Saturday, January 30, 2010

pssst...meh dekat skit...*bisik*

psst~! i like you too...but im scared... <(>-<)>

meow meoww~

i ws walkin all by myself to the studio to get the site data for my first crit!!!

and again i saw that mesmerizing moon! mmg cantik bulat and besarrr!! (erk! jgn pikir laen)

its been extremely hot thesedays...not much clouds covering the direct sun heat...

ni view from my room... (^-^)>

tis one kat kaed...

and i wasnt in the mood to talk, its juz me n my thoughts (sory guys, i wsnt being sombong ke juz nt in the mood berckp...senyum xde hal! hehe)

and when i ws waiting for my dear guy friendz to deliver my dinner at the mahalah's bus stop, i saw tis extremely tiny kitty meowing in the middle of the road!!

i ws franticaly startled and ran towards the kitty n fetch her tiny little body into my hands n free her on my lap..

she was so skinny, smelly, ve been sufferin from diarrhea and she even had skin problem...

kesian giler!!!

she was pressing her face at my hands beggin for food... 'ak pown x makan lg ni wahai kucing~'

i dont kno wat to do with her...called ina n ask for an advice...and POOF! 'shes gone...'

(--__--") n*tangan stil on the phone

ina: mira?

me: errr...shes gone, ina...i dont kno ader depan ni...urgh!

where cud it be?

p/s: eeerrr....spoookyyy~~

-the end-

Friday, January 29, 2010

not a fight, more to an advice...

rich people annoys me sumtimes...

so proud with wat they have...

disrespect other people's way of living...

never seems to appreciate their loaded life...

always feeling ungrateful...

food tht makes them puke is actually the food im having daily...

maybe i shud juz slap their faces and wake them up from their parent's money dream o...

u can say ewww and yuck to the food i ate everyday...

but be careful wit ur words n dun be surprise tht one day Allah tarik balik ur rezeki til one day...

all those yucky food u spit and kutuk might be the only food u hav to survive....

p/s: even if u dun eat those stuff, u dun hv to be so kurang hajar and make such filthy expression...coz u juz make urself look so sombong n xder manner...

and its definitely NOT cool at all!!!

at least consider other people's feelings..

im being humble here n on my knees, without feelin bit of embarrass with my average life who born and raise from an average family asking you to ponder this...

-the end-

the MOON!

kruukk kruukk kruukk..

perut saya asik berbunyi je...reminds me of zaman matrikulasi...

when i was in cenfos kan...i am so into my studio work...i barely dodge my head to see the time...and sedar2 da pagi..sedar2 dah cerah...

so i skip everythin!!!

makan, mandi, tido, solat (masyallah!!)

mmg truk giler lifestyle bukan sahaja dr segi islamic...juga dr segi kesihatan mental fizikal..

and ader one tyme tu i ate magee EVERYDAY...!!! tak sentuh lgsg nasi!!

and no wonder i was dem skinny n i smell caffein all da tyme coz ms tu, nescafe is like a routine for me at least minum twice per day!!!

seriously!! if compare to skrg mmg alhamdulillah..da gemok habesss n nescafe tu mcm da jrg giler sentuhh!!

haih...zaman jahilliah dowh and i am totally grateful tht ive change my life cycle...better one for sure... moreover, my rumates always care so much if i skip my lunch or dinner...

so...when they al insist ajak makan together, its like a whole lot of sacrifices for me to actually put down my pen or pencil and pegi makan... really appreciate ader diorg...if gonna continue my zaman jahilliah until now n i might be soo creepy skinny...mcm K****...(OH!!!)


those times...huhuhu...

anyhow, i step outside my room td and thre stood the moon, silently..surrounded by dark clouds toning towards the bright reflected light.

masyallah...cantik sungguh ciptaan Tuhan~

chop chop, i ran back inside n get my 5mp camera and snap some shots... (^-^)>

(cannot display pictures due to bluetooth problem)

p/s: balik la cpt my dear so lonely here and hungry all the tyme... <(Y-Y )

Thursday, January 28, 2010



i am well aware with the numbers of monkeys increasing in mahalah asma but i never expect to encounter them by myself, all alone in my room!!!!

