Wednesday, March 31, 2010

*angkat tangan tinggi2!!*

owh....ini sangat menarik...hurm...yes cool~

ok peeps! tis is the only chance u cn actually ask me ANY question!!

just click on the web below and!

ask me ANYTHING!!!!! (^0^)v

p/s- biggest appreciation to arina ghazali...and ilham as well...

the end

wake up in the mornin feelin like P diddy~

okey...i hav not much time left before the final paper and yet im still shakin my leg doin 2nd prior things!!

put em aside, mira!!! (>0<)O

settle Cd and study BS!!!! yess!!!

p/s: omg...its almost holiday!!! yipeee!!!

YaaHHoooOOoo!!!! ehem ehem...okok now...back to work~

-the end-

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


bangon pagi today tibe2 a sudden quick flashback dooshboot my brain~

oh how much i miss my school~

every morning without hesitate, i wake up real early n kejut mommy n ayah...mommy prepare breakfast and ayah bersiap for work coz hes sending me n hafiz to school...

aftr breakfast our cereal and half boiled egg, pegi skola!! (^0^)/ awal pagi slalu sejuk n sure ayah's car ader wap air n i wud used my creative fingers n draw on it~ heeeEe~

and the early morning view kt highway mmg incredibly beautiful~ ayah leave me dekat tangga ampang which located very near to dang wangi station...

tangga ampang is the highest staircase i ever went up to...mmg tinggi nak mampos...sumtimes kesian tgk primary kids bwk huge huge beg n struggling naek tangga tu (fyi: my primary n secondary school r connected buildings)...if mood tgh angel...i wud angkat their bag smpi atas...huhu...GENTLEWOMEN~ :p

then smpi jer skola, hangout kat canteen n socializing..haha XD tyme ni la smua story n gossips klua...when the bell rings, msk hall and assemble~ oww i miss the 'Good morning Puan Siva' Good morning Miss George, Good Morning etc etc....

and normal monday morning nyanyi a bunch of songs and our school song ader 2 version, english n malay...every week tuka version~ and the song was conducted with real antique piano playing kt music tu...x main la minus minus~ :p

sumtimes if im not in the mood to attend assembly, pura2 ader stomaachache n lepak toilet the whole assembly period...walahh~~ we have to assembly...mornin n aftr recess...aftr recess ni la ak paling malaas skali...2 kali kena kejar prefect sbb skip...

then claas hour! hihihi...bla bla bla...recessed! our canteen food mmg best giler n my fav was the nasi goreng telur mata sbb telur mata dier mmg cantik giler...smua cntik..!! we also have mihun sup, mee goreng, laksa, roti canai booth, freeze booth, yong taw fu, n mcm2 lg!! mmg salute la!!

then aftr school either balik umah or major involvement of course gamelan, drama, koir and sports~ i love them all!!! \(>0<)/ klau bole smua nak conquer!!!

biler nak balik plak, we have to walk all the way down to masjid jamek then naek putra...if nak lepak, we lepak kat mamak corner at tht area or mcD or CM (central market)...i might not know my way around kay ele, but within tht area im an expert.....

.naek putra sampai setiawangsa afr tht ws my everyday complain hour... jalan kaki smpi rumah...dem...still remember the exhaustion, the weather the people the time....jaoh gilerr!!! and it was a downhill mcm nak bli kasut yg ader roda tu jer....mmg sumpah jaoh!! mcm dr mahalah asma ke....erm waqec jalan ke? jaoh lg...jalan lua bukan dlm taw...

smpi rumah lunch bertemankan kak mi then tido...bangun ptg tu siap2 pg tuition~

balik tuition homework settle then tido...(kdg2 x settle homework, copy jer kawan tmrow)<--giler dajal....

p/s: serius rindu dow skola...i miss CBN!!! \(>0<)/

even now...when i see other school...i stil tink my school is the coolest everrrr....!!

