Monday, February 28, 2011

loosen knot


mira nak ckp sumthin to all yg suke pendam perasaan...

plz dun kills ya...

mira slalu pendam2 perasaan dr dulu lagi and now, im becoming insane. smua benda nak marah2 and x puas hati. rs mcm terlambat giler sbb bru skrg nak memarah n ungkit but hell, i cant stand it anymore...

K (bkn nama sebenar) might not perasan smua ni tpi dier x penah treat me with respect which i totally deserve one. And mira sabar sabar and sabar jer. becoz mira assume cara dier layan mira smua tu is becoz shes older and mira kena telan jer.

But lama2, things arent gettin any better. And both of us dah reach adulthood, my brain dah actively function and dah tawu erti respect and hak diri nak bersuara...mira dah stat hilang saba...

sumtimes benda yg sgt kecik pon K nak besar2 kan and tak bole langsung nak tolerate. (dier x sedar ke smua org slalu dipaksa tolerate dgn cara dier walhal dier sndiri x penah nak bertoleransi dgn cara org laen)...

biler K dah slalu sgt pijak mira, mira dah hilang respect dkt dier. kdg2, cara dier layan tu is wayyyy rudeness and i dont know how malukan saudara sndiri and aib kan dier depan org ramai is funny?

maybe im juz lack at her rate of humor...but hell, klau org keliling pown buat muker akward kt lawak kaw, apa kejadah?

i might not use the word 'paksa' but i did it becoz i love u and mira x smpi hati nak tolak klau dier ajak layan her videos, movies, songs, stuff, stories...even most of em mira x paham lgsg, but i was always there for K...

have u ever been there for me, K? movie/music x payah mention, K always put all those aside and aftr a year or so possibilities utk dia x tgk lgsg sgt tinggi....sedihkan? despite K's eagerness sharing all those interest she have, she have none for selfish is tht?

ok fine...K malas nak layan minat mira, but then, u cudnt even cnsider nak jga perasaan mira ms mira tgh bercerita. Ur half heart respond and expression-less aka im bored listening to u, bitch...always breaks my heart...always!

and now, cnt u becoming someone else with u...i feel like a total failure when im with a person...nuthin i said interest u..mira rs mira better off jadi invinsible and be myself around someone yg appreciate me more.

Biar la Tuhan jer yg balas cara K layan mira selama ni. Mungkin satu hari nanti, K akan tawu apa makna respect, sharing, tolerate and care.

sorry for being such a bitch...

p/s: sumtimes ur a family but most of the time, ur a manipulative selfish bitch...

-the end-

Saturday, February 26, 2011

poof pooffff!!!

why pooof??

sebab blog ni berhabukk!!! hwahwaaaha!!

rite after second crit ari tu mira has been blown up into rainbolicious bubblesss!!!! ~(*0*)~

after tht week of starve and suffer and body aching and brain storm exhaustion, i juz wanna take everything at rest...xmo pikir dah... (tu yg dh lama x blog tu)

and i tink i might get a little overboard with my unrealistic dreams...

coz! mira skip my one whole week class!!! ow emmm geeeeee!!!! truk gileer mira!!!

yea yea...i kno i slow motion hopping on sunny clouds dah...time to get back the rite time beat and step my wigglish foot on earth...

anyways, last nie satu family celebrate my belated birthday dkt melia hotel..(facing times square)...igt x my dream lobster...

well, b4 pegi sana, mami ayah confirm our reservation and the main lobster butter cream menu...n gez wat? sampi2 sane jer, the menu was expired. xde. everyone was pissed!!!

we came all the way for the lobster and aftr dah confirm smua dier ckp xde? WTH!!!!! geram gilerrr!!! (>0<)> *carik2 rambut*

anyho, the bright side, food dier sedap giler. mommy ayah belanja mira makan surf & turf set...ada beef, sirloin steak, mushroom, prawns and salmon! SEDAP!!!! kenyang yg amat n i had a good fill in tummy~ (syukur2)

p/s: kak long has been really mean to me and i hate her... (>_<)O yes kak long, i hate u...ur the meanest person ive ever known in tiz world. and what makes me strong so far is knowing that ur a family...

i hte u...

hate u..



the end

Thursday, February 17, 2011

kura ku lari gagah berani!


baru balik dr studio and might not attend evening session sbb ad talk!

