Thursday, December 24, 2009

*tunggu santa*




I juz love observing everything around me

when I observe, I learn a lot of new things which sometimes cn be quite complicated for tis average brain to untangle.

we all do kno that people are likely to CHANGE depends on their

- social surrounding

- responsibility
- life
- etc etc etc

however, tis is juz a long term factors

I relized that we change ALLLLLLLL the time.

tis is so called short term factors highly depends on our:
- mood and
- emotion

yess yesss (>0<)O

what makes me feel like an adult is when I kno how to control tis short term factors
coz when it occurs to me, it might possibly jeopardize my rational thinking thus
turn ON my irrational button

at that point, im being childish… and IMMATURE…I can no more differentiate the good and the bad

I kno people, its nt easy to have a total control with this so-called factors…

and becoz of that…mood swings happen…

sometimes ur in control whereas other times ur not

sometimes ur up on the mountain feeling AREBA AREBA ANDRE ANDRE q(^0^)p

…and sometimes ur down below feelin WUWUWU (T-T)….

one time I might say ‘I HATE SAYUR!!!!!’
(I was extremely depressed that day and everything happens to be heart wrecking. therefore, I said things I didn’t mean to say)

while the other time I say’ I LOVE SAYUR!!!!!!
(my mood was stable and im being rational wit myself)

that’s juz human people…human…

therefore, try to swallow the fact that CHANGE in a person is something very NORMAL~

NORMAL indeed, people~

~the end~

Friday, December 18, 2009

hari ni hari sabtu...esok hari ahad

awak awak

saya menyesal luah rasa hati saya dekat awak

saya tak mintak pon pendapat awak

saya nak awak dengar jer

tapi biler awak bukak mulut jer tadi

hati saya makin sakit

terima kasih la awak

-the end-

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


igt nak buat blog kt lab KAED..

but its JUST akward!!!! (>0<)O

feels like everyone is staring at my pc...

(-_-") shooh! shooh! g maen jaoh2....!!

the end

bukan slalu dpt main layang2~ (^-^)>

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i juz found my long lost t-square!!! miss u!! muah muah XD


and be happy!!!

YAY!!! q(^0^)p

life must go on~

im truly begging on my knees for God sake PLEASE TIME

please move a little faster and make me move on

make me get over with my normal crowd adaption...

i wanna prepare myself for any major changes in my life...

stop crying, its not the end, mira

smile~ coz tis is the true beginning~

i thought if i try to find every second to be with them would make me feel better...

but it wasnt...

they speaks different language...

i dont understand...

i might be close to them...

but literally im miles away from their new tribes...

THEIR new tribes...

while i was sitting here...all alone...

i knew there are many many of them who sincerely open their pure heart and welcoming my presence in my own new bubble

and im truly grateful for that...

they made me forget bout my lame loneliness pathetic reasons...

i matter how negatively i express those feelings...deep inside...its just so very true...

very very true...

whenever fate taps my shoulder,

i force myself to smile and say 'its all okay'

begging not to change a thing no more

coz i have nothing else to give away

its just me now and my deepest thoughts...

well then, its my turn to open my heart and welcoming new things in life

i have to stop hanging on the old tree

and go for the stronger, younger and fruitier ones!!!

who knows, the fruit might taste sweeter than the ones before...

being able to experience variety of fruits

would make me understand life more...

and the more i understand bout life...

the more happier ill be, insyallah...(^-^)d

the end~

Monday, December 7, 2009

studio studio~ *sigh*

mira so very extremely sad…

I kno im being total gedik but to me studio is like everything and its all about the crowd

I cant imagine being separated with my dear trio buddy…

were like NEVER berpecah and always stick together and weve been studiomates like FOREVER since matrics---yess yess…gedik kan?

rationally, i know this thing is juz something really common ull face in the future and I shudnt be too emotional bout it AND its not like were not gonna see each other forever. Class lain samer kowt…

(tapikan mira, studio is like the major thing…) (-0-)n

ArghhHhh!!!! stop playing with MY heaaadd u stoopid mira devil!!! (>0<)n

tsk tsk tsk….(-__-)

(T-T) hmm….(tahan mira..tahan) ‘x bley tahan daaa~~)