the end

forgive and forget...aftr u finished cursing~

i hate you!!!! yessss...YOUUUU!!!! i HATEEEE YOUUUUuUUU!!!!!! I HATEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUUUUUu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! youuuU YOUUUUU YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CURSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU AND UR STOOOOPIIIDDD METAPHOREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAATTTTTTEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fUckinG ASssHOleeeeeeEEE sON of A BITccch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

phew....ok...move on mira...forgive and forget~

p/s: i have learn my more more...i just had enough of it

-the end-

hati ayam goreng goreng panas..nyum nyum

OMG! i feel so guiltyyy!!!

yesterday mommy went to pasar tani ALONE... kesian dier kena angkat all the buyings alone and redah through the smells and wet stuff and the smells ALONE~

argh~ darn it...i shud have teman her...but the last tyme i actually visited pasr tani when i ws 6 or 7...i cnt remmbr...the only thing i remmbr was the smell, the noise, the people, the wet thingy and the pain!

monolog: 'ARGhh!!! bodo pak cik ni g pijak kaki aku!' (>0<)O

imagine a 7 year old feet got crushed by a 40 year old male humongous feet...sakit bodo!!

*mengucap* aih...asal bnyk sgt ckp da 'B' word ni?

and THT was the last tyme i ever set my cutie foot at tht place!!! y mommy cant juz buy at the ordinry supermrket..jusco market ke...giant ke...carrefour kee...haih~

u might be havin an impression of a spoilt brat here but i ws 7 kot tht tyme... things might b way opposite if i go visit tht place now...

probably la nanti2 la ill try...

klau now a 40 year old male pijak kaki i might not feel a thing! HAHAhaha!! XD

ANYHO!!! the point is~ mommy bought tis chicken and tralalalala cooked my fav pedal n hati...a simple frying~ sedap kot makan panas2...

when i step into the kithcen...

mommy ckp 'a present for you~' (hati n pedal goreng)

waaaaahhhh!!! TENKIU MOMMY!!!! \(>0<)/


ahhh.....sedappp!!!! ^^

mommy: kak ngah x tinggalkan sikit utk mommy ke? mommy nk rasa jugak...

me: erk!....gulp.....err....mommy...ngah tot it!...ops...

mommy: WAAaaaaAAAawaaaAA!!!! nak LARI KAT GUA LA CMNIII!!! MOMMY NAKKKKK!!!!

me: alamakkk....mommy sorryyy!!! jangn cmtuuu (T0T)

mommy: (T0T) ngah x ingat mommy ke? waaaAaaaawaaaaa.....

me: aish~ cmne ni.... mommy: waaaaaaa <(T0T)>

tht nite...

me: ehem ehem...ayah...tmorow kiter g giant yer...nak beli hati dgn pedal ayam...ader jual kan dlm packet?

ayah: ada rsnya...utk pe?

me: long story short...mommy nak...

ayah: ok (-_-)d

tyme dinner...

ayah: ni...ani (my dad call my mom by her name 'ani')...anak nak g giant tmrow beli pedal hati...

me: ERKkkK!!!!!! (0_o)!!!!

mommy: hihihihihihi...~

me: AYAH NII!!! it spose to be a secret between us!!! (>0<)O

ayah: (--__--) lalalalaa

~the end~

Monday, March 29, 2010

pelik pelik

ive been hanging out at home a lot these days...

since my loyal accompany took even the tiniest chance to get back home n accompany her ayah at this critical family moments...

therefore, better off stay home and contribute some daughterly energy for mommy n ayah rather than sitting all by myself in my almost-empty compartment...

yes room is hollowing empty already....and it took me almost 8 rounds from the top level to the car ulang alik...dem! tht makes it 16 route!! giler la... as usual, no ones elping me out...its always have been tht way...klau rumate pown, my time balik slalu ms diorg smua da xder... :( haih~

anyhow, im one independent women...i cn take care of little things like tis...(positive) (*0*)v

so my point is...ive been hanging out with pelik a i did snap a lot of her pictures...hihi...sgt me la...most people kutuk sumpah haprah pelik coz shes juz an ordinary wild cat blkg umah...i saved her when she was tis big...(tjk mouse)...

