Tuesday, August 31, 2010


yesterday, iftar archustic was superb!! thx to d organizers and crews! i ws havin whole lot of fun despite feelin a lil tired n sleepy, the crowd had turn MY table! hehehe XD

i miss u nana especially!! susah btol wanna hangout with her! nnti we plan another meeting yaw deary~*wink2*

and now im gettin a lil panic inside for wat ws spose to triggered in me wasnt really triggering at tis moment and its NOT GOOD! now is already mid term semesters and i had to turn my gear on to 3 and half AT LEAST! urgh~ wat is it wit me? (knock mah head) *thump* o(>.)*l

well basically im home taking care of da house and mommy is not very well today. Have to elp her out wit things around the crib before balik uia~ sian mommy *kiss mommy*

let us all pray for her healthbeings~ amin~ (nn)

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for mommy and me

-the end-

Monday, August 30, 2010

you never know

yesterday my not-so-close cousin juz passed away and hes only 20~

he got hit by a car while he was on his motorcycle and bang! knocked his head, major brain damaged and got lost into coma...

the next day, his soul left the world~

he was born on the 29th August 1990...

and he died on the 29th August 2010...

tragic kan~


May God bless his soul and give as much strength to his family who lost their first child during Ramadhan, 2 weeks before Raya celebration~

they re havin an extremely hard hard hard time...

p/s: will there be another tomorrow for me? (Al-fatihah)

the end

Sunday, August 29, 2010

poker face

i had deep thoughts lately...

bout me, my life, my friends and family...

its bugging me quite a time yet i manage to cover the pain with well painted smile on my face. hes there for me when i needed him and yes. It help ease my inner pain a lot. Realizing there are many people out there who r much more less unfortunate than i am. I shud be grateful tho comparing my strength with theirs were like 'langit and Bumi'.

I am a runner...i admit. I run from problems when it reaches a point where i cnt even think straight. I run because i dun wan to regret doin stoopid things later. My possibilities of doin so is very fragile and high. Some might not know but yes. Ive done a lot of unwise things when it comes to forcing urself to untie the blasted knot.

ive run for days and currently im cured. But cant ignore the fact that i stil gotta manage sum stuff. Get things right! back on track~ solving the messy puzzle... wat is done IS done and now i have to move on~

What im hopin from the closest me, u do not have to put even a tiniest effort of displaying happiness while deep inside ur not. Just be straight with me and i will be straight wit u. The more honest friendship we could attain prove how close we are.

And to me, u r the closest... (^-^)>

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

-the end-

Monday, August 23, 2010


yes...sy sgt emo skrg...

sy sgt sedih sgt down sgt kecewa sgt...hampa....

who cud hv imagine, things like tis happen to you?


baik sy kurungkan diri dlm blik and try recharge balik smgat tu...

smgat seorg sahabat...

-the end-

Sunday, August 22, 2010

im awake~


its 4.42 am in the mornin...and im awake all by myself as usual one day before presentation,

i cnt seem to shut my eyes...butterfly swings swiftly in my stomach...plus, im always 4 hours late in progress cmpare to my other rumates~ they all seems to sleep in sound n peace~

i hope i wont blackout during presentation tmrow~ *cross my finger*

yess...im panicking~ imagine i juz design every single thing in less than 24 hours and tmrow's gonna be my very first final year sem 1 crit and im still playin the fool out of me~

so much for a part 2 degree in OZ ya?

ok...maybe sum of u guys might be in a much more racked boat than mine but personally, i tink i sux~


and...this semester seems to be the most adventurous, crazy, omg i cnt believe tiz is happening to me kinda feelings...but i dun mind tho...i love adventure...adventure gives me experience and experience create a story....a story of me n my adventurous life~ hihihi XD

ow, and i wanna wish a friend of mine, gud luck for ur future undertakings...i might nt able to wish u like i used to back then. but ur a friend i will never forget~ im jz being me...less hangout, i get a little 'sombong' klau bhsa kasar...but actly im a lil shy and the stranger feelings seems to overcome my friendliness....forgive me dearest friend~

ok...its almost 5 morning...n i stil hav one more butter paper to 'FILL IN' <---promote design concept....hehe XD

bye bye!

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Friday, August 20, 2010


me wondering me thinkin me sighing~

yesterday i happen to meet up some new friendly faces and it makes me smile the whole hour~

good family makes a good man~ enduring the moment initially, i am missing my brother n sister very much...

kak long move to cyberjaya and living an independent bachelor life, working...

my brother's gonna fly to Egypt very well soon~

hmmm...the three musketeers are moving into different directions...

i hope it wont feel long tho~

i hope not...

p/s: Tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Thursday, August 19, 2010

too too

these few days, i havent been happier~ (^-^)/ might well said 'it was the happiest moment of my life~' But im gettin a little psych with the thoughts of being too happy all the time, it might drift away someday and the sweet flavor of it might turn senseless...