INA HAM YANGGGG!!!! IM GONNA FUCKING MISS YOU GUYSSSS!!!!!!! RINDUUU SGTTTT SGGGTTTTT!!! KITER DA TOGETHER SINCE MATRIC AND and and my studio life tis sem is gonna be fucking different without u guys around!!!!! (T0T) waaaAaAAaaaaaaAA!!!!!

pegi trip without u guys
skip studio without u guys
curi2 klua g kafe makan without u guys
discuss concept, consult, stay studio together…no more….(T-T)>
all those happy crazy fun times we had masa studio…

(okay…tis is not helpin my soul…I hav to be positive) (T-T)n

OKAY!!! my gedik moment muz come to an end…(>-<)O

ehem ehem…(azam baru mira…azam baru…smgat baru)

I cn always get to know the other gurls and make new studio crowds and be crazy and have fun with MADAM AIDA…!!! yayyy!!!

HAPPY!!! HAPpppPPYY!!!! HAPPYYY MIRAAA!!! YAYyyy!!! (^0^)n

the…..end…..T-T *aip! jgn nangis lagi!!!*

Saturday, December 5, 2009

has come to an END!~ (-___-)n

cuty dah nak abes...

im goin baack uia tomorow mornin...

tsk tsk tsk~


YEAHHHH!!!! (>0<)O

lukisan di atas adalah ekspresi perasaan aku~

the end

Thursday, December 3, 2009

MONKEYS are everywhere in CBN~ no kiddin! ^^

when im angry

i tend to say stoopid things

which none of them really mean deep from the heart

it was just a fake statement to heal a broken soul

i'd make stoopid promises (>0<)O stoppiiddd!!!

like 'i will never do tis tht etc etc EVER!!!!'

so, i dont want any of u guys who i care the most EVER take my word seriously when im in that moment of recovering

its juz a due period to release the burden that was hanging on to me like a BIG FAT MONKEY


desperately needed to throw em away to the ZOO NEGARA!!! (>0<)O

a magical moment i needed someone to JUST lend their ears and listen to my illusionary words of self comfort


the end!

my ayah very cute~ (^-^)>

lokasi: dlm kerete~ (^-^)

ayah: ok anak2...seperti biasa, sebelum memulakan perjalanan, kita mesti baca doa...moga2 Tuhan melindungi kita sekeluarga dari malapetaka yang tidak diingini...

me: BAEK!!! (>0<)/
kak long: yaarh yarhh mari doa MARI! O(>_<)O
hafiz: ermm...

mommy: n(^-^)n *dah tadah tangan*

ayah: ehem ehem (berdehem dulu)

bismillahirrahmanirahim...n(-0-)n <--muker teramat serius

kami smua:(0_o)!??

mommy: abg kan puasa hari ni! (>0<)O

ayah: (-_-")

the end

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

broochiee~ (^-^)/

OMG OMG guys! (>0<)O

i juz found out this kakak name sarah and she did a handmade floral broochie and sangat SANGAT cantik!!!! (>0<)d

i dunno wether she allow me to promote her work of art kt my blog but seriously cantik! b(>0<)d

i pick tis one and she juz delivered to me this morning~ (^-^)d 'tq kakak'

tis is the newly delivered image

and tis oen is on her ad image: (clearer image)

Pink & Black CB
Selling price : RM 9.90
Size : 5.5cm (diameter)

(^-^)? interested??? hehehehee

im so happy i even giv her some of my baked cookie~ heeEe~ baik giler kowt! i juz asked bout the brooch yesterday and today she drive all the way and deliver to my house...

mmg respect sgt org yang ader tis wonderful skills and manages to make her own money

(^-^)> i wish one day i could be like her and make sumthin commercially selled product....hurmmm *wondering*

p/s: mommy...i love u so much~

~the end~

one moment plz...i hate myself...

my result is like....


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

brownies...cookies...chocolate...yumyum ^^

yesterday i was panicking while doing my cookie research~ WHY????

becoz ive never ever done any form of baking in MY LIFE!!!!! (well i did had a try once or twice and it sux) (>-<)o

my friends are comin by MY HOUSE tmrow for baking and that will be a very good opportunity for me to actually train this virgin hands into baking (^0^)/ wohoooo!!!

me: so...wat r we gonna do on tht day? *excited*
fren A: not sure. Y dont u decide, mira. Its ur HOUSE.
me: what?! me?! but i donno a thing n i...
fren B: *cut* alaaaa...its easy peasy~ u juz google baking n find any interesting recipes u cn find and we'll make it work together!! ^^
me: but but...BUT
fren A: seriously...its easy, mira. ^^
me: hmm...*sigh*

so, here i was...doin some little research bout cookies and stuff in front of my laptop...and my face was like...

and seriously, it wasnt JUST GOOGLE! there were so many cookies and baking recipes, i wasnt able to make my pick!! (>0<)O 'its too many of em!!!!' *streesout* (>0<)

pushin myself to my limits and randomly made my final selection and it came down to three...