and pelik slalu sgt sakit...few times visited the vet n they gave us the same medz and advice....x berubah pown...shes been sneezing for almost a year n a half now...giler hingus dier smua kitorg cm da used to it n kno well to baby selsema..hihihi XD

despite all her weaknesses...she has the upmost personality..n thts gud enough for me...saya x mintak pelik jadi fur booster n look like a ringgit malaysia persian cat ker...

coz shes not a pet to display but more to a friend to me.... (^-^)/

pelik nmpk gemok position ni~ ^^

ni dier tgh notty n hyper...x tawu cmne nak turun...aih~ (>0<)>
sleeping with her teddy~
looking at me...hihi...mata seblah kiri dier 60% buta sbb gado dgn other wild cats..shian pelik ><
yee...kantoi di sini...saya pakai kain batik...HOHOHOHO!!!!
p/s: cayunk pelik...mmmuuuaaahh!

~the end~

Sunday, March 28, 2010


hari yang cerah dan nyaman...
dengan hati yang 50% tenang
50% cuak nak mati
menunggu ina di blik
berbekalkan skill bermain guitar yang sederhana...
ku alun irama membelai jiwa...
masa berjalan tanpa menunggu...
haati ku turut sama dipalu
tapi apakan daya jasad ku...
hanya mampu berdiri sepi...
menunggu sahabat inani (nak rhyme kan)
tak sampai sampi lagi

file dan tracing kemas tersurut
bagai menunggu kelibat cinta tak terbalas ( da merepek)

-the end-

. . . . . .




p/s: kaw tawu ni tandanya ape? tandanya ak da syg btol kt kaw...

Friday, March 26, 2010

tick tock

several days to go before holiday...

the clock is ticking...

n im patiently waiting...

2 more things to get it done...


Thursday, March 25, 2010


yes…I am easily affected with events which gave such annoying impact to my life…since the people were acting so arrogant and kedekut….cnt even giv me good grades…I have decided to not study…I wont flip my notes…HAH!!! LET SEE HOWS MY GRADE IF ZERO EFFORT WERE PUT ON STAKE!!!

p/s: (a sudden image of mommy n ayah)……fine fine…*mira flip notes* (--_--)

the end


I think I shud start believing in karma. Y? becoz I knew I had done a lot of do I say this…not very nice things and how did it get back to me? my grades were average all the tyme!!! even tho I work my fucking ass out of it n my effort was 110% sacrificed, the results were SHIT!!!!

imagine it took me like the whole week to compose a solemnly perfect work and some people juz needed half a day to settle n guess wat!!! I juz got fuckin pathetic GRADE!!!!! and other people seems effortless to achieved such such annoying first alphabet letter (refuse to state the grade) grades!! This world is soooooo unfaiirrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

I feel like ripping the paper off and scream the hell at tut face!!! my font was too small!!! did yu even consider y I did small fonts?! becoz the paper was too fucking expensive!!! even tht small fonts cost me rm50!!! and I edited EVERYTHING!!!!!!! EVERY PICTURESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! omg..all those time and effort seems a waste!!!!!

im trying to be in the perfect zone here but it didn’t happen juz becoz my FONT WAS TOO SMALLL!!!????? tht was a shitty crap comment!!!!! u shud at least try to read my mediocre essays which took me almost days to juz compose the rite word!! and the submission date was on my fucking birthday and I ws havin a bad fever tht moment!!! and thts the best u cn give me??!! *-??!!!!!!! ARRRghHH!HH!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate you…

p/s: juz wanna say ere…its not easy being the best and when ur the best, its nt easy to hndle~
when the kite is flying high on top, there always a way to pull it down…
and sumtimes when ur trying so hard to pull it down, ur actually makin it fly higher than before…

wah! there!! I juz created my own quote~ lalalala

the end

Sunday, March 21, 2010

bout me u might not know~

things tht u might not know about mira:

