Tuesday, September 28, 2010



bing home assignment in less than 42 hours with a tut number of questions and essays. used ur own word theory wth!!! argh!!!!

take tht MIRA!!!

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Monday, September 27, 2010

theory of architecture

lately i ate so much. i dont know why. people might not know this but i do have my 'monstrious eating habit' moment. And it freaks me out! (>0<)O

my mom starts to realize her daughter unusual symdrome when i was about 15 years old. reaching maturity, hormones actively pumping.

i went downstairs and checkout the letover dinner at midnights and the next hour i realize, the whole leftovers was squeky clean. i ate all of em!!! and it happens every single night later on... my mom freaks out totally!

after a while i realize i just have to stop my unlimited eating midnite habits! and my weight started to built up like mushrooms!

trust me. my apetite cn be totally unexpected sumtimes. so people who care, dont u worry much bout my eating phase. i do eat. its not like im skipping my eating pattern alll the time~ likewise~ i have such complicated personality.

anyho~ yesterday i juz balun a bowl of lontong and 5 nasi himpit, another bowl of mee kari and one plate of another 5 nasi himpit with rendang and lemang and fruits and two glass of water plus with a box of juice drink. OMG! gilerrrr!!!!

and i tot of fasting the next day but end up hungry again and the end of my tongue starts to feel the rashes and senses of sushi! i wanna eat sushi pleazeee!!!! (>0<)O

begs ina since i dun hav a car and YES! sheagreed! yay! im so happy!!! ~(^0^)~

well currently its theory class and i skipped to blog coz i feels like i juz waste half of the class hour doin nuthin but camwhoring through my web cam with ina and reviewing our past pictures...

it was a huge memory to be kept~ from fat to skinny thin, from a girl to a woman, from flawless young skin to stress oily facial....hahaha~ XD

gtg now~

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

the end

Friday, September 24, 2010

my concept is...

omg! things did work out! omg! i cannot believe it!!!

imagine i had to figure out plans elevations and section in a day!!!


its not a one party moment as well tho, a lot of heart snapping critics as usual but it wasnt tht bad. floor plans and elevations to be fix and walah~

mdm K did threaten me bout repeating studio...*hembushembushembus* poof poof!!! mintak2 dijaohkannn!!! aminnnn (nn)

from manual to auto~



p/s: tomorrows gonna be a better day for (ak hantuk pale kaw klau final buat last minit cmni lg) ><...tak...tak..xmo da...stress...penat...tensi...tekey~

the end

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

flowery feelings~

i will work things out...

dont worry~

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

-the end-

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

adik (T-T)>

im gonna spend a lil time bloggin before approaching the world so-called stressful reality. yes. i hate last minute work coz i tend to do my work very patiently. (synonym: slow).

i go for quality very much and sumtimes when it ends very neutral, its totally devastating. Its usually tht way but tht doesnt mean im giving up yaw~

a friend of mine once said 'its not how the work ends, it how much you put ur effort into it'

so, i know its a last minute effort. but im really working hard on tis thing. im really putting aside comparisons. Im very differently scheduled this semester. just stay focus aite, mira~ *wink2*

anyho, in less than 15 hours, my lil brother is departuring for real to Cairo. i cannot believe it! our very first family to go fly tht far to study! my brother!

i can never imagine him living tht far. it has always been the 3 of us. one gone and tht leaves 2...sunyi giler!!! *tears*

he has always been my light of sorrows at home despite my upmost jealosy towards my sister. He neutralize things chemically between us siblings gtu~ haha...

tho he can b a little srcastically annoying sumtimes but hes one good funny brother!

losing him is like losing the neutralization (is tis word even exist?)...i might get gloomier at home! waaaaaa...hafizzzzz...donttt leavee meeeeee....*trik kaki*


i love you hafiz~ *hugs and kisses*

seriously im gonna miss u u u lil brat at home argh!!!!

p/s: tomrow's gonna be a better day for me aite?

the end

Thursday, September 16, 2010

saya masih belajar

finally enduring my chances of better socializing really ease the inner pain inside. I feel happier! yay! (^0^)/

one step at a time towards better life, people.

benny (my hair stylist) once said to me...