OMG!!!! my hands still shaking!!!

i was half asleep becoz of the excruciatingly hot weather...i cn never sleep to dreams... i so fudging sweating and HOT!!!!

my window was wide open...! (ventilation la konon but hot winds were comin in instead and M******)

luckily i turn down my blind thingy!!!

tis one huge monkey was very clever putting down the blind to checkout MY room while I was sleeping!!!!

and that shickering sound woke me up and thre it was...two red brownish eyes, middle age body, greying to black tone body, little fingers holding the blind....scanning my whole room, acting like a fellow trying to saman me....

while he (i tink hes a guy) was scanning, i was shocked and spontaniously jump out my bed and without tinking much i acted juz like that girl name Neytiri from the avatar when she was fighting off that little black beast saving tht newbiez (Jake Sully) dude...

im so acting one like her and the monkey responded the same way but i didnt gav up

i scream at his face violently, beastly, terrifyingly as i cud acted to frighten him up...

and he went away....

i was like 'phew...go mira..ur the beast...

while i ws happily celebrating my bravery act...

suddenly my blind thingy makes another loud sound...

and when i looked at the window, there were TWO FUDGING MONKEYS STARING AT ME!!!!

and i quickly ran to the hall n grab the broomstick and i BANG!!!!!! my loker juz to make the fussy shocking soound!!!!

again i make tht Na'vi-like pose and expression to juz shoohhhh them away while i whole body is starting to trembling quietly.....

after 3 minutes of fighting, they finally gave up....and ran away...

without wastin much tyme, i dashed towards the window n quickly closed it tight n i swear to myself never to let the window open tht wide EVER!!! especially when ur all alone in ur room!! may i say...mahalah!!

if anythin happen to me juz now i juz dont kno who to call coz theres no one here in my block...

im so grateful tht everythin is alright...

phew...pffFf...monkeys~ *roll eyes*

p/s: thx avatar

the end

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

cuci hing!!! (>0<)/ yappari!!!

hari ini jalan2 dgn kak long kat our usual Jusco port n makan SUSHI!!!!

yummm yummmm~! MAH FEVERET!!! \(^0^)/

i juz looovvveeeee sushiiiii!!!!

and i get to eat my favourite umatan SET!! errr...tht doesnt sound rite....ANYWAYS! heres da picture!!!

kak long bought me this extreme cute key chain...skali pandang mcm nak makan coz it looks like candy a LOT..!!!

this is it!!! candy-licious KAN?!

bestnya lepak with my grumpy+very talkative sister!!!

ni expression for my sister n for the fish...HOHO (ala2 pose mun gitu)

p/s: im not being narcistic ere but kak long seems to hate cameras, so i wont be displaying her grumpy im-gonna-kick-ur-ass-if-u-snap-my-picture pose of her.... (~0~)> yada yada~

~the end~

Monday, January 25, 2010

cuti cuti amiraaa~~~


sorry bout my previous post!

im juz being human here, buddy~ i cnt be happy doodly all the time, rite?

huhu~ m(_ _)m

thts wat we called as balance~

one time were happy, the other time were sad... its the circle of life~ (^-^)d

one time i loved myself so much, the other time i feel like im a total shit~


anyhow, i felt so much relieve after lettin out those feelings yesterday and aftr had had my merajuk session for the rest of the mornin hours today baring2 and do/think/speak nuthin but to emptying my mind, i fel much much much much MUCH BETTER!!! (>0<)V

and i realized tht i havent had a serious exercise for quite sum time n my face is gettin chubbier!!

so im so determine to go pump the beat n let out some sweat from this pampered body tis evening!! MESTI MESTI MESTI!!!

and tonite im so gonna start doin my assignments...(plz, mira. sentuh sket pown okay but dont ignore it totally~)

holiday is meant for HOLY-DAY, people! ur free from work!!! put ur mind in rest. pause. relax. balance up ur miserable loaded life.

but nowadays....accept the fact tht thts juz bullshit~ every second of every minutes ur minds keep tangling ewith submissions and due dates assignments!! urgh!! no matter how holy is tht day or week~ (>0<)O

and...when...(cut by mommy)

mira!!!(&%$%basuh baju!!^&*()kain lipat(*^%$%^pinggan basuh&*()(*&)$&*&%^&sapu lantai)(*&(((*&^kemas($(^%%^&*(lap2 habuk)(*&^&*((&mop lantaai)^(*&^^&*(sidai baju

*kena marah dgn mommy*

(--__--") 'so much for a holiday~'

-the end-


im only human, i dont have to have it together every minute and every day~


aarrGGhhhHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (break down) o(>0<)O

how is it possible for us to have a clear communication if i always felt like the only communication we had was a ****ing one way communication!!!!!



everythin i did in my fucking life was a rubbish to you!!!!


everythin i decide was 'omeegosh! u did tht? ur so dumb!!'

