Saturday, April 12, 2008

when im bored~

when im boring.....

oww! (>0<)o i lurrrve tis pic...kak long edit it 4 me (^0^)n tq kak long!! and tq 'pelik' (my cat's name), teman me...tq both of u guys!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

ICE here i Come!!!!!!!!!

wuhuuuuu (^0^)0 we're goin to sunway ice bebehhhh!! tak sabarnya...
i tot i can share my excitement wit omar,ahnaf n zul (my studiomates) but they refuse (T-T)...korang mmg rugi...besttt!!!

i was so excited...i bersiap cepat giler...mcm ZWOOOOSHHHHHHHHh!!!!!!
then i terus jerit 'KAK LONG, CEPAT HANTAR KAK NGAH KAT PUTRA!!! IM LATE!!' (>o<)n

but....when i arrived kat kl sentral

nyit nyit nyit(bunyi cengkerik)
swoooshhhh (bunyi angin)

i cannot sense any presence of kakak n ham T0T wuuuu wuuuu

after 20 minutes...

tap* (sum1 grab my shoulder)

i turn


hepi hepi

after 10 minutes...


we're all here!!!! lets move to SUNWAY PYRAMID!!!!

i was so hapi hapi hapi...even on our way there...i was hepi hepi hepi...hehe...kakak also cannot control my hepi hepi hepiness...HIHI...

When we sampai at the ice thingy...I was hepi hepi hepi....

cant wait to feel the ice...but as soon as we got our ice skating shoes....

'attention to all, please leave the ice field, it would take about 30 minutes to clean up da bla bla blaa'


kakak: sabar mira...
ham: sabar mira...

me: tak sabarnya kakak, ham.....ahhh sejuknya biler letak pipi kat sini....

kakak n ham: ...


kakak n ham: ...(buat2 x kenal minah nih, hehe)

jahat btol diorg...but as we r allowed to msk n play...i was like wwwoooooo! licin gilerr...... but lamer2 i kinda get it...i look around and learn...try to imitate their way of playin this thing...n yeah! i get this thing!

wohoooo we're so hebat...kan kakak?

even tho ham had difficulties to stable herself, im really tryin hard to help her...juz making her able to share da same happiness im feelin...i speed up n tarik her hands...did u feel da cold breeze,ham? best kan? she said...hehehe bestnya! i hope tht's enuff to make her day...

hepi hepi hepiii!!!!!! right, ham? (wink*) (^0^)o

tired....but able to meet frenz n play ice skating for the first time...worth it! ^^

Friday, April 4, 2008


tis is ME...(^0^)...ok..nows da truth...make me a lil darker
add tht dot thingy on my is it! THE TRUTH!

(o0o) NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i really kinda look!!


(-o-) the story begins, when i was Form make u guys able to hav complete imagination about the story, im not wearing my 'tudung' yet during that year...WHY im tellin u tis? Seriously, no bad'll understand y aftr u've read the story.

Year 2004,
It a same routine everyday after school, I walk back home together with my other friends on Friday. Me, Aina (my bestest fren), Fa, BK (its her nickname>B=budak,K=kecik), Izzati and Sya.
Schools usually used proper Muslims dress code on Friday but CBN are kinda weird. We wear our KRS uniform instead. (PUfFffff ahahHAhahAh...uniforms on Friday!!?) (=.=) wuteva!
As we jalan2 towards Putra Masjid Jamek...

Izzati: Ei, korg! Aku lapar larr...erm...Jom kita lunch trus nak...Kita Makan kat...Restoran Mamak* (not the real name) ni, ok tak? Jom ar...
(izzati makin an innocent face)
(we all lookin at each other)
All of us: OKEY!

(-o-) So, they all sit at the middle of the restoran and stat fightin places....u can ere voices like..

Aku dok sini!
Ei, aku nak dok seblah dia!
Beg smua ltk kat kerusi nih!
Aku nak dekat kat kipas!

(=0=)huh (sigh) Gurls~ always fight bout small things...
after 5 minutes...

Panas ar sini, tukar meja jom!

er...(+0-) So, they all sit at the table which is near to this huge fan and again..they...

Aku dok sini!
Ei, aku nak dok seblah dia!
Beg smua ltk kat kerusi nih!
Aku nak dkt kat kipas!

after 5 minutes...
mamak guy: Nak makan aper, ardikk carrntikk marnisss?
All of us: (make faces n look each other)
Izzati: er...saya nak nasi dgn kuah campur..
BK: saya nak...
Fa: saya nak...
Aina: saya nak...
Sya: saya nak...

(-0-) and last but not least..MY TURN

ME: erm....( i always had a hard time decidin da food)

Then, the mamak guy approaches me...
When i was busy decidin...while lookin at the menu...i feel tis...aura..very sharp ones...cucuk cucuk my face...(-0-)?
Then, i turn n mamak guy was looking at me ;) (NOOOOOOOO!!) Oh dammit! i still remember his face and his eyes..EwwW, gatal! BUT thats juz not it...

While looking at me straight in the eye...
mamak guy: hgfdsjkadfgshjaksdwdfghjdfghjdfywuiyeuidghjkjdgeyuwfewdfwdfwdfhgeuiwdew
fgdshjachdyuhgfyuiwjdhgeyuwisjdhgfryeuiw (in Tamil)
ME: ~speechless~
mamak:~continue with his chat (in Tamil) with a big smile on his face~
mamak:~still continue his chat (again in Tamil) with a wink!

(-0-) by the look of his face...i think his flirtin but y...ARGHH!! (o0o)n wat am i thinkin!!? This guy thinks i really look like....but...

While im emotionally disturb (aftr the mamak guy left)
Izzati: Is it me..dont know u well or u never tell us u can speak Tamil?

(^0^) still makes me laugh...thinkin bout it..HAHA...tht mamak guy...but..u guys~ do i really...erm...look{picture on top explains}

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hajimashite! Hello! Hai!

(^0^)n hallow! da names mira...and tis is my 2nd blog...believe it or not...within 3 days...i did 2 blogs in a smua ham punya pasal...(>0<) pengaruh my mind dgn blogspot! Anyway, i dont blame her...coz i kinda like it, tho. hehe Well, today is da 3rd week of my longest holiday. And im already feel like die-ing (x.x)
MIRA! DONT BE! WE'RE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU! (mira's die-hard-fans)

n(-0-)n ok guys, ok...i really appreciate it! luv u guys...mmuahhh (aAAaaaaAH)< fan pengsan after received mira's flying kiss
The conclusion is= human never feel satisfied with their live. When u eat curry, u said 'Ahhhh, pedasnya! x tahan!'...but when u havent tasted curry for 3 weeks, u would say 'Oh curry! I miss you'. (mira's inner voice: aper aku merepek nih?).

(T0T) to whoever who knew me... i am die-ing to wanna hangout wit u guys! If u say 'how bout ur schoolmates'? well, they all still doin their final exams..UIA PJ's holiday schedule slalu tak samer with other matriculation or universities...even school holidays...aww, i miss my brother T-T (his facin he's being quite busy tis year).

well, how bout ur studiomates?
HAAA (o0o)P studiomates...! we actually plan to hangout tis week but they all said 'malaslah' @ 'pokai, xder duit'....(T-T) dont they feel suffocated like im feelin right now? My kakak Zawani plak had to take care of her she had one damn GOOD reason...ilham was SEMANGAT wit the plan....(*0*)Oh ham, ur my hero..! But, we tot it wont b tht fun if it is juz both of us...


(-0-) ok guys! homework for today
=pray for me n da other KL studiomates will b able to go out 2gether next week, Ok?

OKEY!!! (mira's die-hard-fans)