IM SLEEPY! (=_=")

igt dtg studio today nak consult tp hampeh, ptg ni smua lecturer jer la. klau kena

ok, malas nak pikir banyak. buat je mira.

(alaaa mcm x biasa plak...bukan slalu mmg cmni ke perangai hang kt studio)

anyho, tadi as usual, mdm belanja nasi lemak...and now freakin sleepy...i gotta sleep for a while then biler da energized balik buat keje sepenuh hati.

(>0<)O yeah! *smgat waja* terharu. 67 people wishes me birthday kat fb! tq guys~ *appreciate a lot!* ^^ da transfer kat pc... ha? apa? gamba apa? haaaaaa.....saksikan! (>0<)/ PAH (kiri) JANG!!! (kanan)

dalam gamba ni jang notty giler. dier suker rest kepala dier kt dinding akuarium smpi dier tertido...ntah apa yg best sgt kt dinding tu pon mira x paham~ (tp adorable giler!!)

oh OH OHhhh!! heres another picture of jang's bad habit~

heee~ so cutee~ *pat kepala jang*

pah aktif susah nak snap her picture! dier suke jalan kt my hand ala2 rock climbing (tangan mira 45 degree)

and so far...they look fine and healthy!

doakan mereka live well sampai besar kay kawan2 plzzz!!!! *beggin* (>-<)n

the end

wasabi in memories...

u have been the greatest tiniest shortest memories in my heart...

tq for that temporary in piece my baby~

surpriseeee me!!!

waaahhh!! x sgkanyaaa!!!

im so happy! XD

semalam my dear roomates made me a very special cake...the most sincere cake ive ever received! syg giler kt dorg~ (T-T)>

x expect lgsg! suddenly when the clock strike 12.01, ina n ham was holding tiz A1 butter paper...

sambil joget2 n nyanyi lgu bdy (HOW CUTE IS THAT PEOPLE?!)

and pegang lilin besar yg putih tu 2 batang.... sgt sweet (T-T) *touching*

tq tq tq!!! m(_ _)m *tunduk pale*

and my dear apeng bought me my current DREAM SHOE!!!! *terharu double double*
last time kitorg cri the shoe kt klcc but size dah xde...imagine he drove all the way to sunway (kot) utk cri my stoopid dream shoe... (tq wak!)...

mira's fav casual shoe wud forever be everlast...kasut mira yg skrg ni dah almost koyak kat tip kaki tu and dah lusuh giler...and tiz shoe happen to steal my heart at once! sedih giler biler tawu xde

ITS MINEEEE!!!!!!! XXXDDDDDD *kiss da shoe* muahmuahmuahh!!

look at it. that perfect bluish tone..awwwh~ *pengsan*

and also he bought me a box of j-co. mira havent been eating well these days. Only them who feed me. Klau tak, i wont be touchin any food pon...

tq korg~ syg giler kt korg~ appreciate sgt2!!! (>0<)O


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

work & play

ok..letak pen and pensil kejap...

relaxkan otak...

bloggin keww... mcm skrg ni kewwww


otak dah kena blocked sbb pikir banyak sgt...satu idea x klua...haih.

bygkan otak lembu yang dah kering....haaa!! cmtu a otak mira skrg!