1. i was a number 1 anti-guys group when i ws form 1 until form 4... i cn count with my fingers how many times i actually talk to a guy in a YEAR!!! (exclude my brother n my dad)

2. i love horrotic ghost stories~ might as well say im kinda passionate bout it tho~ when it freaks me out, it makes me happy...(^-^)d <---freaky~

3. the reason y im scared of cockroach is becoz i had once got attcked by this one HUGE lipas and i ran outside the toilet and spray the gasous lipas-killer n CLOSE THE F DOOR!!!! and when i open aftr bout 5 minutes wasnt juz one lipas was 15...(=_=")

when i ws in boarding school, i got attacked again by tis one lipas while i ws doin my laundry. The bilik basuh was extremely slippery....n u cn guess wat happen when tht 'THING' attacked me!!! i fell down n tht THING crawl on top of meee!!!! ARRghhHHHH!!!!!!

4. i love playing kids toys so much and i cud get totally absorbed playing it even with my current adult age....(--__--)

5. im not wild but i tend to do rebelious abusive things once in a while when im feeling depressed...not so innocent type~

6. when i feel like being totally dressed myself into if u once see tht side of juz in the mood to be emo...

7. i have long hands...u kno wat i mean...*evil laugh*

8. I used to have a really bad temper when i ws young even i had once throw along steel ruler directly at my ustaz's head for waking me up from sleeping in class...the temper is still there tho but im better in controlling it due to my matang stage...(poyo habes)

9. I have times when i dun answer my fon coz im nt in the mood to talk...its nt tht i hate u guys or juz not in the further reasons... (especially midnights or erly mornin)

10. i love reading motivatonal books coz it gave me some itchy bitchy ideas on how to deal with life...which i really really needed em...n my dad love to buy motivational cassettes n hearing them when i ws little, inspired me so much till now...(^-^)n

11. im very adventurous in try me wit anything~ dare me~ i eat almost anything~

12. i love tea so much~! but i stop drinking tea while in college aftr my teacher warn me not to drink during studying hour...but at home or restaurant served...i drank them alllll!!!! make a pick: thai tea, japanese tea, english queen tea, elizabeth tea, jasmine tea, ros tea, pudina tea, ANYTHING!!!!!

p/s: 12 things for now...(^-^)v

-the end-

holiday not juz YET!

i went back home rite aftr receiving my valuable red inked cop from my beloved lecturer and zwwoooshhhh!!!! lepak umah~ hihihih (nn) (syukur dpt cop tu)

lepak lepak lepak and the next morning we went shopping at, mommy n kak long..3 gurls..!!! yipeee!!

shopping n havin mom wit ya is the grestest tyme to beg for new clothes~ lalalalal HOHOHOHO!!!

ehem ehem~ anyways~ by the end of the day, we all were exhausted from the never ending shopping route, and we pass out~

tht nite, satu family tgk AF~ (i kno wat ur zinking~ *evil grin face* :uuu, AF? this gurl is lame)
HAH!!! wuteverrr~ but i got bored and didnt watch the show til the end tho and went back to my rum and play with pelik~

owh! and my weird pelik is gettin weirder and frekier sgt SGT!!!! malam semalam she was meowing outside my room n bile i open the door she followed me to the bed and she licked my FACE! MY FACE!!! (omg! pelikk!! ape ni? pengaruh tv kerrr??? anjing jilat2 muker aish!!)

and then malam tu jugak i had difficult tyme to sleep coz she keep on massaging my back!! okk~ u might tink best ker aper but she kluarkan her claw n it hurts!! (>0<)O 'pelik! stop it!'

and mommy said the next morning she saw us both hugging each other side by side sleeping peacefully...aih~ no matter how much i hate her, shes one of our family...

where in the world cn u find a cat tht cud actly hug u like a baby? *mesmerize by pelik's weird humanly act* (*-*)

the very next day i had to stay all by myself guarding the house in the morning coz mommy n ayah had to attend my brother's medizmesir taklimat...yess brother is flying ot mesir for the next 5 months~ gonna miss him...