im too happy being with him all the time..slowly it feels like..im losing my friends. They might not notice this but deep inside, i feel break apart. I kno ive been busy with my new personal commitment, but...girls~ dont turn me down the table. Im stil mira~ and i ned my friends~

secrets is not a great deal~ i dont like it either. Ive been sharing almost everything with my closest friends especially. But as i have slowly created one huge secrets of my own, i realize tht...it seems so hard to speak...

even random thing seems to stuck in mah head. My mouth was too scared to say even a word or so. who knows, without realizing it, i might unintentionally spit one or two breakups. think bout it freaks me out~

What is currently happening to me despite all my usual responsibilities in life, is a major life examination people. For my very first time, I had to decide sumthing so major, so...infectious. No turning back. nope~

what im hoping for now is to not regret anything. Things happen for a reason~ believing tht somehow gave me the strength to move on...maturely~ pushing away those guiltiness inside. i dont wanna feel guilty all the time. It hurts~

mira, plz be strong~ and happy~ plz~ (^-^)>

maybe i shud keep things low and not being 'too' or 'so' in everythin~

p/s: Tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Sunday, August 15, 2010

wheres ur PASSION?

passion...passion...i need more passion~

consultation session is always the best way to recharge ur inner passion towards designing. I always got lost at the beginning and wud smossesly catching up things through consultation.

They give u missions to accomplish. The give you a certain list of target for you to do research and plan...and MOST importantly, they give u idea~

so, dont get messed up alone, you can always find a good hand to pull you out of tht deep black hole of confusions...

p/s: Tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Saturday, August 14, 2010

ai means love


im so in love!!!!


p/s: tomorrow's gonna b a better day for me

-the end-

Friday, August 13, 2010

silence isnt the pitch of hatred~

havent blog for quite sumtime? y?

soo much to say, too personal to share, too controversial for me~

p/s: lets not put high hopes yaw~

-the end-

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

dont u dare~

is it just me...or im sensing somethin here?

and honestly dude..this is NOT cool~

even tho i love every minute of it (^=^)>

'happy fasting months everyone~'

p/s: Tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me~

-the end-

Sunday, August 8, 2010


instant spit out~!!

current emotion: humiliate

ok, these past few days i had such A HARD tyme to wake up early as i usually v done before. All i kno is tht tis isnt a good changes in me. I hate the fact when i open my eyes, the sun is already pinching hot at mah face. Early morning sunshine seems more cheerfully sparkling~ (u kno wat i mean)

here goes...

i happen to add subjects at early hours such as 8 am etcetra. so...yes...i skipped several sessions already. and today was the worst!

had had presentation design brief and ive stayed till mornig for 2 days~ and when the time of presentation came alive~ wat did i do? 'oversleeping?' duhh~~

being humiliated in front of the whole studio...'priceless'<--in a sarcastic way~

even if i was late for the first time ever for my studio, it was the worst truly...and i feel like a bad ass student already~ aiyoyoyo!!!<--WorldCup

my estrogen seems to overcome my conclusion of the situation

yeah...i knew later, this matter wud turn to dust tho currently, it is blasting my pride and ego. i juz have to bear wit it till it vanish thru thin air motionly~

p/s: Tmorow's gonna be a better day for me...ugh~ (=_=")> *penin pale ak jadi student ni*

-the end-

i am running away...

admitting the stressing vibe surrounds me, luck seems to pour in later sey~ right after our...erm..how do i say this...'disastrious' presentation which i am mainly pointing all ten fingers to my f face despite that minor errors i did, affecting the other hard working studiomates~ geezz...guys...im so sorry...*tundukpale* (._.)>

anyho, right aftr the studio hours, me, my dearest fren Arina and Zahirah gettin our ass ready for early dinner since all of us are in extreme hunger. Nice succulucious deserts mending in our minds before we decide to eat western food at 'Secret Recipe'...(the food was f sedapppp!!) b(>0<)d

balik uia where me n ina were spose to attend studio meeting, instead we both overslept til the clock reach 12 and in mumble motion viage, a lil splashy water to wake up the sleepy face and buzz off outside uia to chill out mah inner scrunching mood.

'im nt eager much bout the meetin tht nite plus the overslept wasnt on purpose~' FATE!

lepak and shisha-ing till 5 am~ dare to admit, it was my longest nite of chilling out. the fact tht i ws truly emotionally distrupted...well, it was worth it~ i cn say it was fun...but it was in peace...work wasnt in my mind FOR ONCE! God~ why is tis semester seem so...heavy n burden?

went back near to Subuh, i woke up later almost noon when my phone was ringing. A fren inviting me for lunch~ again, i went out pushing the pile of work aside. HE and SHE suggested johny's n with small amount of spender, again...worth it! sedap giler babi!

and the next day mornin. free food at mdm hanita's crib~ delicious kuala lipis influenza dishes~ walawey~ my emotion is literally smiling with a small evil grin at the left side of my lips. cntinue with the plan of running a bit huge miles away from uia...confidentially secretive plan on tuesday *crossfinger* hopin itll come true~ (>-<)n plzzz~~

currently: bored and a pitch of guilt realizing my work wsnt tht much...am i done here?

p/s: Tomorrow is gonna be a f better day for me me ME!!