(>0<)o 'jgn samakan otakmu dgn otak lembu!' <---mommy

tadi mommy and kak long hav been calling n tanya pasal birthday celebration... honestly...right now...mira dah x kisah langsung pasal birthday...since this week has been a torture to me, mira mcm dah hilang mood for personal celebration...even tho the fact is, this is the only celebration i have for myself.... *sedih*

mmm...kak long dah book a nice restaurant yg serve huge lobsters (mira penah mention nak giler makan benda ni dlu), tapi....probably terpaksa cancel sbb mira ckp studio work mira tgh jatuh skrg and maybe not a good time for a celebration... :'(

deep inside i ws a lil dissapointed...i wanna spend my birthday with my family & love ones...not sitting all day dlm blik n do work work work!

...but wat to do...mira dr hari isnin hari tu have been striving with my current status dlm design...

x bes jgk klau layan the most delicious food wit a crippled mind....

bygkan lobster sedap tu nampak mcm bukit tunku!!


dowan dowan dowannnn~~!!


the end

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

hes dead



kura2 sekor pon x reti jaga.

bodo punya mira...

bodo giler...

klau x reti jaga binatang, toksah bela!!!!


yes...wasabi baru saja menghembuskan nafas terakhir malam semalam.

before he died, he was struggling walking on my palm like he used to...make me happy before he tore me down.

a second later, there he was...terapung dead. mira x pecaya!!!! (T0T)

mira ask apeng to take him out of the water and lepas apeng jentik2 his cute little feet and tail, there were no respond...

hes...really dead...

and his eyes were shut and mulut dier yg pendiam tu ttbe ternganga was scary...

i couldnt bare with what im about to face, I already in tears...

he was ok until yesterday evening, dier start to have all this tiny white jeragat....he was ok....


apeng suggest another replacement...tapi mira in heart, stil lg berkabung for wasabi...he was my very first kura2 and mira da syg giler kt dier... T-T

apeng did everythin to made my day... me out with my design
2. bought for me two new baby turtles...jantan n betina...

i was extreme happy! XD so sweet~....(luv u)

but while mira prepare a better environment for the new kura2...mira realized...mira still rindu kt wasabi...and enthusiasm tu dah kurang...

i dun wanna get too excited about sumthin nemore...when it end up like this...

sakit T-T

anyways...unfair la klau mira x kenalkan my new couple turtles...

meet J&P

Jang dengan Pah

Si Jang ni kura2 jantan yg suker extend leher panJANG giler...

Si Pah ni plak, kura2 betina yg corak belakang dier mcm ink bersePAH...

(lame giler nama!)

HAHA! xpe least pasni mira akan igt smpi biler2 first impression mira kt diorg~

hello MY new born babies, welcome to my world


(gamba xde but will be uploaded l8r)

the end

Monday, February 14, 2011

sedih :'(


hari ni mira tensen.

pagi2 kat studio dah kena attack dgn mdm.

here it is people, our potential failure student....MIRA!!

(T-T) juz exagerating the scene but it feels like it.

Mira tau she wanted to be direct and all but dia dah ckp da before during the consultation session. Isnt it spose to be a confidential discussion.

Does she had to do that..i front of everybody?

Plus, she was criticizing my half thoughful first crit design. I knew it was suck at the first place. Blame mira sbb x buat any further development.

yeee...yeee...mira terlampau berpoya2 aftrwards. And i wasnt a bit pon ready for the consultation tht morning....mmm....

mungkin tengah dtg bulan ni, emosi sensitif sket. And mira mmg ske telan masalah smpi dah jadi sebesar bulan baru nak spit it out. And i m really spitting it out now.

mira nangis truk giler.

Then, i juz wipe away those tears and start everything fresh balik.