ANYHOW! i feel total panic coz i didnt bring back my work so basically i was juz sitting round kt umah waiting for mommy n ayah to come bck home n ready to snend me back to uia~

around took like 8 hours for me dangling my leg doin nuthin while my piled work was crunching at my mahala room! arghh!!! glabbaaaaa~

okok mira...dun panic...dun panic...u cn do thiss...huuuuu haaaaaa (-0-) (-_-) (-0-)

hmm...malam ni settle kan board and tomorrow morning trus start buat model~ yesss~ u cn do this~ (positive) (^-^)d *tink*!

~the end~

Thursday, March 18, 2010

mommy T-T

a close friend of mine juz lost her mother.

It happen so fast

and her mother was in good condition...!!

when the time comes, it'll come...

the only thing came up my mind was to give her full support and comfort...

if it were happen to me, i could have face a major breakdown!

its ur OWN MOTHER for God sake!....dang~ crying again...

i secretly ran outside n straight away call mommy...

juz wanna tell her how much i love her and i cn never imagine living without her

shes everything to me and if one day shes gone, a quarter of me left with her

shes my heart and soul and i love her so so so much...

n i cant stop crying while i ws doin my teenage confession...

ok..i feel like hugging her badly rite now...

even tho the final submission is tmrow, nothing is more important than ur family...

i cnt even do my work well after knowing tht dreadful news...

i juz wanna say, u cn never tell death and when it happen, it happen no matter how healthy u r, how mny multi vitamins uve taken per day, how much fussy u r bout eating good food...etc2

people live and they die but a person like ur own mother to leave the world and set peace beside God might have gone but everything about her will always linger in ur mind...

i juz pray real hard that roh arwah is in peace and my dear friend, yang, to be real strong...reeeaalllllyyy strooongggg pleaaseeeee....i love you yang...and if u happen to feel lonely and sad...ill be thre for ya...

p/s: love ur mother while you stil can

the end

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


mira in standby mode~

ok..i knew i havent been updting my bloggie these days...

been quite busy with the final project submission which will be ON on this friday and im freakin cuak!!

i ws too focused on the working drawing and now im basiclly juz started the studio work...

ask other people's progress isnt helpin my jiwa coz they all seem systematically work done and i am currently terrifieddddd people!!! (>0<)O



ur askin me wat am i doin NOW?

yess yess..everyones asleep and basically i feel like bloggin before sleeping and to inform my fans out there (ada ke?) plz do not giv up on DOT...shes juz havin a couple of days off until everything is OVERRRRrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

wahahahahhahahahhahahah XD

tinking bout the holidays makes me wanna leapt to the air and screammm HUuuREyyyYYY!!!!!


not juz yet, mira...

itchy bitchy things needs to settle before celebratin n its reaalllly important...

hmm..i better sleep now and wake up fresh early mornin tomorrow n cntinue my bundle unfinished drawing...dun wanna upset mdm aida again...gonna hav to put my upmost workmenship to steal her heart since shes givin out the grades at the end and dun mention bout my total grade coz it wasnt tht good yet not a total failure as well...juz hope for the best at the end of tis final 2nd year semester journey aite?

huhuu XD

p/s: ugh~ my 10% attendance might probably be zero....(--__--) (kawal perasaan)...