'you are still young, a lot to learn, a lot to experience wit so little responsibility. Do bless every moment of it...(^-^)>'

thank benny...wise word from u~

im no perfector. i am a learner. i am still learning towards perfection. let it be one huge mistakes i made...let me learn...

the more experience i gain, the more im evolving myself as a human...

how cn you tell wether its wrong or right until it actly happens to you? experience people~

p/s: Tomorrow's gonna be a better 'consultation' day for me *smile*

the end

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

joy to the mO_On!!!

wow~ this year raya seems so packed and part of me feels the need of adding more holidays to the number~! seriously!!! my last 3 years raya back then had been hectically covered with projects but...

this year was a total blast!!! i was having a whole lot of fun celebrating i totally put those heavy minded stuff aside of the plate! terukkan!! ur not alone, people (-0-)n

anyhow, i went back seremban, melaka and rembau with full packet deal of visiting here and there. wuhuuu! XD

i'd get a lil psych and tired burdening my mind with tanglelicious fermented work, i decided to feel the jolly raya more~! family comes first, dont they? *winks* (-0^)v

what u give, ud get back. well, im giving a huge lazy smirk to bundlicious work and yes! im gonna get back those sleepless hours and stressful events later~ yuhu! (mati ak) ><


i juz came back from beekay's raya house and they reminded the fun crazy side of me!!! (i almost forgot i cn act like one!) wah! i talk so much i cnt bearly breath the whole hour! haha XD giggles my ass out most of the time! miss you guys so much!!! we were so gila kan time skola! (hakikat skola pmpuan)

anyho, strengh did came back to me realizing theres always a way to make peace to the whole crazy croacked situation. No mercy to problems self dissolvement, u gotta make things right and act NOW!

im not gonna run away anymore~ it sux! im gonna be one big matured idol and stand up for myself and be true to my heart and soul and just speak up and fix it, dammit!!! (emo tetibe)

hahahah~ XD

selamat ending raya everyone~ (^0^)/

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a blast better day for me!!!

the end

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

raya 2010

im goin back to seremban in less than an hour and wont be online for quite sumtime peeps!

taking this opportunity to finally wishing my family and friends selamat hari raya.

forgive me for any wrongdoings thee im no perfect human. I make mistakes and always hope to be forgiven...


love you all~

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better day for me

-the end-

Monday, September 6, 2010

motor ride experience

to be honest, my family is not the type who rides motorcycle. The first time ayah bought us the mini vehicle was last year! So, basically, the last tyme i used to get on an engine bike was when i was really small with my atuk Mad. That was a really realllllyyy longgg time ago!

The past few days ago, a friend bing me to hangout and the plan was to go there with his bike.

noted this isnt the bike i hop on to but this ones pretty cool kan?! *excited*

Well, anyways! (cntinue) i was a little excited at first. However...

approaching him, snatch his helmet like a pro!

errr...not tis helmet..the..erm 'normal' ones...

ahaa! this one! yes! i go snatch it like a P R O. PRO!!

and boOOo! there goes my sux-ness! Wearing that freakingly huge helmet! I could not stuffed my head inside the monstrous head gear since my bun hair seems to disturb the fittings! Argh!

Then, i had to loosen up my hairband and there goes my hair flowing out of my tudung...(-__-") *tripple suxness* ok..juz put the dem helmet on...


almost half of my head enters the spongy, head fit accessories, my eyebrow was gone, swallowed by the deep sunken head gear. and i cnt barely turn my eyeballs up since even my eyelid was scrunched by 'it'.


the journey was a bit scary but a new adventure for me. Going through highways and trying hard to get in between cars. speed to the front of the rows, it was a total FUN! and windy and stress relief experience! (even without my eyebrow and the eyeball degree limitations) hahaha XD

as we arrived there, i cant wait to get free from the caged helmet on my head. I poffed it out and...omg...my tudung! keronyok gilerrr!!! >< penat ak gosok!!! seriusly! it was like..omfg! running to any reflected glass and trying hard fixing it was an absurd! ok, now im miserable. How hard i try to fix it, never makes it look better. Im ugly... <---low self esteem....