Mira rasa manusia ni jatuh for a reason. untuk jadi lebih baik and stronger in the future. But individually, people ada level of strengh yg berbeza. ada yang makin jatuh and ader yg makin naik. Mira harap sgt mira dlm kelompok yg makin develop.

as a person...better one.

klau mira tak ikutkan perasaan...(where gurls usually do), my personal evaluation,

mdm niat dier baik, she wanted me to push myself to the limit and work harder. Klau ckp diri sndiri prblem-less tu mmg bongkak sgt la. mmg mira ada masalah. and based on her experience, she is sensing it...

well i do. Setiap semester mmg mira mcm ni. slow giler develop design but i knew at one point ill be there. siap has always been tht way.

its juz tht now mira kena sedar, lecturers dont follow our pace, we follow them. And now i juz have to blast off my comfort zone and follow mdm's rythm. only then if i wanted to berjaya n get good grades...(cnt deny tht shes the one evaluating my final performance later)

haih~ this is pressuring...and now my dear wasabi buat hal.

pagi tadi he was acting all cute and manja and first time mira tgk dier makan. suddenly after depressingly balik dr studio, dier lemah giler and barely move.

(T-T) two stones pop into the river creating bigger waves....

*mira brokedown*

p/s: semester ni have been the toughest for strong, mira~

the end

Sunday, February 13, 2011

i'll take.....tiz one!


even tho first time beli brand sony erricson but im lovin it!!!!

sony erricson vivaz

1. wifi
2. camera 8mega pixel
3. HD video
4. touch screen
5. price yg sgt reasonable!!!!!

PERFECT! V(>0<)v


Saturday, February 12, 2011

new f**?!




maigad!! after how mira have been behaving the past few weeks, mommy and ayah actually wanna buy for me a new fon?!


okok...mmg mira happy but at da same time i feel freakin guilty. and spoilt! mira ve been havin issues with mommy n ayah n yet wat did they give me....a new fon?! man,...tht shut me up pretty well....

nicely done.

yes. mira...dah belajar one very important thing in life...

truk mcmane pon kiter kena dgn our parents, they are OUR PARENTS...makan minum shelter care and love is all theyve been curahkan to us...

mira shudnt be too emotional klau they happen to marah2 or anything....yg betul, telan, yg salah tu msk tlinga kanan klua tlinga kiri jer...(eh! ke msk tlinga kiri?...)

im so sorry... :'(

im still fixing my irrational temper...i know...its effing annoying...i am one annoyed spoilt sorry....

anyways! in another half an hour, im goin to pick a fon in heart kat wangsawalk...YIPIiii!!!

klau ikutkan hati dan perasaan, those expensive fon were bubling on top of my head, juggling its beauty!! tapi! mira kena be juz a student and my fon priority r mainly for call slashed text. and maybe snap pictures~

so, x bole ikutkan sgt nafsu. pilih yang sesuai je...kena ad rs malu dgn mami n ayah aftr how mira treat em.....yess.....

(let see how mira decide...)

-to be continue-

Thursday, February 10, 2011

my new friend!!!! XD


eksaitedd gilerrr!!

actually tiz morning I was browsing thru frenz's facebook pictures and terpaku tgk gamba kura2...yess...a pet...and mira have been wondering apa taw...

since i lost my dear pelik. Deep inside i feel akwardly empty. Mira x penah hidop without a pet. MY WHOLE LIFE ive been petting animals! petpetPETTT!! *jgn pikir laen*

ckp je a apa2! smua penah bela! *tipu giler*

1. kucing
2. hamster
3. semut
4. kumbang
5. burung

(tu je) (--__--")

ANYWAYS! my point is...

my life x penah, bila balik rumah je...xde sape nak belai and bermanja2 or even tmpt luahkan perasaan...

(suke giler luah perasaan kat pelik aka my cat dlu, sebab dier mcm dengarrr je and AND AND!!! the best part is...DIER X BOLE RESPON!!! HAHAHAHA!!! <---kejam giler)

ehem...anyways...back to the story...

mira suddenly decide nak bela a pet. a good replacement. I cant keep hanging kat pelik...shes gone...kannn?

so, mira truz msg mommy and ask permission. She said as long as x menyusahkan hidop dier and tak cost her a bunch of penny, she'd agree!

i mean, helooo! kura2 is like...

