Friday, February 5, 2010

bnyk sgt nak citer~!!! bnyk sgt gamba!!

its the happiest day of my LIFE!!! (^-^)/

im so happy!!!

soooo happyyyyy!!!

*hug myself*

okok...xley seronok sgt....nanti Tuhan taik! cilap taRik balik!!

ehem ehem~

anyways, im so glad for what had happen n i hope things goin up well in the future for *blank*

anyhow!!! (tuka topik), last nite i borrowed one of my buddy's speaker n i was sooooooo excited to use it!!! never own a speaker..(--__--)"

sbb yesterday me, ina, yg n ham plan nak tgk muvee 500 SUMMER i go borrow one speaker from a friend n tryout kt my laptop n mmg jatuh cinta giler with the speaker!!!!!!!! cm nak jer amek simpan kt blik pastu the next day ckp kat ahnap..(ops! kantoi)

me: ahnap...speaker tu hilang la...x tawu maner...ader toyol curi..

OH!! I WISHH!!! (>0<)>

anyhow...the next day

(T-T): gudbye speaker...tsk tsk

OW!pasal the was so uniquely define and characterised... the camera work everything sgt best and meaningful...even the setting is unusual from the normal phase...

even tho its a sad breakup story...however, they stil manage to end it so well and it makes me smile...makes US smile~ kan kan kan korunk? (^-^)/

and yesterday mommy ask me bout my birthdaay present...(--__-")

seriously people, mira sgt sux okaey~~~ x reti giler nak demand stuff from mommy n ayh...dr dulu lg...

when i got *A for my PMR, i juz asked them a new pencil box...the cool one for sure~ <--da rs cm gempak giler da my sister dpt violin for her PMR instead which cost like rm700?! i mean WT*!!!!
my brader plak dpt one set guitar electric n amp which again cost like RM1000++
giler pathethic weyh!! pencil box?! pfFff!!!!

itu la tahap kebodohan saya meminta hadiah...

but i usually like stuff tht im likely using it for the rest of my daily life~

ape pn...i dun really mind actly...coz im no materialistic kind...only specific things je yg i like to spend on a lot like clothes and bracelet and my music upgrading stuff. yg laen i cud wear or use it smpi la dah hujung nyawa...

example i hav so little collection of shoes, handbags, etc etc etc...seriously, gurls~ (>0<)O

oh! another hot topic to share... my rumates da start figurin out the price for desktop...diorg da eager sgt nak beli and to me its still to early...cuty semester ni pon bole lg beli...

even if u beli now, wat r u gonna do with it? ok..fine...its individual decision la nak beli bile kan? i dun wanna judge...

cth la my dearest fren ina ni nak bli coz she wanted to play game street fighter

( ak hentam je but i tink it has sumthin to do with fightin+war+tembk2) and the there u see...she has her reason...

since i cnt figue out my justification just YET, so i might possibly let it to rest for a while~ yup2...

tp kan...if i demand present mahal2 now...n its like les than a month or so..nak demand desktop lg...

kesian giler my parents... <(Y-Y ) *x sanggup*

shud i juz beli desktop as my birthday pwesent?

im no life loaded, people... its a lot of money to invest...

its like beribu kot!! sum may juz jentik jari n pop! klua 10 ribu...but na'ah...not for me...

so i gotta tink hard....tink wisely...jgn susakan mak bapak...dosa besar, mira...

<(>-<)> *tinking*

the end


bobo ramli said...

hai mira~!

ADLINA said...

awww...~ then how about a watch as your present? nicee..~ :D

mimiemon said...

baik jgn beli destop lagi..beli betul2 bila nak pakai..coz biasanya price hardware ni makin turun..dulu rm2.5k dapat yang mid rangenye destop..but now dah leh dapat almost high end destop..rasa rugi gilerr..skang bila pk balik beli awal2..especially bila ade laptop..huuu~

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MiRaVee said...

Boo: hai bo! (^0^)/

lina: a watch? hmmm~ *tinkin*

kak mimi: oh! okey~ THANKS KAK MIMI...!!! seb baek x bli lg...phew~

PinkLemonade said...

street fighter?!?!?!!? giler main hentam u. street fighter main kat arcade je..hahaa i nak main sims 3 and cod la..

that reminds me! i have to go n check the webstie

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