Friday, June 24, 2011


I just wanna say here to Mr/Mrs Anonymous.

Whatever Ive spitted out in here is merely a method to gases out those stresses thoughts about others and later Ill figured things out in a positive way....

If you wanna debate about it and happen to taste the bitterness out of my fudging words, come say it TO MY FACE, coz i dont entertain arguments here between my thoughts and yours~

and i know myself so well (even tho sumtimes i do need A FREN to tell me if im wrong), I dont need YOU, Mr/Mrs Anonymous, to tell me how to think....

by ur comment i can tell, u know nothing....but

terima kasih btw~

p/s: and if you happen to be my friend or worst, one of my closest...that wud be so sad~

(whoever created anonymous figure seems to give a way for cowards to speak pathetic)

-the end-

kotak KECIL

Tick and tock

my final semester is ending....

and it freaks me out!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, June 17, 2011


i have been in a haze of stressfulness in a mind stable way.

im stress for being surrounded with stressful people who mind gettin themselves sucked by the illumination of glabahness although the job cn be done in a wise, time saving way.

im stress for some people who treated me as though my job are like breathing. I cursed you by the end for you are the reason for my distortion work and the fact that now you r flying through rainbows and leaving all the work to the ground were nothing else but selfish...

im stress for the ones who left their leadership duty to thin air and expect things to move like robots without its battery...thee, the battery had to drag its own way to the plug to recharge the whole thing....

but life must go on....and im moving on trying to break through the glass of pointing fingers. i will stop and continue my journey to the bits end of through this flickering adventure...

ive complain it time to more past times muffling....

'may good future lies ahead of me or i shall make one instead!!!!!' -myratayeb-

the end

Sunday, June 5, 2011

kotak FINALLY!

hawdy peeps!!! XD

finally!!! after almost 3 to 4 weeks on second hand book shipping planning...

and after 2 weeks fail to wake up early morning to bashed the morning session selling time...

we finally make it to the place!!!!

\(^-^)/ TADAAA!!!!

and i get myself 2 story booksss!!! (SUKE SUKE SUKEEE!!!!)

the place was incredibly best and i wanna ship MORE MORE!!! (after i finish reading those two books liao)...x saba nak bacer! and my dearest pon bought himself one~ yiii~


for crazy book readers yang havent had the heart to spend too much of your precious money on come.....PLZ DO!!!

the end

Friday, June 3, 2011


this is so cool.....!!!! XDDDD

having thought about shipping new furniture? more ikea people....

theyre here to serve you well.....


for more infos!!! click kotakinfo