YES YES!!! I HATE being the smart one here and i rather juz keep quiet to myself and tolerate with the situation but HELL, guess wat? IM SICK AND TIRED with MYSELF!!!!

why did i even start acting like one?

why did i even created such defensive monolog rather than spit it out?

tis is total suicidal!!! im killing myself!!!!




and 'NO!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

becoz of tis fuckup atitute!!! i slip away alllllll of the things i ever meant to say deep in my heart n guess whos the one suffering? ME?!!! MEMEMEMEMEMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!


Y? becoz i HATE involved into dramas and controversy and etc etc etc!!! i tot i would be happier juz to end the conversation by sayin

'yes, ur rite.......PATHETHICCCCC LOTTT!!!!

im so patheticccc!!!

i cnt take it anymoreeee!!!!!!!

im gonna fucking sux some cigar and no ONE CAN FUCKING STOP ME!!!!!

NO ONE!!!!

I CN DO WUTEVER I WANTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUZ GO AWAYYYYYyyYYY!Y!!!!!!!!!!!!

the end@_)(*&%$#@%^*()_)(*%$#@#$^&)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

holiday sumwhere in PAHANG~

(^0^)/ wehuuu! juz came back from tht looonnngg journey!


oh! yes yes...i kno pahang is like totally beside kuala lumpur if u zoom out at the google map but duhh we went deep into the forest and we stopped a lot for havin to entertain some important needs, eg: toilets, praying, makan, durian pit stop (oh! ini tidak bole lepas)

anyhow, as we arrived there, the place are totally HUTAN! driving through the main roads, we cn see a lot of abandoned kampung houses...

mommy: kesian rumah ni...dh takder waris nak jaga... *sigh* (~0~)n

i see...ANYWAYS! we check in two rooms since one room cnt afford to carry our adut stage family members...and i cnt totally sleep togther with my little brother... (-__-") na'ah~ *gaya gedik*

and we hurry murry curry change our attire and splash splash splash into the river!!!

(>0<)O SEJUKKKNYAAA!!!!!!!

but as i dip my whole naked body into the water, the temperature seems to get immune inside out and later on i cn even do breastroke in the icy river...!!! hunga hunga HUNGA!!

sgt besttt~~ i cnt recall when ws the last tyme i swam kat air terjun? (_--_) hmm??

let me explain bout the environment thre n juz to let u see the picture of my experince...

its totally kampung vibe and the house style is kampung as well, and the temperature is cool up by the river. The sound of the water flowing even giv u the comfort coldness. The room was very moderate but fulfill the basic needs and the balcony are facing towards a 10m square lake filled with goldy koi fish~ very nice view people! seriously~~ (^-^)d *smiling*

everything is very moderate, kampung style, trees and river....lalalala...totally out of urban bound where i use to live in... i loikee~ *thumb up*

Oh OH! here sumthing special to share~ the dinner and morning breakfast was cooked by the local couple who owns the chalet... bayangkan, we move to tis homey dining table and the lauk pauk was covered wit tudung saji and waahhh, rs mcm dekat rumah sgt!!! (^0^)/

the services was very manual and friendly~ i loike again~!

okok~ i skip skip skip...the next day we mandi sungai again before balik to kl...

hmmm~ i hd a reeeaaalllyy good time and i decided to do my culture based on my trip thre...!


tis post wont be complete without some picture ek?

huhu...okie sum photo taken~!

look at my exhausted face...u kno i cnt bare with long distance journey~ ><

WERE HERE!!!! q(^0^)p

the river view 1

the river view 2

mandi TYME!!! wehuUuuu~!!! (cnt display our sexiest photos...bluek bluek)

get to snap tis while i ws chillin on one of the rocks~ ^^

our balcony view

thts me walkin on th bridge aftr had a good tyme at the air terjun~

siblings foto! ^^

best family photo!!! love u guys! muah muahx! O--(^x^)--O

happy holiday peeps!! (i havent wish u guys yet, hav i?) \(^0^)/

~the end~

Thursday, January 21, 2010

dinner is SERVED~! (^0^)/

i went to the studio redoing the model...and after like an hour waiting, (--__--")

finally they gave me sumthin to do...!!! (>0<)O FINALLY!! done doin the road and the building's categorizing, i start playing with the plasticine...

