration conquer one painful soul, irrational thoughts and even actions.

I do understand well, others might said theyre being stopid. dun feel that way. coz when it really happens to you, then you’ll kno how suffering it is to face such situations.

a simple message: this thing takes time…. later on, u’ll get to control your feelings… being able to control and maintain the stability is an ultimate strive.

when u r able to reach such standards, giv urself the credit. becoz I kno…its not easy~ even when u reach such point, u might not stil get over him/her…. but by that time, u r able to tink rational enuff to act optimist bout everything….

current emotion: sad =(

hint: I might be acting all the way, but I kno this is the best thing for me and it’s a hurtful feelings when u r trying to run awy from it, it keep coming bck to you. and becoz u wanna act strong, u let ur heart being nailed directly with a faking happy expression. even so….people stil judge you…

Saturday, May 16, 2009

new semester stories~ ^^

the sweetness candy taste felt thoroughly quenching my thurst. the extremely hot weather drought away my natural humidity. the trees around me, as if bending their heads, begging for water. With all those distracting obstacles, its worth facing rather than sitting at home all day by yourself.

joy joy JOYOUS I do surrounded by figures I recognize so well. social community Im used to hang with. the little number of subject I registered for this new semester doesn’t ring a sign of freedom. heard stories from the seniors how busy we could get for that one particular subject. therefore, i have to control my agresivve soul from letting out its inner pleasure of having much fun.

however, it starts out quite slow motionly boring and I tend to lose focus especially becoz of my extra curricular involvement with the workshop and kaedfest 2009 committee so on, so forth. my brilliant mission to loosen up sum weight and getting myself into such healthy lifestyle got disturb by the minor ankle sprain accident. Such traumatic experience as I am well aware how sux I am with any kinds of sports involving BALLS! but tht doesn’t crush up my spirit. future reminder: dun eva play with professional if ur such an idiotic immature coz they’re gonna kill ya wit their skillful techniques!

tracks done! jog done! tennis done! basketball done! swimming…? even tho I am well trained during my swimming lesson moments, I have not swim for such a long time due to the drastic chnges of my body posture in becoming a women as well as the increasing percentage of estrogen lapped up my embarrass emotions towards the opposite sex. therefore, letting myself to wear such tight, body wrapping attire, feels almost naked at the same time, I have stop wearing swimin suit for quite sum time.

However, the bloody rules aint letting me jump inside the humongous pools with such attracting bluish color if I aint wearing that naked suit. theres more….i have to even equip myself with such tight head gear…letting my head looks like a living egg, despite the rubbery material pulls my hair so harsh and painful, I bought them anyway juz to fulfill my ambitious mission. fortunately, I was having fun and that long term reminds me how I actly miss swimming pools. it gives me such happy feelings by only dipping my feels-like-naked body inside til my skin crumpled like plums.

(nyit nyit nyit) replace the figurine face wit mira's face*

oh! mira, mira, back to work. I have to presnt some floor plan design proposals tonite. its already 5 pm, and I haven’t start anything YET. gotto go! chow! peace!

p/s: hmm, mr X’s office seems to be located outside of my working boundaries…haven’t seen him for quite sum time… =( ---emotion: missin sumone---

Sunday, May 10, 2009

3 crazy poopoo doin one crazy things for one lucky friend....

to be honest, even a 2 hours journey can make me sick...

bluuekkk!!! muntah2!!! especially kampung roads...they tend to have lots and lots of snaky dizzy bizzy corners and turns!!! STOP PLEASE!!!!

well... we move our butts inside tis small runcit and we found this long lost money-eater-addict-kids-gamble!!! we got all excited, adrenalin pumps up!!

50 cents anyone!!! (>0<)/

hunga hunga!!!

if were damn lucky, brother and sister, that small rubix key chain will b in our hands any moment now...

(me: yah...tis is for you...)

my sis n my bro: FOR YAHHH WE FIGHTTTT!!!!! (>0<)/

go go GOOO!!!!! (smangat giler)
me: rubix rubix rubix

DAMMIT!!! not tis one!!



lets check it out~ (^0^)/

WE DID IT!!!! (>0<)v

for you...yah~ (^-^)d

-the end-