Anyho, decide not to ruin the mood, my head keep on matra-ing positivism and who am i to impress anyways. i already have 'him'. *smile*

busy chatting, we didnt realize it was raining so heavily outside the mall. And u cn guess wat happen...The monstrous helmet was soaking WET!!!


again. i decide not to ruin the mood, matra-ing positivsm (seriusly bnyk kali giler) and swallow the pain~ *force smile*

again, i stuffed my head inside after lossening the hairbun. eyebrow dissapearance checked and we went back.

the journey was a little different than before because it was extra windy and cool aftr tht heavy rain. and tudung was flying like crazy. i cnt believe im saying this but if its not for the helmet, the tudung might fly off! and since my hair was untie...yesss...u cn imagine the ugly image

a girl, riding on a bike, sitting behind, her tudung flying like crazy, her hair was swifting out. Producing a fantastic dance cliche with the fabric of my tudung. It was so ugly...I feel ugly...im so ugly!!!

matra matra matra matra matra matra


head freedom, poofed! the light color tudung makes the wet soaking helmet shape on my head truly visible and obvious....


p/s: tomorrow's...gonna be...a better...day...for....metramatramnatra

-the end-

Sunday, September 5, 2010

capturing memories...SNAP!

howdy peeps!

raya is approaching...!!! wohOOoo!!! but my heart is flying higher for the holiday. Because i am emotionally and mentally exhausted tis semester!!! i juz hope things would be way better after the 2 weeks break, insyallah~

i went back home on Sunday after 2 days back feels like living in an empty cave...The experience was quiet tho. But i cn handle it~ (^-^)n

owh~ im takin this chance to giv a capital XOXO to my dearest friends and family and wishing u guys selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin...<---i mean it! ><

My brother's gonna be flying off to Mesir on the 22nd tis month and yesterday we already start shipping easy-cook food packet for him. Mommy dah start crying . (all the tyme)...poor mommy. her only baby boy is leaving. and MY baby brother is leaving...(lil tears) (T-<)

ANYHO! im happy for him. His one big potential doctor goin-to-be. So lets juz hope hes doin well there aite?! hihihi XD Owh! since kak long currently workin in cyberjaya, shes literally stealing the car from me. It was spose to be MY turn to utilize its benefits yet she bought it all the way to Cyberjaya. (im not naggin nemore bout tis since ive got my friends wit me) 'thx guys~'

but...the good news is....SHE JUZ BOUGHT A CAR!!!! yayyyyy!!! so now...tht old little, a lil cracked, dark blue kelisa...will be MINE!!! yes yes yesss!!! o(>0<)O *celebrating*

(rmmbr the post bout the accident ---> click me, u forgetful! ><)

yesss, mommy have no-such idea bout it. But honestly, i still feel guilty tho, not to mention it was obviously MY fault and she juz spend almost 8 double zero for the steel repairing... (>-<)> 'sowey'

and! rmbr this post about my eye sight---> click me, u-obviously x follow my blog ><)

well, yesterday i went to recheck my eyes at a real optimetric err..aperntah...and they have all this cool gadgets and stuff..not tht lame ol machine where ud jz fixed ur eyes and the results were printed out like an atm receipt...

and yes, they said my eye sight problem is currently unchange (ak stil rabun ok!) and new problem---> rabun dekat bertambah and the doc did mention bout my eye muscle is weak... and yes...finally! i get a new raya spectacles!!! YAYyyYyy!!! *celebrating* woot woot! trash the old one!!


enuff babling!!! i hav a lot of agenda to do for today!!! (>0<)O

p/s: tomorrow's gonna be a better raya day for me! (^-^)v

the end

Thursday, September 2, 2010

jiwa rappers *puke*


after 15 minutes of blank stare


ok...seriously dude, i dont kno wat to write.

maybe next tyme yaw~

peace (-_-)v

p/s: tomorrow's better be a freakin good day for me coz i aint prepare much yaw for da crit yaw...im dead yaw! ><

-the end-