(its from our previous tree model)

hurm...ahhh....haa!! walahh!!! (^0^)/ *gettin excited*

BUM! aaa! *picit picit tekan tekan bentuk bentuk*

TADAA!!! (^0^)/

pokka: eik!! kaw xde keje kee?! g balik bilik!!

me: elehh~ pokka dengki~ bluekkk *tongue out* (>0<)O


MENU: burger, sandwich cheese (special for husna), cheese kek with dotted toppings, apple pie, mushroom soup, karipap, pizza pepperoni cheese, turkey with salad, and extra large french fries!!!!!! (^0^)/

pokka: (--___--")

me: yela yelaa! ak nak balik la niiii~! (>0<)O hish~

~the end~

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

(=_=)zZz **

yesterdy i knew i had to settled my unggas assignment but yet i was too sleepy (kroohh kroooH)

and i woke up at 5.30 am instead and i did use tht quality time so well...

im so proud of myself...V(>0<)v 'good job, mira!!!'

never been so fresh doin my subuh prayer... (LOLZ)

ive done summarising the article at 7.30 am and i cntinue my last sleep time coz by the end of the string, im gettin sleepy again...*BumP!* (tidoq) (--___--)ZZzZz

narrator: mira's unggas class is at 8.30 am

AT 10.00am!! (>0<)n

(=_=)n; good morning guys....i juz woke up~ adeih~

so much for tht quality tyme ei? (>-<)>

p/s: i skip my unggas class a LOT tis semester!! seriously! its like every week!!! (>0<)>
argh! wats wrong wit me???

oh well, positively, ive done my summarising assignment quite well~ yey yeyy

-the end-

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NEW LAYOUT!!! \(^0^)/

as u cn see people, i have change my layout due to the new year's vibe...

i wanted my dear dot bloggie to feel da same way~

brand new and excited bout the upcoming experince she'll encounter with my new stories to tell q(>0<)p

i used to love these dramatic black red white purple colors....and i still do...

but i realize tht i have limit myself with a lot of colors created in the WORLDDdddd with wide scoping tone for each and every basic colors!!! (>0<)O

and thres a fren of mine kinda pop my eyes with a knife (OUCH!)

and wake me up from the fact tht i shud be grateful for being able to see such wonderful colors in front of me...

and appreciate the beauty of colorssss~~~!!!

q(^0^)p yipeeeEe!! appreciate appreciate appreciateeee~~~

some people might not get the chance the see tis be grateful, mira (>0<)O


instead of juz stickin my old 2009 self with such dull safe colors, i have decided to EXPLOREEEEEEEEEE and EXPOOSEEEEEEEE myself and add MORE colors in MY LIFEEE!!!!

weehuUUuu!!! so it explains a lot at my new layout~ (^0^)/

every element in the picture is about me~

u cn see the two happy and sad clouds resembles my mood swings...

and the sun shows my strenght to face the world!! (>0<)O yeah yeahh!!

and the diary represent this blog,

guitar pick wit printed poring thre is my personal trademrk,
(poring is a cute monster character ive taken from an online game 'Ragnarok')

music notes and guitar is my passion towards music

the rainbow shows my enthusiastic to explore new bright colors in life. (^-^)/

you kno sunny days represent happy and cheerful...

threfore, without feelin embarassed to humiliate myself, i put on that sunflower costume at my face to show my happiness and cheefulness in life~! (:p)

the cute bunny pen thre is my current valuable present from a very special friend~ (^-^)>

the grass repesent REALITY and thre r a circle portion of the grass which are brighter which define as life~ it gives life to reality gitu-gitu~! cheewahhh!! ~(^0^)~

last but not least is the name of my der bloggie here..'DOT'


for my next post i will tell u guys the history of the name 'DOT'...(it was extreme stupid actually, juz as an explaintain for my great great and GREAT blog fans which some very bising

n said tht my blog's name was a tiny dot n it makes them difficult to realize it...see it...clickon it...point on it...AHAHA~! wutever guys, i'll explain later...

threfore people, do feel apprecited with my ner COLORFUL layout!

may it reflects cheerfulness in ur life as well

p/s: it took me for 5 hour straight to do tis yesterdy and i havent touch my working drawing (--__--")

and a BIG APPRECIATION to my dear friend fairuz geniuz who helped me sort the distorted arrangement in my layout.. (^0^)/ tq tq tqqq~~~

the end

azam baru~ (^0^)/

dear bloggie,

i skip a day (if u realize) from writing, coz nuthin much occur to my life.

i ws wondering bout chnging my layout again since its already new year...!!

yipee yayoo!! q(^0^)p

aztham baluu, taun baluuu, layout kena la balu jugaaa~! *slang cina* (mentang2 da nak cuty chinese new year)

oh yey!! im very enthusiastic bout the holiday btw!! weehuuUu~!

i hvent talk much bout new year since tht moment i ws busy with the PD trip (>_<)>

however, the real fact is i was tinkin a lot bout it lately and its like my personal tradition to actually write a list of my personal azam baru each year...!!! *exciting and smiling* (^-^)/

its whole fun thing to do!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

its kinda like gave you the list of mission u muz accomplish for the year!! a yer due mission kowt!!! muz muz muz put some effort to make it come true!! wuuUUu this is gettin excitinggg!!!