ANYHOW!!! gud luck everyone!!! psstt! of coz im referring to you! who else?? (>0<)O

the end

Thursday, March 11, 2010

GADUHhhHH!!!! (>0<)O

sumtimes kiter perlukan pergaduhan yang sehat juz to developed the brain, dont u tink so?

for me, since i first started usin the internet, i always involved with groups chatters and break a fight due to a particular issue...and it does gave me a lot of thinking and arguing...

this is called 'healthy arguments'...

gaduh la giler babi and juz say wutever hell was in ur mind tyme tu n aftrward we came up with a conclusion...

zero hard feelings (^-^)>

however, many of them NOW dont seem to hav the guts involved with this so-called healthy arguments...

they are too fragile and even a single defensive word cn turn the table upside down to a major crisis...i mean...duhhh~~

cnt u juz put aside the sensitivity juz to gain tht input from the other party...

the best thing bout healthy argument; is the upmost quality tyme when you listen and able share ur opinion and belief.

its nt about winning the game or a serious debate bubbles but its about widen ur intelectual perceptive of life...and juz hope both party to gain mutual benefits from it...

and during the moment, true identity were revealed one by one and people cn now see ur way of thinkin towards an issue...

its a good way to brushen up ur personality~

hihihi ^^

the best way to end might probably be a friendly handshake or a hug...hehehe~

wat i really do hope from people:

1. do not be too sensitive with wat people say coz sum might be the right word for you to improve yourself

2. accept comments openly

3. a fight= take it as sumthin positive...

haa! tgk tu...diorg gadoh2 jer at the beginnin of the story and now theyre BEST FREN~ (^-^)d coz when they argue, they didnt realize tht they indirectly gain mutual understanding...hiihihi XD

p/s: pagi2 dh pikir serious issue...hahahaa XD

~the end~

a song for ya...

last year
i gave you my heart
but the very next day
you gave it away

this year
just save me from tears
id give it to someone special

one spitting and twice shy
i keep my distance
but you still catch my eye

tell me baby
do you recognized me
well its been a few months now
it doesnt surprise me

now i know
what a fool ive been
but if you kiss me now
i know youll fool me again

my God
i tot u were
someone to rely on
me i guess i was
ur puppet to play love on

base on a lover
with a fire in his heart
a man under cover
but you tore me apart
now i found a real love
you never fool me again

last year
i gave you my heart
but the very next day
you gave it away

this year
just save me from tears
id give it to someone special~


the end

MY PHONE!!! (>0<)O


truk la mira ni!!! mommy bought u exp fon pown x pandai nak jaga!!!

dh la classic limited edition! argh!!!

me n my clumsy hands!!! asik jatuh jtuh jatuhhhh jewww!!

and now i can even press the F buttonS!! cmne nak texting normally??????

if mommy figured tis out, mati ak weyhh!!! shes gonna cut me into pieces lps dah fried me with hot oils kat dlm kuali kenduri tuu!!! (tujukan jari ke arah kuali sebesar manusia)

(>0<)O aarghhH!!! tatott tatottt!!

jgn dera ngah mommyy!! sumpahh x buat lgg!!!

bli ngah hp murah jer pasniii!!!

sorrryyyy!!!! ><

~the end~

Monday, March 8, 2010

speaks english is not a crime

i juz wanna say, my blog is MY BLOG.

i cn write wutever i want,

in wutever ways and method,

with OR without pictures,

english OR malay writings,

humorous OR emo

in other not bloggin for bloggin for MYSELF.

it gave me some sort of life satisfaction when i write. i love to write since ive started learn how to use the carbonate pencil...since i first know my ABC...since i first know how to make a word-sentence-paragraph!!!! (>0<)O (high)

ok...enuff of the writing p-ASS-ion~

juz wana state here tht im not fulfilling readers expectations or anythin...

the choice is YOU not me to change my way of bloggin...its either you stop by and layan my world or go find other interesting blogspot tht fits ur fussy needs...

in my understanding, bloggin is like my less-personal diary, i love lookin back at those moments and it reminds me my past feelings. Not juz merely a reminder...also as a moral value to my life experience... aware with the public, i shared my story hoping to learn from MY mistakes, funny stories, experience together....