1. Chocolate chip cookies

2. Toffee

3. Icebox cookies job has done...errr...i guess~ (-__-)"

now the ingredients...checked! we'll b shippin it tomorow mornin together....okok...

the utensils..(i havent been doin baking for quite some dont really have the baking equipment like the one you see on tv chnnel travel&living) (>-<)>
solution: borrow from frenz

(^0^)d GENIUS!

next is the venue....

(-__-)" soooshhh swwoooshhh

>kitchen very messy<


p/s: wish me luck *wink* (-0^)d

the end

sembelih~ HOHOHO

raya qurban tiss years seems fantastic!

i munch every bits and piece of meat i cn get!! (>0<)d
mom's cooking was D best...add a lil lime and extra hot cilies go wit the ketchup

WALAH!!! yum yummmm!!! delicoiusss!!! (>0<)d

i feel so fat rite now! fat FAT FAT MIRA!!! \\\(>0<)/// cousin is gonna get marry and he's only 23 years old!!
he's still sooo young...i mean...hes da same age as my sister
and and...i donno if u guys could picture the situation here...MY SISTER?!!

she still scream her lungs out when mommy accidently ordered for her nasi lemak wit SAMBAL coz she doesnt eat SAMBAL....i mean she stil act like a 10 year old kid and now her sameage cousin is busy preparing for marriage?! i mean....

WTF!? \\\(>0<)///

juz imagine....kak long...married...????!!!!!

NOooOOOoooooOOoooO!!!!!!!! *nightmares+shivers* <(>0<)>

anyhow, im happy for him...he could have been thru tough time tinkin bout it and tis might be his final decision...

pepe pown brother, i support you! (^0^)d twin cousins juz had their braces ON!! im so jeles!!! extremelyyy!!! (>0<)/

i was dieing to hav one of those when i ws 16...(here goes my story...) ^^

YET my mom was 50-50 bout the idea. So we went to the dentist and get some advice...

ive been gettin da same ol opinion bout havin braces since i was stdrd 4...

u kno when the school dentist come n check on u every year.. (ahaaa)

so mommy juz follow the flow n we did some checkup to make sure the necessity bout me havin it...juz as i expected...i was havin major teeth problem especially at my bottom teeth part...

bla bla bla procedures procedures procedures...x-ray done! and suddenly...

mommy: mira....ermm

me: aha?

mommy: x payah la pakai braces...i tink ur teeth look juz fine and i cnt bare wit the fact ur gonne hv to sacrifice ur other 4 tooth juz to put on those steel in ur mouth....

me: WHAT?! (>0<)/

i knew tht moment, no matter how hard i'd fight...she will always, whos paying d bills? (-__-)"

tht time i ws so devastated...i keep askin myself, 'y did u gave me false hope and let me through all those early procedures?'

haih~ wat will i lok like if i ever wore those braces?...hmmmmm~

forget bout the braces!!!!! <(>0<)>

ive got a lot of cleanin to do aftr d chaotic weeknds PLUS my friends r comin down to my crib for baking...even tho i wasnt sure bout the planin YET but i had to put some effort since one of them were so eager bout the idea, she already invited some more people to join in...(-__-)" i have to go do some research what were gonna bake for the day aftr tmrow?

toodles~ (^0^)/

~the end~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

gila gila GILA *****\\\\\\(>0<)//////*****

i think im goin crazeeee~~~ <(>0<)>

ive been talking to myself a LOT lately!

am i? crazy? geezzz~~~ really ned a REAL fren and stop doin tis to myself!!

im gonna turn psych, splitting my personality multiplly each day juz to make me feel like im talking to a whole bunch of people! (>0<)O

yes yess...

im goin crazee...

bzzzzz!!! *electric shock* (*-*)!!!


okok....calm down...i need to tink of sumthin SMART...i cn deal wit tis...

i am NOT crazee... i am NORMAL~

ok first, instead of talking to gonna talk to erm..ermmm...YES! the CAT!! yes yes!! Tht might look less gonna talk to 'pelik'!

and if pelik happens to be busy dating wit her new bf (its an expensive bengal cat...not bad for an average middle age sick smelly cat, aite?) *wink* gonna call my frenz...gayuuuttt!!! yes yes!!

and if they're happen to be busy, im tv...yes yess...avoid looking at the mirror n start talkin to myself...AGAIN...~ watch the zillions LED glass screen instead....brilliant brilliant! b(>0<)d gonna...