unfortunately people, i wont go listin out my secret azam baru list here, coz its too long and some are very personal~ (waaaaa) :p *blek blek! tanak share*

ehem ehem (matang kembali)

anyways...!! no harm sharin a little bit of my azam baru~

i juz hope tis year i cud control my hot temper...however ive realized im gettin much much MUCH better!!! alhamdullillah~ (nn) 'stick to tis, mira~'

and i wanna try to understand people more and try as hard as i cn to accept them for who they are~

i wanna learn to forgive and forget!! (^0^)/

and i wanna take control on my psycology and mind!!! stop psychoing mee!!! (>0<)O

huhuhu XD

okie off mandi~! my tummy's da meraung kelaparan (>-<)>

bye byeeee~~~!

the end

Sunday, January 17, 2010

epi weekend~ *smiling*

oh! im so happy tis weekend...! (^0^)/


well last week i spoilt everything by doin full time sleeping and mom was extreme dissapointed wit me...

sorry ma, blame the sleepless nites of assignments...(lol)

anyhow, i went back home on friday aftr i 'accidently' overslept during jumaat prayer hour and i woke up at 4 pm rushed packing home...

sorry mdm, urgh~ thre goes my evening attendance *role eye*

smpi rumah jer, without wastin much tyme, i help out cleaning the house everythin...poor mommy, she had to do everythin from laundry, house cleaning, full time working, cooking.

n im not surprise if the house was in a mess...

advice her so many times to hired a maid but she refuses aftr tht one last spoilt brat maid we had when i was form 5...

(lets giv her a name....herm....okok! lets called her...BIBIR)

ok, bibir here gave such trauma to my mom til now mommy refuse to take a maid as the solution of her chaaotic daily routine.

mom said she rela gitu face all the troubles and handle everythin by herself than had herself go through troublesome maids which affect her emotionally as well...

'bia susah, asal jiwa mommy tenang'

oh well,

for my part, im doin my very best as her daughter to lighten up her burden everytime im home.

helpin out all the chores and everythin

threfore, to repay for wat ive done last week...i spend as much time with her tis weekend...

and tadi teman mommy to her friend's opening firm and i met my long lost schoolmate nadia azreen!! rindu sgt dier....

she looks different from the last nadia i kno (3 years back)

and pretty~! (heres a picture of me n nad!)

oh...sygnya i missed the 2006 batch gathering!!! (>0<)O

hurm, tis weekend feels like one week holiday coz i filled my time wit so many activities on my own as well as with my family...

i wished i hadnt had to go back... i wanna stay here!!! HOME!!!

i knew by the time im gettin back to uia, i had to start goreng goreng my brain n tink bout design, concept, working drawing, bla bla blaaa....~

haihh~~ (mengeluh adalah satu dosa kecil ye kawan2) (>-<)O

ok then, enuff of the babling...

im off to do a little more 'rearranging' before pack up to uia~

chowww~ (^0^)n

p/s: its good to share stories with ur parents sumtimes juz to let them kno how u r and make them less worrie of not knowing wat ur facing... make them understand more n then in the future they might tolerate wit wutever decision ur makin...(^-^)d

the end

Friday, January 15, 2010

dieing moments~ (~0~)>


heres a titsy bitsy bout my life...

im so in the mood to tell stories here, so plz people, do sit comfortably on wherever u r restin ur ass on and entertain ur stomach with junk foods and do lend me ur eyes~ (^0^)/


hospitals, clinics, medicine

is not sumthin i adore, i might likely possibly HATE IT SO MUCH!!!


well, when i was a kid, this traumatic place are like my second home! ive always gone thre becoz fyi i always gt sick and im tired of goin thre!

hving to take all those medicines and heaalthy food and everyday they checked ur blood pressure and refill ur water bag and sux ur blood out with tht sharp needlly toodly tee!! argh!! (>0<)O

benci benci benci!!!

therefore, when im sick, i prefer to juz lay in bed and hope for better health tomorrow...

i dont go to clinics (unless my frenz starts pushin me to go thre)

clinics sux!

ive been to hospitals several times and got major home sickness many times as well...

ive got dengue disease 2 times, bronkitis lung infection, unknown itching virus, stomach pain, serious coughing problem, again i had stomachaching, heavy fever, etc etc etc

and to be honest...

i almost die when i ws diagnose with dengue berdarah...

tht was the scariest moment of my life knowing i wasnt being a good person at all...very notty indeed...!!

it happen when i was 13 years old...

i went back home as usual on weekends from my science boarding school, and while i ws havin dinner wit my family, the rice seems to taste like rust.