the end

Thursday, August 5, 2010

blog for fame? \(^-^)/

yesterday nite i manage to sulk in through my croaked time wit one collections of mah moving image called 'Julie Julia'. The story amazed me inside out especially the bloggin part...walah~ touches me deeply inside. How i wonder one determined 30th age women, decided to blog bout recipes and in a blink of an eye...she manages to capture hundreds of comments from around the world!!!

how cool is tht people??!!!

ive been bloggin for almost 2 years and the highest number of comments ive received only reaches 13. and even currently well damaged, my newly post successfully recorded 0 comments award~!!! wah! how it was well said makes me sound so lonely...*mira in tears*

how i wish theres someone out there...are actually eagerly waitin for my next post everyday, being my one loyal follower...i cud never imagine its possibilities tho wondering bout it gives wonders to mah world ~ *dreamin off*

nevertheless, gettin my lil head back to reality, i wasnt bloggin for fame. I blog because i like to express myself through writings. I can even spend whole half a day wen through my old posts and refreshes my memories on what ive written back then. and it's satisfying~ *smile*

so peeps..(if ur even exist), thank you for lending ur eyes and mind walking into my so-called mira personal life adventure. However, to even slightly think tht there r someone out there secretly listens to my inner thoughts...makes me very happy *smile* (^-^)>

p/s: tomorrow is gonna be a better day for me...surely does, insyallah~

-the end-

saya dah tak rabun...

i cnt believe it!!

my dream of havin one cool new spectacles hancur!

i cannot believe itttt!!!!!

((((((>0<))))) <---budak ni tak bersyukur

xder xder...nak g check balik kat kedai optometrika laen~ x kireee...

(@_@) *tgk screen pc dekat2*

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better rabun day for me

the end

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


today i had fun 'lepak' wit yang kat klcc and watch sorcerer's apprentice together sambil had our fav sushi lunch....

i had so much FUN!!! (tq yang)

the fact tht i went thre by bus and lepak throughout klcc...somehow...reminds me of someone...

someone who once had been so special to me...

to whom i am regarding, i cant deny how much i miss our best memories being together...

u might be tht one jackass ive once cursed and loath...

but i cn never recreate the actual fact tht u r also one of d greatest person ive once admire and love inside out...

thanks for the memory~ (^-^)>

let the bad ones buried to death thee i let the good ones breath till the end~

p/s: Tomorrow is gonna be a better day for me

-the end-

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

privacy people...its basic!

how far do u understand bout respecting privacy?

some people i realize are lacking in terms of understanding other people's privacy. The fact that they are being so clueless at something so basic is ANNOYING!

My mind might be old and racked but i do believe tht some things in life are not meant to be question or even disturb. But due to such rumorical surroundings, i see people want to know so much bout other people than their own problematic life! Discovering other people's unfortunity and later tellin everyone about it is such an ass.

I cn be tht ass sometimes. I do admit. Being the ass nowdays is becoming an effort to blend in with others. It has becomin a major trend. Secretly tho, im annoyed with myself and the fact tht some people i respect, turns out to own such ass attitute...dissapoint me deeply.

to those who seems clueless bout this matter, im frankly saying here tht people have their own comfortability standards in life. To you, doin so might be ok while others might think that what ur doing is totally rude. Be sensitive with this minor things in life. Dont be too innocent and straight about everything or people might as well take you as someone so bluntly dumb.

It seems so difficult to be honest when u have different lifestyles and the fact tht some people are so narrow minded, they dont seem to know how to respect other people ways of being ethical especially when u feel superior with ur raising systems and culture.

i might as well agree with Mr Kabuye. You might think tht u r behaving well, however others might think ur being a jerk. Ethic in this case...are hardly standardized into one general list. and i believe, this end with problems of attaining mutual understanding and agreement between the society. not just between other countries, even between ourself as a small community, such issue is stil manipulating~

p/s: i might juz swallow ur unethical behaviour in order to preserve mine and to preserve our relationship... someone juz gotta stand up and sacrifice their beliefs in order to achieve tht one ultimate understanding.

-the end-

Monday, August 2, 2010

mari mari mari!!

hola peeps!!!

im nt ready to be serious juz yet with my design work bargh!!! and i am extremely lazy lazy LAZY nak attend such classes; english n theory!!! serius dude! malas gilerrr!!! rs mcm xmo amik pn ad gak! i dont do architecture for those subjects!!!

ok even if they do connect with my so-called future carier pown, i stil dont see how it is related to in any form or ways!!benci benci benci!!!! i prefer the lame-o powerpoint teaching dr random presentations!

BARGHHhh!!!! (>o<)O

anyho, semalam my dearest senior sedekahkan fruits dr pahang n mah fav sambal belimbing. yipeee~ igt nak share the fruits with everyone kat studio but end up semalam pengsan kat bilik n layan buah dgn my other musketeer~ hwehwehwe~

tamak dow..OH! gtg...breakfast approaching!! karipap bebeh here i come come come...!!

p/s: tomorrow is gonna be a better day for me :)

the end