(mira continue figuring out wit HERSELF until the next 5 hours)

other people's view: my my...poor child...can u see that? shes been talking to herself for hours...oh my god...look! look! now shes talking to the CAT!

poor thing...

-the end-

Thursday, November 19, 2009

ERL best~ ahaks! (^0^)/

oh my GOWD!!!

i havent been hanging out..i mean a serious hangout with my best best buddy for such a long tymee!!!...

ehem u cn put aside the limited lunch hour we had together...

my very first time travel to putrajaya with public transport...

wohoOooOoo!!! best BEST BEST!! (>0<)O

rinduuu sgt kat korgggg!!!!

i was a bit shy at the beginning (as usual)...

lama2 tu i get adapt with the people n surroundings...especially when the time we rent the bicycle...i was sooOOooo exciteddd!!! best gilerr!!V(>0<)v

and i am so happy watching my dear faa and her beloved bf, ayie...they look so happy sweeeetttt!!!...pray u guys stick til the end..(nn) *aminnn*

we might be sux at planning, we shud hav fill our tummy before stat doin any sportersky activities...but instead...wit our cute empty belly, we decide to go kayuh tht 2 wheels, 2 handles, 2 padel, 1 break bicycle...HAH!

right aftrwards, all of us were tired n exhausted... (=_=)>

we cnt stop yawning the whole lunch and shopping due...heheee~....XD

our higlight topics:

1.CBNers regathering
2.Dba misunderstood me<---haha!! tis one is fucking kelakarn, man...(>0<)> haha!!

'i put my FB status: married<---its juz for fun guys and i neva tot anyone cud take it seriously... Dba was totally believe in it, she even ask how was my marriage preparation coz she is gonna get married as well soon...(>-<)pfff!!

ahahaahahaha!! sorry Dba! ive change my status...!! sorry2!! me? gettin marry? Ahahhahaha....ahaa.aha.haa....aa.....a...ermm...errmm...(tetiber terkenang nasib yg single)

chit chit chat chut chot..OWH! its already 4pm n i hav to be home by 6...!!!!

sayonara tyme guys~~(>0<)/

kiss kiss hug hug xoxo....

p/x: i ws havin a whole lot of fun!! seriously~ (^-^)/
the end

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

direct selling? me? (0o0)!!!

i dont understnd why am i surrounded with people who cant careless to giv a lil effort to understand and see the bright side out of everything...

shallow shallow shallow~


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sayonara sem 1....(^-^)n

best giler berongeng td...

everything seems so perfect...

get to eat my fav sushi!! (^0^)/

2012 ws a blast...i cried every second kowt!! (T-T)n

and we had our dinner kat kunang2...!!

and finally...lepak tyme was da ultimate!!!

now i cn rest in peace kat rumah with a big smile on my face...

happy holiday everyone~ m(^-^)m

-happy ending-

Sunday, November 15, 2009

hmph! (>-<)O

asal ak jeles ni? (>O<)O

rs mcm nak hampuk jer kepala minah ni dgn batu smpi muker dier da xder rupa manusia lepas tue cmpk dlm sungai kasi buaya makan nygap ngap ngap!!!


minah tu x bersalah...

hampuk mamat tu la!! (>0<)O


rs cm nak hampuk je..mamma..err....okey...ak x sanggup....

haihhhhhh~~~ (mengeluh adalah satu dosa kecil ye kawan2)

im so pathetic~~ m(_ _)m

....the end....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

\(^-^)/ pwesenting~

sing-a-long~~ (^0^)/

verse 1:

sitting in the tree house
Just wanted to be free
Counting up the star
twinkling bck at me

I know im all alone
But im comfortable this way
And when i look down
I see your face and say

Hello there stranger
What are you doing in my crib

Hi there stranger
He seems to smiling back at me


Oh, my little star
Is this the one i see
His smile, his eyes, his funny charm,
seems shining back at me

Oh, my little star
You're sure this is my sound?
The melody Ive been searching for
which makes my world go round and round and round

verse 2:

welcome to my tree house
I open up the door
I took his hand and let him in
Oh why? I just dont know

That night the star is singing
Twinkling more than bright
Gave me some sorta feeling
That something good is gonna happen tonite

Chorus (repeat)


twinkle twinkle little star
he gave a kiss
now it turn to scar

im sitting in my tree house
just wanted to be back
then i look up and the sky
i scream and sayyyyyyy!!!