and when i spit the rice out, it turns out to be blood and my whole family ws screamin!

and when mommy check out my mouth, my whole mouth and gums were turning dark red and blood was pouring out all the tyme n i had to suck in tissues in my mouth.

we ran to the nearby clinics and discovered i was havin dengue

and they quickly sent me to the hospital and the room was chaotic, some nurses were handling my blood and some were screaming 'WE NEED MORE PLATLET FOR TIS GURL!!'

i ws stunt. i juz couldnt swollaw the image tht was playing live in front of me.

the next day i ws laying in bed and my whole family was surrounding me. looking pale and worrid...

my mom was obviously crying seeing her red watery eyes...

my mom told me tht my platlet ws decreasing drastically...

normal was 150 and mine ws currently 50...

i juz hav to be strong...

everyday they suck blood out of me 2 times and my hands were turning dark blue.

and every day, im gettin weaker and weaker until one day...

my platlet went down to


i couldnt breath...the nurse envelope my mouth n nose with oxygen and i couldnt move much but i could see 150 degree from my right side, my mom ws crying again n she was holdin the 'yassin' tightly on her hands...

i ws freakin out tht time but i couldnt do anythin but to face the suffer

am i gonna die?

wat would it feels like to live on the other world?

those dieing moment thoughts were the scariest in my whole entire life...!

but Allah SWT wants me to live and i ws grateful the next day, my platlet ws increasing so much and the vibe turns the other way around.

everyone was smiling and we were jokin around and mommy was so happy~

everyone was happy...

and thts it...

the moments tht ill never forget...

and it still lingers in my head until now...

p/s: one time u might feeling healthy doodly, the next, who knos, u might be laying in bed dieing~

the end

Thursday, January 14, 2010

word for the months!! (^0^)/

q(^0^)p smgat smgat!! yey eyeyyy!!


today, while i was googling through samples of factories design, i found out an interesting vocabulary which cn be a decorations to the architectural terms and design statements,

it says here...

'is characterized by a large gallery stenographic glass...'



The process of writing in shorthand~

shorthand here however define as...

an abbreviated symbolic writing method that increases speed or brevity of writing as compared to a normal method of writing a language...

(mira trying hard to connect between glass and shorthand writing)

<(>-<)> mmmmm.....

ok..let see here...the glass is clear, curved and size approximate 3x2 m....




p/s: anyone cn help me?

-the end-

Monday, January 11, 2010

beruk moments

(*0*) (mira saw monkeys)

*run towards the crowd*

*tap a person's shoulder*


*mira turn head n observe the person's expression*

it was MDM AIDA...

-the end-

Sunday, January 10, 2010

wat cn be worst than this?

ok..mira..take a deeeeeppppp breath...

(-_-)mmm (-0-)haaa

i didnt slept for 2 days straight and had to force this heavy eyelids to stay open til ive reached home.
got to attend my late aunt's tahlil on saturday morning..

the presentation day was a disaster...

on tht early emotional, tiring morning, we all got viciously attacked for being late...late late late...

(im gettin bored wit tis lame arguing reason coz it happen so many times already, it sort of blend in with the culture of uia...dont u tink so?)

and when this so-called culture are being jeoperdize...

dyu tink people would go yipeeee!!! yahooo!!! ur right!!!! q(^-^)p

no...definitely NOT...!! (>0<)O

my inner thought starts to be very defensive and yes...

i do not totally agree with everythin is said.

i knew mdm was crying out disappointments wit our irresponsible, x berdisplin attitute...

i knew she had a good point there screamning at our face and everythin...

but wit my current numb emotion... i was too tired to even be DEFENSIVE even tho deep inside, i was babling back every single line she projected at my sleepy ears... (=_=) *yawn*

done with the motivational, brain washed session... move on to the presentation...

while everyone was presenting the site analysis totally!!!

she was too busy arguing bout our undelivered case study msg and it took for like an hour every group...

'you OWE the class!! *totally hate tis statement...i owe them nuthin and im sure in tht sleepy vibeee, less than 30% of the msg im delivering wont even reach in their heads xcept for her

and as my group pop! her bubble of patience...the others were next to encounter her rooaarrr!!!!

