Tuesday, June 30, 2009


last year i started blogging

and i continue blogging

until now~

p/s: i was busy on da 2nd april n i forgot bout my anniversary dates~ forgiv me (^-^)> but im celebratin it ANYWAY!!


wuhuuUuuUU weeehuuUuuuuu yeahhh yeahhhh yeahhh!!!! (mira's die-hard-fan: YEAHHHHH!!!)

the result....

im not goin anywhere... T-T

DISCUSSION!! (>0<)''''''''!!!!!

juz had a very tense discussion wit my dad regardin the utara trip plan. things went out pretty tough and rough! Hes acting like any other dad would act. Worried sick for his daughter’s safety and secure.

How could this trip guarantee your safety n secure? (me: err….)

who’s in charge? (me: KAK JAH (^0^)/…..i guess)

how can I trust him/her? (me: shes very keibuan and u cn realy trust her)

If anything happen to you, is there anyone that I can rely on? (me: ramai~~)

how many years they’ve experience driving? (me: errr…)

Are all the drivers well aware with the road? (ayah: I don’t want you to get lost, okay!)

Why are u guys doing activities at pulau/sungai…and canoeing!? (my dad has fear of water)

pulau jejak!? ‘ni bukan ker tmpt penjahat smua dikumpulkan?! why r u guys goin there?

Is this trip even real?!...(who knos they’re makin prank on you and end up leaving u nowhere)

padang besar?!!! ni da masuk Thailand ni! org Islam kat sna dlm bahaya~ isy isy isy (-_-)”

do you kno convoy is very dangerous? (yes daddy…*becoz I secretly drive to uitm last time)


the result?

ayah: I gotta get sum rest. Need a lot of thinkin to do. solat hajat and doa bnyk2 kat Tuhan. im not allowing you YET, we’ll see tomorrow morning, okay~ ayah tak sdap hati la letting my daughter pergi trip jauh2…(me: sigh*)

me: okay, ayah. selamat malam. (tolonglah, Tuhan…bukakkan pintu hati ayah)



Should I or shouldn’t I disappoint my coolest friends offering such once in a lifetime opportunity?

I, who was born and raise with such tight, strict lifestyle in the middle of the urban country hoping for this one permission.

Please let me go to utara with my friends, mommy, ayah~ pleaseeeeee~~~~….(begging on my knees)

I think ive been such a good daughter and I did everything just to make you happy. and lighten ur burden as much as this muscle could stretch.

I wasn’t going there just to have fun. Give me the chance to learn. Your daughter here wanna kno wats outside there. Im tired of hiding behind ur back and pretending that I couldnt stand on my own feet. Let me prove to you that I can take care of myself.

I know, both of you love me and I promise that I will always be your little gurl no matter what. But, this dependency has to end. Im reaching 21 next year, and Im starting to have my own searching the true meaning of life and reality. I kno, ayah. You told me hundreds of time, reality is not as great as I imagine. Then, let me feel the torture of reality…let me learn. ..

I promise I’d call and get both of you well updated. Plus! im going to be surrounded by seniors. They’re gonna take really gud care of me, I believe. If mommy and ayah can cut the usual train and let kak long fly to Japan, why not this time? for my sake…please~

I let down my opportunity for exchange student and my piano lesson as well. Same goes for my gymnastic training. For this ONE…..PLEASE LET ME JOIN THEMMMM!!!!!! (>0<) (begging really hard)

I love you, mommy, ayah..i really do… But sumtimes, I need you to sacrifice, for my sake and let me go just for this moment. Im not goin far, its inside Malaysia, theres gonna be more than 10 people are joining and were goin to visit one of our member’s house as well. Theres gonna be adults supervising us. So, please don’t worry too much. I would take every steps to let you kno im ok while I was thre and I promise I will call you every half an hour if I have too…..

PLEASEEEEE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (>0<)n


Monday, June 29, 2009

tag TAG tagggg!!!