1. murah giler
2. x makan banyak (food dier pon murah)
3. juz spend once for the aquarium and additional decoration
4. ber** and kencin** dier mcm air koto je! its like...u cn juz flush it off and tuka air baru!

WALAH!!!!!! PERFECT SGT FOR A PET!!! \(>0<)/ hunga hunga hunga! *eksaited*

so petang tu jugak mira ajak my dearest temankan beli one kura2 (and since dier ad bela jgk, i tink hes a goood companion!)....time tu dlm otak dah pikir nama....i want everythin to be PERFECT! and he new friend...

WASABI! (applause) y wasabi? becoz.....hes GREEN and....HOT! (mcm mama dier...tak ke? *angkt kening seblah+ senyum senget)

a good setting aite!

top view! cengkerang dier cntik PLIZ! one of the best!!! and i will always pick THE BEST!

camera friendly! dier statik je time nak snap ni! how cute is tht people!!! (--_--") *plz layan mira, dier tgh eksaited ni*

bagi dier dgr my favourite music! i juz hope he cud take tis time to know me~ (^0^)/ (ur mommy mira is crazy with her music, wasabi!) *cobit pipi dier!*

and yes! i spend 10 minutes to make him a good land caged playground! (pakai bod) and tht tiny bell is his first toy! *kick the bell, wasabi! kickkK!!!* cute giler! he look so small in that 144m2 cage i made~ (^^)

p/s: so now..shoh! let me play with him alone! xley kasi too much public expose...hes still a baby~

the end!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

moviesss marathon, people?

mornin! (^0^)/

semalam I have filled my empty time with gossip girl marathon.

To be honest, im so not the type yg duduk in front of your pc slashed laptop then layan movie wutsoever. sebab mira rs aktivity ini teramatlah membuang masa.

Im a pratical type of person and I dont really do long theories or graphic viewing. Im more to making stuff. Body moving. Do something yg bole unleashed my skills (and brain of coz)

yes. to me, tgk muvee sgt2 membuang masa. Dodok membesarkan bontot and do nothing. Ur juz playing with ur emotions for an hour and 2 and then u gain nothing but temporary fantasy excitement.

ok...tht might be too negatively harsh

but basically, i wont go wasting my quality time watching movies UNLESS i have my own personal good reason. Which are,

1. org ckp movie tu A MUST WATCH movie (xnak la socially ketinggalan...kena a get updated jgk)
2. nak rapatkan sillaturahim. eg: tgk with ur love ones~
3. ada pemangkin...cthnya:
'ei, mira! jom tgk muvee sabtu ni...! @ 'mira, ak ada cte ^)#$%^& kt sdlm pc...tgk jom!!
4. nak hafal dialog muvee tuu for personal entertainment
5. ader certain scene yg menusuk kalbu, so tgk repeatedly sbb nak develop personal emotion skill
6. ader interesting scene yg bole dipelajari. cthnya: dance scene, lyrics, music, etc


(truk giler perangai) movie collection mcm bearly 'clicked'. Sekadar hiasan je kt dlm pc ni...lalalala~

exceptional for horror movies: rare giler nak jmpa horror movie yg truly freaking me out so if they did, i giv a free 5 star rating!!!

for now...blom ad lg... (--__--")


where was i?

p/s: everything about my life is the IMPACT! the X factor! klau benda tu xde impact dlm my life, y wasting my time venturing it.....kannnn???? HO HO HO (gelak org selfish)

-the end-

Saturday, February 5, 2011


kelantan trip...




(thx God im back home)

anyways, i met Rocky there~

shes the sun that shines my throughout sorrows~

and kak long da balik from her 1 month working trip...yipee!!! now, i have a family who can listen to my heart and give a bang of advice~

(tq kak long for the sushi and the company AND the souvenirs~)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

awesomely rude!

situasi ni berlaku kat train putra...nak citer sket...

msk2 area putra station, ak perasan rmi foreigner depan blkg kiri kanan...musim holiday dorg kowt dtg malaysia...

msk2 train ader a dua org mamat ni muka ala2 arab campur cina...ak pon x tawu bangsa apa...bhsa dier pon ak x familiar...

alkisah 2 mamat ni kena ke conquer smpi 4 seat?

ak rs mcm syit giler perangai! pastu rmi plak makcik pakcik tua, menggigil2 berdiri tahan badan pakai rope hang jer...everytime putra brek, ak cm nak menangis tgk aksi wrga emas ni menahan inersia bumi....