'this is shit! this is rubbish!!' (>0<)O yess yess..many of us had to redo our CASE STUDY...which we gave less priority...

the one tht we gave importance was the site analysis...and guess wat...? she doesnt giv a DAMN for what we have presented...or shud i say...did we even present?


those sleepless nights ws WORTHLESS?! and those points, perah otak session, pictures selection, layouts and architecture writing were juz a worthless, dull, no meaning studio decorations?!

and YET! we still ALSO hav to redo some parts... (-_-)"

i ws so dissapointed, i culdnt careless bout my job during the tahlil and mom was so angry with me being so extra lazy and lembik...

the day i shud have been back to uia and redo-ing my case study, i ws in a small cubicle karoke room instead..screaming my lungs out...

im lost and lazy and LOST again...

p/s: sesungguhnya ilmu itu tidak akan dicapai sekiranya keberkatan tidak diperolehi

therefore, i would juz anggap mdm as my major obstacles for tis semester and to regain tht berkat and enuff knowledge... i must be patience...yessss....sabaaaaa.........


the end

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

asik balik sorang2 jer pagi buta.. (--___--")


*checked jam*

me: oh! dah kol 3 pagi...cptnya masa berjalan...

lalalala (jalan kaki sgsorang)

tht earrrrlllly was rainin...

dripping smoothly on my skin...

and everything was wet (jgn pikiaq laen)...

the tree seems to enjoying themselves with the liquify droplets filled its stoma...

i used to walk alone before but tht mornin seems a little different than before...

the dark and wet visual image in front of me creating an eerie sort of vibe...

the cold wind gave me goosebums...

i decided to gave life to the quietness, therefore i turn on the music player longed ever played in my nokia 6220 clssic limited edition...

*music playing*

a sudden image of my previous horror movie rewindin in my head like a remix pv...

i quickly turn it off and continue walkin without tinkin always...

by the time ive passed the port siput-bnyk-mati-kena-pijak-langgar-moto-penyek,

i was obstruct by the artistic view in front of me...

me: LOVELY!!!!

without puttin too much effort of listing the possible consequences of my spontanious act, i let out my fon and went to media camera....

and i....


p/s: if u dun hav enuff guts, dont do it~

the end

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

hannah montana!!!

i kno tis is so last year but i juz watched HANNAH MONTANA DA MOVIEEE!!!! and im freakin in love with her!!!! O(>0<)O mileyyyy!!! woooo!!! love youuu!!!!

i played most of its guitar songs and i juz memerize the dance step in scene where she was dancing on stage as miley back in her hometown..

and the step was FUN FUN FUNNNn!!!! (^0^)/

yipeeeEee!!! it took me almost 2 hours to get the step...but when i get a grip on it...seriously guys! its extremely exciting step to learn!!!

im so happy and sweatin!!

p/s: havent touch my working drwing juz YET! ow man...when will i ever wake up?

-the end-

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pee See FAIRrrRRRr!!!!!!

warhhahahaha!!!! ship stuff really made my day *huge smile* q(^______^)p

i step inside the pc fair hall and there goes~

the once in a lifetime atmosphere surrounds me...

filled with people...yesss...yess...

various types of people...

eager to survey some new techno gadgets...

from laptop, skins, headfones, mouse, pendrives, and even bags~

they are allllll here on student's price!!! (>0<)/ weehUuuuuu!!!

so..i dont wanna get too messed up...therefore, i make myself my very own imaginary list in my brainy brain....

hum...wat shud i buy....m(-__-)m

1. laptop? wtf!!! (ok next)
2. skins? (i juz bought tis skin last year and it stil look good on my lenovo)
3. headfon? (yeesss YESSSSSSS)

4. mouse? (oh! rmmbr wat luna did to my mouse?) (--___--")
5. pendrive? (na'ah! yah (deli) juz bought me 4G ppendrive)
6. laptop bags? (got one free from uia...n it stil OK-OK)


therefore people!!! mira decided to buy herself a NEW..i repeat!!! a NEW!!!!!!!




p/s: i luv them so much! love the smell of new bought items...mmmmmmmMMmm *sniffin* (^-^)/ curse me im into PINK now...geezzz!! no harm yall!!! (>0<)O

the end!

another day~

im so upset wit myself today...

since i was a kid, im so careless handling my stuff...

i dont seem to learn to treat my stuff gently, in proper and the fear of losing is ZERO unless it really does happen, then itll open my eyes to be extra careful..

and yet after some time, my so-called 'perangai buruk nak mampos' will happen again~ becoz i believe so much with my natural instinct.