therefore people, be careful with what ur saying coz u might not realize ur hurting others around you.

people who put a lot of effort into it through writings, givin opinion, research findings, independent business, uploading and editing pictures.

while ur job is juz scrolling down the fucking mouse....

the end

ow! to make tis post end neutral zero zero... here sum cute pics i juz snap!! (^-^)/

floor plan....(tiny miny kitteh baring2 kt bwh)

tadaa!!! front viewwww!!! comellll~~~!!!! 0(>0<)O

peacefully the end

Saturday, March 6, 2010

uwaaaa uwaaa

omg~ new baby arrived!!! wehuuUu~

went to visit him tadi...kioout!!! tidoo jeww...baek jerr...

if u happen to kno me well, i dun quite click with babies sbb they cry all the tyme and my effort nak make them happy seems effortless...

nangis nangis nangis...

but baby emil rayyan tadi sgt baik...senyap him...

me: comelnya kak ngah!! comel comel comel (>0<)O rs cm nak gigigittt pipi dier arghh!

kak ngah: HA! pgg dier!!!

me: (O-O) *im totally sux pgg baby* (glaba) err...adeih...lembutnya..aik! lentok kepala..aish~...bole ke ni? duu.... giler kot pgg...sgt delicate and small and tiny miny and and sgt besttt!!!

look at my worrid face and nmpk sgt kekok....

kena practise lebey ni...HOHOHO XD anyways~ congrats kak ngah nana!

very first baby in the family~ im sure pak tam happy to finally got to be a granddad.... b(^-^)d

p/s: (--__--) *baby tido*...shhhhh

-the end- *whispering

Friday, March 5, 2010


ok...dh brape rmi ckp ak makin hear tis...

its not tht i dun eat...its becoz i dun hav the money... my money spending holic brought up to a certain consequences n stop eating expensive food is one of em.

yess yess....and also pasal work...the pile up work disract me from eating...

9 am: lalala buat keje

9 am the next day: ehh?! dah lewat...!! tido kejap la...

see!! thts y~

ive figured out solutions for this 'tummy singing' issue~

i eat a lot of sweets!!! yumm yumm (^-^)n

it gave me tht sort of booster everytime i munch em...increases my sugar level n turn me into an A.D.D patient.

and kena rajin balik umah where i cn juz dptkan food at home!! yesss!!

but i wudnt worry much bout my tummy coz by the tyme tis semester ends! im gonna fatting myself at home as usual~ BUrrpPp! ops! scuse me~ tihihihi~

anywys! kecewaaa gilerrr hari niii!!! i brought along some nice attire nak pg makan sushi for today and guess wat hapen!!!

me: kak long!!! esok nak g makan kol brp?

kak long: makan? makan ape?

me: (--__--")


me: nee..?

kak long: doush?

me: naaa....

kak long: puru?

me: SUSHIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU PWOMISEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

kak long: ek? ader ke ckp? *x igt*

me: sedihhh sgtttt OKAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

argh! anyhow, im over wit tht plan n tuka to visit newborn baby instead...haih~ pwomises pwomisessss.....><

p/s: i love my hair!!!! XD

~the end~

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

whenever i am, blog is a MUST!

ok a quick days review no tyme to lose crits tomorow i had a bad dream last night ustaz unggas remmbers my name went to baiduri to fecth 0.6 artline but xder aper jer da kat baiduri weyh? eat sambal ayam for lunch and sedap nak mati shud hav masak tht dish slalu rather than the usual makanan western kering they used to served hari ni x jmpe kucing comel smua da takot kot dgn ak and esok im goin back home and saturday teman my sis g klcc ahad balik awal and start ink working drawing ASAP sbb submission date sme dgn final studio gila babi dowhhhH!!!!!!!!!!!

the end...(ok...tht took me less than a the starrr of typingggg!!)


dear diary...

mommy juz called bout our new born baby rayyan!! weehuuu~ chumel sgt!

i tink im gettin da hang of kids sb ari tu lepak kat musolla ader bdk ni dtg berlari2 ke arahku seolah2 daku ini ibunya dan meminta2 utk didukung! ahh~ adakah aura keibuan ku begitu kuat?