1. Kekasih saya adalah : yang saya syg~~

2. Saya sedang mendengar : rurutia instrumental...sgt sedih~ -TT

3. Mungkin saya patut: bangun and tido awal

4. Saya baru sudah : makan...

5. Beza rakan, sahabat, kawan : samer jer bagi aku

6. Saya tidak faham : kenape saya lebih happy dgn kawan?

7. Saya perlu mencari: ilmu...kasih syg...duit

8. Ayat terakhir yang dikatakan kepada saya : gaji piei rm600 sebulan...dier tido je

9. Makna kehidupan : very complicated

10. Cinta itu adalah : magical

11. Saya paling suka : kucing!! (^0^)/

12. Saya akan cuba : buat benda giler dlm hidop...biler igt balik...mesti best~

13. Mengapa rakyat Malaysia suka menggunakan LAH di akhir ayat mereka : ntah...rs lg
relax kowt biler guner tht word~...dun u tink so?

14. Telefon bimbit saya : dah pecah kat tepi sbb katil mahalah cm ****

15. Katil saya : queen size tp saya tido sgsorg T-T

16. Soalan yang bagi saya tidak perlu ditanya : asal awak bnyk jerawat?

17. Teknologi adalah : internet

18. Bagaimana saya boleh memasak masakan yang saya paling pandai masak : menjadi observer mak saya yg setia~

19. Semalam : hari ahad

20. Hari ini : Isnin

21. Malam ini saya akan : mengadap internet sehingga pagi....^^

22. Esok pula saya akan : jemput lunar dari PJ!

23. Saya betul2 inginkan : kebebasan....dan kamu...\(^0-)

24. Badminton atau futsal? : badminton...lame da x main~

25. Karaoke : one of my best spot nak relese tensen~

26. Kereta : dah xder da sem depan...auuu..sedihnyaa~~ T-T

27. Bilik yang terang atau gelap : terang...saya takut gelap...

28. Makanan jepun adalah : MY FAVOOURITTTTEEEEEEEE (berbuih mulut+mtat juling sbb excited sgt)

29. Ayat terakhir yang nak anda katakan pada seseorang : bye byeee!! (^0^)/

30. Siapa yang anda tag : ina, ilham, kayan, myra, farah, dan sesaper jew yg berminat

Saturday, June 27, 2009


One fine nite, i ws walking down mahalah...ayah dgn mami came to visit her busy dizzy daughter~

me: lalalala...jalan jalan jalan nak g jmpe mommy and aya...

ERKKKK!!!!! WAT THEEEE....... (0o0)>!!!!!

me: wow! musim mengawan da tiba ker? (sambil pegang dagu and buat gaya mcm tgk kire braper hari bulan skrg ni)

shooooohhh shoooooohhhh (halau the JANTANS)

me: kucing2....ko mmg hebat? any tips? (HO HO HO)

the ewww..end!

Friday, June 26, 2009

best REDBOX karaoke everrr~

p/s: thx a lot guys: ina, naby, fuza, ilham, yang, hafiz, dafi, haris...i had a whole lot fun tht nite~ maybe we cn hav our 2nd round in d future!!! hak hakkk! (^-^)n

Thursday, June 25, 2009

PREVIEW: rumi experince!!! (>0<)/

ive wrote this zaman janggut nenek moyang ago but luper nak post...so, ere goes~

sleepless nights for the multidip 2nd crit preparation as well as the rumi performance later on. I gotta get sum rest, dude! (>0<)n

im so nervous im so nervous im do nervous im so nervoussssssim so vhgyeuegfyuehgyggy99yuioj

hu! ha! hu! ha!

ok ok relax mira, relax~

so basically, we did our final rehearsal at the main audi and continue with the prop works til the next morning. I had my breakfast together with the seniors and my batch buddies at the studio and chow back to my room to start packing my stuff…(baru nak pack?) (>0<)>

uuUWUWUWUUUUW i sux at packing stuff!!!

me: bwk ni, ni, ni, NI, erm…maner ler tao nak pakai ni…bwak jer la smua…..

nyit nyit nyit…

(da loker room is almost empty)

(>0<)> araggghhh!!! I sux I suxxxx!!!

the longest journey ever… convoy mmg best giler… im the only FE-male who drove behind the wheel followed by the heroes~ (^-^) huhuhu~

it was a whole lot fun experience even tho I was extremely tired+sleepy…one hand controlling the steering and the other gripping the redbull tin was kinda chaotic but it end up pretty well~

as we arrived thre, we meet up with new crowds in line course. giving the best impression ever and trying to make new friends..(hopefully).

since Im the observer of the team, I dun quite exposed to the other universities. uitm didn’t even provide any special activities for the observer,

so..oh well, we, observrs, did our own exciting activity instead. Burst outta uitm and experience the special ABC nearby..PERggHHhh!!!!