Therefore, i would only freak out when my instinct tells me..'mira, ull never get it back'...if not, ak relax jer la....

til now, my instinct never fails me... (^-^)n

so the 'perangai buruk nak mampos' continue~ (--___---)/

i dont mind bout MY stuff...(but my mom care a LOT coz she paid for it)

but when it comes to other people's stuff, i get so uncomfortable and upset...with MYSELF!

i would start curshin myself!!! (>0<)O F u MIRAaaa!!!!!

oleh itu, instead of jeoperdizing other people's stuff into my natural weakness, ill take action of letting it go...

thts it! i will no more use ur stuff!!! ill buy my own!! i dont wanna be responsible to any of this!!! so if anyhtin happen to MY stuff its MY stuff!!!

my fucking 'perangai buruk nak mampos' will only affect me and ONLY me!!!

i hate it when the things i do affectin other people in a bad way~

its no fun experience~

and no matter how hard u try to fix the tangled strips, it'll only gets worst

i juz wann say, its not easy to change...and u dont kno how hard it is for me to yelled at myself and start being more careful wit my stuff and b more RESPONSIBLE!

p/s: youtube: cat massage sgt COMEL!!! V(>0<)v

Sunday, January 3, 2010


ive been through D most holistic PD trip everrrr!!! best gilerrr!!! b(>0<)d

early morning on the first day, i admit i was dem MALAS MALAS MALASSSSsss!!!! (((((>0<))))

xder mood langsung langsung LANGSUNG!! nak pegi PD...looking around me especially group from studio 3, they were soo excited about journey and semgat!!

even so, it didnt even a slight affect to my downhill emotion... (--___--")

dah la pegi scoutin naek bas section laen...dodok dgn my dear ina...shian dier x taw nak dok dgn saper..uhuhu...anyways, when thres an opportunity for me to hangout with her, ill never let go of the chance no matter wat...bia la org nak kata aper...

budak sesat ke...
silap bas ke...
asal ak rasa cm ader benda tak kena? OHhh!! mira rupanyaa!!!
ehhh! sbb kaw bas ni x cukup tmpt ke..

wuteverrr.....lalalala n(*-*)n *totop tlinga buat pekak*

hahaha XD

as we arrived, our apartment ws creepy and old...huduh jugak la...but by da da tyme i got inside...the apartment ws a beauty and comfortable INDEED!!!! XD

dah la luas, ader balcony, ader 1 complete master bedroom dgn bedroom wit 2 single beds and tv n dining table and small kitchenette....*thumbs up* b(>0<)d


(0^)/////////////////////// DA BED IS MINEEEEEe!!!!!! (lari sepantas kilat!!!)

\(^0^)/ VICTORY!!!! i got myself one single bed! yipeeee!!!

pastu main sand castle...semangat tetiber freakin invading into my soul...semangat giler smpi baju smua koto kena pasir....

(semangat jer lebey tp sand castle kitorg hancur) hahaha...dah la mcm rupa tut* (pikir sendiri aper biler korg tgk the image of our sand castle) :p

the next day is workin hour!! tapi kejap jer pown...around 1 hour then we move our asses to the light house...

on the way there, i hd this image of a spiral stair straight to the light house but it was actually a jungle track (tarred) and it was dem tiring!!!

JAP JAPPPP!!!!! nak cter ni...bukan tu jeww!!!

as i reached the top....the light house was fenced all around...bosan GILER!!!! tgk jer dr bwh.....???!! mmg carutan la!! CARUT CARUT CARUT!!!! (>0<)O

pastu theres a downway staircase leadin to the beach...mcm best jer..(--___-)n.

so i decide to go down thre n checkout...aftr like 15 minutes turun tangga...

TURUN TANGGA jer ye kawan2...

ive reached to the average beach view quality....(-___-) cntiknya....*sarcastic*

i was drown by my own sweat!!!!

when i looked up at the stairs...i almost faint...dem...i hav to climb up back...

nak nangis..and i almost gave up...the bus had to wait for us and min called me like several times...we were frekin stuck in there wit our own low stamina...

my heart was beatin so fast...i cn feel it through my whole body...

mmg insaf giler tyme tu...

trima kasih Tuhan for for the good food, life, friends and family...(gaya cm dh nak mati je) *melutut* n(>0<)n

balik hotel trus pengsan....m(_ _)m

the t shirt design was fun even tho we didnt won anythin...x kisah la...the value of doin it wit ur frenz is more priceless rather than the prizes...i was havin a whole lot fun throughout the designing process...(^-^)/

that nite was the gurls wild night party (xnk citer lelebey) and we slept like 4 am and the next final morning we swam at the provided pool....even make our own lumba lari competition inside the pool..HAHA!!! XD

pastu balik~~~~ balik~~~ balikkkk~~~~~

(=_=*)n gud nite everyone! i have told my perspective for the whole PD trip journey..some may have different thoughts but mine was a happy jolly one...!! and quite a life wrecking adventure! (^-^)>...

p/s: pictures wil be uploaded at facebook...(most of the picture were snap through other people's lens)

-the end-