OH! my little star
hes NOT the one for me
his smile, his eyes, his funny charm,
seems normal as it sees

OH! my little star
Im sure he's NOT my sound
the melody ive been searching for
Is somewhere in da world
around round round

sitting in the tree house
Just wanted to be free
Counting up the stars
Twinkling back at me...

Monday, November 9, 2009

dah dah la tue......habes dah....(>0<)/

We just settle everything between us…

No more secrets and hatred…

We both cried and forgive each other and promises to accept each flaw to make our friendship works…

I hate u so much and love u at the same tyme. Lets just fill our friendship with love and put aside those bad feelings about each other, ok my friend.

And I juz want u to kno how much I love and care for our friendship. Im juz bad at expressing it. Extremely BAD I spose….(>-<)>

p/s: tak sangka kiter buat drama kat kafe kaed. Lucky us the audience were little. (^o-)d heeeEe~

the end

Sunday, November 8, 2009

my 3rd song!!! weeHuuUu!!! (^0^)/ *clap clap clap*

here goes the lyrics!! (^0^)/

OH! my little star

verse 1:

sitting in the tree house
Just wanted to be free
Counting up the stars
twinkling bck at me

I know im all alone
But im comfortable this way
And when i look down
I see your face and say

Hello there stranger
What are you doing in my crib

Hi there stranger
He seems to smiling back at me


Oh, my little star
Is this the one i see
His smile, his eyes, his funny charm,
seems shining back at me

Oh, my little star
You're sure this is my sound?
The melody Ive been searching for
which makes my world go round and round and round

verse 2:

welcome to my tree house
I open up the door
I took his hand and let him in
Oh why? I just dont know

That night the star is singing
Twinkling more than bright
Gave me some sorta feeling
That somethings good is gonna happen tonite

Chorus (repeat)


twinkle twinkle little star
he gave a kiss
now it turn to scar

im sitting in my tree house
just wanted to be back
then i look up and the sky
i scream and sayyyyyyy!!!

OH! my little star
hes NOT the one for me
his smile, his eyes, his funny charm,
seems normal as it sees

OH! my little star
Im sure he's NOT my sound
the melody ive been searching for
Is somewhere in da world
around round round

(pluckig slow tempo)

sitting in the tree house
Just wanted to be free
Counting up the stars
Twinkling back at me...


sorry molly

im sorry...i was jz so angry last nite....

i tink i get overboard...

sorry sorry sorry...

stil need a ot of fixing with my temper....

(^-^)> heeEe~

the end

18SG....plz dun read tis post....


I am soooo pissedddd!!!!
do you even know what privacy meanssss…????!!!!!
i need my own privacy sometimes OKAYYYY!!!!!
I juz need you to respect that simple request!!!
I don’t tink u even need to request such thing coz its all about ethics!!!!!
ur being RUDE!!!

u don’t just knock the door and blast in!?
I didn’t say a word pown..!!
Wat dyu expect???? im getting into my underwear n clothes in a blink of an eye?

its not the first fucking time u did tis okayyyyyy n im fucking pisseeeddd rite nowww!!!
bukannya x pernah tegooo….dah tego da before but u juz don’t get it!!!!

u even went into my room while I was gone!!!
and you took my fucking fon while I wasn’t in my room and use it to send a msg to someone….!!!

I mean HELOOOOOOoooWW!!!! its my fucking fonnn u idiottttttt!!!!
dyu even kno how much money my parents have to pay for the bills?!!!
DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MY STUFF WITHOUT MY FUCKING PERMISSION U ASS HOLE FUCKING BITCHHHh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: im sorry…I am very particular with my stuff… so don’t u dare treat my property as if it is urs coz im gonna fucking slice ur neck into half!!!! so so very pissed……seriously….im pissed!!!!!!