AKU yg menangis...BUKAN mamat 2 ekor depan aku ni....bole buat2 x mmg hati dah bukan hati manusia...siap gelak2...amboi2!!

kasihanilah mak cikkk....mak cikkk sakit pinggang...nak dodookk nakkk~


bontot sorg satu cukup ahhh! ni nak gak sorg dua seat...satu utk kaki! ok fineeee..kaki korg yg busuk ni pon kena dodok gak ke?? demm! dtg negara org, buat a gaya foreigner...ikotkan nak jer aku hantuk kaki diorg tu pakai sandal murah/buruk ak (mmg ad plan nak bli bru...cuma xde masa)

anyways, ak setakat mampu pandang diorg dgn pndgn sinis giler bermesejkan 'wei...buta ke korg....kasi a pakcik makcik ni dodok! MOVE!!!!!'

(>o<)O haih...tpi klau da hati animal...ak buat muker pig cmne pon...diorg maner tgkp...kepala sibok dok teleng ke luar konon2 view cntik tpi laluan bwh sungai kotor...urghh...

*taarik nafass miraaaaa......leeepppaaasssss~*

ok...done...hati dah stabil balik...

(mira tahan tangan makcik takot2 dier terjatuh)

the end

home bakery story

today bangun and siap2 sbb ad baking plans with ham and ina. All of us mmg smgat jihad giler and wanted to go far with it and harap2 sgt bukan warm2 chicken shit je...plz a jgn~

we tryout new cookie recipes got from the internet, ina ws the head of the cookie plan while ham was the brownies dictator. Im not so good with baking sbb dr dulu lg, baking is not my thing, its not my whole family thinggg yawww!

mommy mmg not the bakery type and the last time i remember ms raya, i was about 6-7 years old cmtu, mami buat almost 3 trays of kuih raya and walah! smua hangus...since tht day, mami kinda givin up on baking n tht made us all zero baking knowledge~ *yeahh*

plus! time raya, mami n ayah slalu dpt banyak giler hamper (including kuih raya), so..yes...xde masalah da nak pikir xde kuih raya ke apa...slalu jer berlambak ad kt dlm hamper tu~

anyho~ back to the story!

mira basically handling the advertising, packaging and our group logo~ hihi~ yeah! so u all crazy with editing. Can be called an immature pro. Still a lot to learn but i can sit my ass on and edit pictures for hours!!! like...SERIOUSLY!!!! SUKE GILER!!!

ok...lari dr citer again~...anyways...igt nak promote now tpi biler da btol ready bru mira promote~

anyways, pegi umah ina...tht 30 minutes travel by putra ke PJ...(seb baek ad someone keep me company...texting me the whole journey) *smile*

smpi je then makan lunch together...i did the macaroni n ina did the mushroom soup...then we ate with sliced cheese~ yummy!! XD

then biler ham dtg later, trus stat the baking~ lalala....tolon2~

the browniesss~~

the mixing flourrr~~

my toughest butter drilling!!~~~ (lps kacau benda ni like seriusly...tangan menggigil giler!)

around 5pm..everything settle! we even discuss the packaging issue cmne...kena pikir the cheapest yet attractive way to present~ wuuuhh~ *hotHOThotttt!!!*




(=_=) my kelantan flight wud be tmrow at 7am...gerak dr rumah at 4am....argh!! SLEEPIEH!! and malas MALAS malasss glerrrrr nakkkk paaackkkkk brrrggggg!!!!!

tido dlu! chow!

the end