ANYWAYS!! (>0<)O

kak long plak called me yesterday and ajak mamam sushi on weekends! woohoooo!!! happy happy happy!!!\(^0^)/

and my lil brother dh seriously involve with a band rite now always eager draggin me kareokaing at jusco~ knon2 wanna brush up his vocal la since hes da vocalist~ duhhh!! *dengki*

momy ayah ckp i look skinnier than everrr...btol ke? *tgk cermin* makin tembam ader la...haih~ bak kata org tu...tandanya bahagia~ uish gituuu~~!!

haa!!! ckp psl org tuuu!!! jaga awakkk!! sy dh x busy nnti sy kacaww awakk hari2!!!!!! (>0<)O (x nk ngaku rindu)

grrr grrr grrrrr.........grrr grrr grrr...

OH! semalam tgk citer santau...x freak me out LANGSUNG even tho my rumates jerit smpi anak tekak nak terkeluar. i, on the other hand, feels like watching a fairy tale movie...serius sempoi giler hantu dier...ader la babak geli, terkejut tahap semut gigit...(giler berlagak minah ni)...okokok me, its like a 2 star horror movie...x reach my scary standards...lain org, lain adrenalin activates speed...

cpt la thailand/korea/jepun...buat la citer dieing to watch a REAL horror movie heree~! (>0<)O

hmmm...(pe lg updates)

jumaat ni ader crit tp da bnyk kali postpone so button glabah tu mcm da tak ter 'ON' sgt...terkawal and steady...cuma prepar utk difficult details construction questions jew...tu sgt penting since external dtg assess kitorg...dun wanna look dumb in front of them...(--__--) a?

p/s: okk...ina da dtg kacaw...BYE!

~the end~

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

happy ME!!

i knew i had a lot of downtrum moments lately...and i started to be all negative and dark and emotional...blaming people for everythin tht happens to me...every unfortunate moments were someone's such a bad person..*tap head* (--n)

but, aftr decidin to balik no matter wat on monday and missed my 10% culture class and unggas...(i have put my final words, i dun dieing to meet momy and ayah), i was so relief, feeling much much better and my spirits were replenished with their words and care...

i spit out EVERYTHING!!! and mommy said to me no matter positive. When things happen, wats the use of nagging bout it all the tyme. ur juz deepen the sharp naked blade stabbing ur inner heart...( ok...most of it was my own word but it was based on my mom's idelogy...basically, i get her advice)

shes givin me a deep thought tho...and when i rewinded some highligted moments...i did nagged all the tyme bout how bad my life is, how unlucky i was, how pathetic everythin! (>0<)>

wake up! no more positive mira...po-si-tive~ haa~ bru la best~ haa! tgk kucing kat gamba ni...dier pown paham erti positive.. <:p

x bestkan asik mara2, nangis2 jew...tyme is precious man...dun waste it for sum jerks moments ruining ur 20th adventure!!!

YEAAAHHHHHHHhhH!!!!! l,,l(>0<)l,,l *smangat gilerss* anyhow, since i have change from a sad ol eye bag mira to a happy smgat positive baik baik comel mira...ive decided to change my hairstylee!!! im gettin a lil bored wit! i kinda miss my hair...hmm... so...yesss...i did another drastic changes and walahhh!!! no more poc*****tas baby!! (referring to kak long...!!!) (>0<)O

and...there goes my 4 weeks totally gonna eat very little for 4 weeks?! am i gonna survive...curse me for the new hair...but wats important is im happy...kan kan kannnnnnn??? (typical shopoholic principles) (-__-")

ok...end of story...ill stop now...

the end...*smiling*