I wont be so angry if u ask b4 using it or wait for me to answer when u knock the door….even 10 seconds to let me prepare would be fine~ (^-^)*


Friday, November 6, 2009

perjuangan kita belum tamat!!

i miss u PELIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bru talk to her on phone....

dem...i miss tht cat...

-the end-

Thursday, November 5, 2009

ssshhhhhhh~ <(*-*)> dont pop the bubble!

my mood swings pretty easily…
and when it swings down below…
don’t go forcing me to act as if nothing happen… (>0<)/
like my frenz once said
what I feel deep inside seems to display clearly on my facial expression
sometimes, I cant lie to people about my feelings
becoz my face tells a lot
it’s a chatty one I spose….hehe (^-^)>
it seems tht the action wins aginst words

but as I said before…
my mood swings pretty easily…
sometimes, Im nt in the mood to move even a tiny vibration of my face muscle
and when im in this mood, people don’t get me…
they make all this remarks and assumptions…
which are totally wrong… (>-<)>
becoz deep inside, I feel the other way around instead…
I can be very talkative and craazeee at times…I kno

but when im quiet…
I am actually in a mode of thinking
because I believe, if u talk too much
u tend to get overboard
ur brain seems to less functioning
expressing ur feeling through words without tinking is very dangerous
coz u never kno what ur saying might hurt someone’s heart

so…if you see me sitting all by myself…
Im actually in my tinking mode bubbles…
and im sorry if I made that emotionless killin expression when u came to me n ask…
that time, It feels like ur invading my world…
there r times when u juz need to be left alone, right?

so, to make people less worried about my sudden change mode
I do housework! anything! laundry? dish wash? mopping?…^^
the longer houseworking I do, the longer due time tinking I was in…

therefore, do let me be in my bubbles sometimes…
coz this mouth juz need a break…
and this brain needs to workout… ^^

p/s: why im tellin u all tis?


juz to share a tiny bits about my eccentric emotions and life… heeEe (^-^)>

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my finest work of art~

(>0<)/ OWKEEE!! back to my notes!!! *flip flip flip*


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


selamat pagi smua! (^0^)/
recently ive celebrated my dear friend name fuzana/pooja/ponggel/nana’s birthday at the ZOO NEGARa!!

part of me was extremely excited bout the surprise idea…
and the other half was jumping up and now dreaming to go to Zoo for such a long time…I mean, the last time I went thre was like wat.? 5 maybe?

urgh! giler rindu!! (>0<)>

PLUS, ermmm…ermm…(-__-)n *meh meh dekat skit nak bisik*…when I was a kid, I really wanted to be a zoologist becoz I love animal soooo muchhhh!!!!! warhahahhahaha!!!! x sabarnyaaaa!!!!! -mira’s goin crazy~

after the zoo visit… (narrator)

~the end~

Monday, November 2, 2009

habuk habuk habukkkk~

lama da x buat blog...sorry sorry guys...

i hav tis major problem to access the internet and i havent went back home for almost 3 weeks already...

it might cntinue till the final exam's end!!

its frustrating to know tht ur house is juz few blocks away but u cnt go back!!

arghh!!!! tension2...~~ (>0<)n



i will definitely keep on writing new posts for sure...

so dont giv up on DOT please4ee~~~~~

p/s: *slap myself* (>-<)n

the end!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

clinic x best... (-__-)'

i started to get throat aching this whole week...and last 3 days i started to have tis disturbing flu and now im gettin fever..?!!

i hate it!!! (>0<)O benci benci BENCI!!!

anyways...its been a while since d last time i visited the clinic coz im ****ing hate clinincs...i hate medicines! i hate hospitals! i hate it!!!

i tend to believe tht every pain will heal eventually naturally...yeah....

(masa kecik slalu kena mara x makan ubat) (-__-)"

okok! back to the story...

i went to the clinic n juz like any other patients...waitin for my turn...

and when my number were displayed...i was like...


and chit chat with the doctor.

she took out tis pencil laser like beam and direct it towards my face and i was like

me: WOOOWWW....WTH is THT!???

my own assumption: maybe shes checkin out my throat...

so...i open my mouth as wide as mulut badak air tgh menguap... (confident giler)

and i realized...she was actually pointing the laser on my forehead and theres this 'bip' sound...

doctor: errrk......hmm...u have fever i see...

me: DEM..! malu giler....tht techno thingy was actually measuring my temperature....serius malu.....

'technology annoys me' (-__-)"


the end....