(while the participant were stuck with the ‘How to sketch like A..B…C’ talk by our very own lecturer)

(-0-)n ahhh! im done with the talk. he gave da same ol talk during our graphic class
after getting the icey cool feeling of the special ABC..,

kak jannah: mak akak baru buat carrot pineple cheese cake
observers: JOMMMMMMM!!!!!
nyum nyum nyummmmm…..BURP!!! ahh, scuse me…sedapp~~~ (^-^)/
me: alamak…nantok la plak…aih! sedapnyer sofa ni…zZzZz….eh…ZzZZzzzzzz (_-_)

tit tit tit (msg tone)

moon: guys, we gotta head back..rehersal on stage~ tonite kan kiter gonna perform
(0o0)!!!!! JOM HEAD BACK!!!!!! (nervous+excited+mamai)

I knew I always lost my zapin steps during the previous rehearsals and I gotta fix up n do my very best for tonite performance…cant let them DOWN! (>0<)n (smagat waja membara waaarghhh!!)

1,2,3,4---5,6,7,8…yes yess..im getting it…YES! (>0<)n im READYY~ UUUUIIIIIYAAAAAA!!!!

we were the first to perform n it was f***ing nerve wreking experience!!!!! and I cnt believe UIA supporters were tremendously huge number….they were screaming and supporting!

my heart was flying high in the air, making a thousand step further to perform real well…dun wanna disappoint them…!

we all did our very best~ even tho there are sum technical sound problems…but we did our best!

and we won the first prize!!!!

To be real honest, im very shy hanging around with the seniors at the first place but after that unforgettable 5 days experiencing RUMI together with them…I tink im starting to get along and they were really fun people!!! (>0<)n…

even tho the RUMI hd end, sumtimes the memory were still dangling in my mind… stil cant get over the exciting feelings when we were there… hell, yeah im gonna miss every bit of it~

CHEERS for all RUMI members!
luv u guys!
muah muah



okok...here goes....huu..haaa! (-0-)

FAIRUS GENIUS showed me one of munirah hamzah creative work!

and i was like...woooah! wahhh!! wwwwuuuuu! (>0<)V "sgt hebat sgt hebat"

so i decided to tink creatively like mun...

"tink creative, mira. come on...C R E A T I V E"



i was eating tis butter-chocolate-honey pancakes

i took da extra butter and swash zash mesh!

tralalallalalallala (drum)


here goes! i call it....'splatters'!!! (^0^)/

'nyit nyit nyit'

A: eeeEeeeWw, aper ko buat ni mira?
B: pengotor
C: dun play wit ur food

me: (-_-)".......................(T0T)waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

its ok, mira~ dirty stuff can look good!!!


tralalalallalalalalla (DRUM)


my first edited splatter!!!
i name it 'the dead'

and here goes my second!!!!! i called it 'retro seekers'



~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~

Friday, June 19, 2009



Ina starts tellin us her excruciatingly (in a positive way) feelings watching the ultimate most adorable bunny she saw at one particular pet shop which I dun exactly kno where.


Anyhow, an image of the cute chocolatishy black white sox bunny kept glowing in her mind blow her to announce her brilliant idea of us sharing money and buy the bunny for ourselves. so, its gonna b divided into 2. (yang’s out of da ownership list since she dun really adore furry animals)

So….yurp…da next 24 hours (or maybe less). ina bought the bunny back to mahalah. I hav to agree, the bunny was kinda…err..i mean…agak…no no..thts not da word…EXTREMELY yes yes! it is EXTREMELY CUTE!!!!! I feel like munching it, press it so dem hard until it burst into candy!!!! so, i pay for my part and automatically 1/2 of the bunny is MINE!!!! (I pick the head, ina~ ) (^-^)v

afterwards, we did had a lil fight on giving ‘her’ the purrrfect name!!! Some of our proposals were…;
1. mimi
2. hippy
3. hoppy
4. hip hop
5. b**** (I cnt rmmber..its so dem tongue twisted name n its ina’s idea)
6. luna
7. bunny
therefore, I present you…OUR BUNNY!!!!!

p/s: any1 who has a well exp bunny caretaker, plz do giv us sum good advise. We do hope luna here cn survive til da end~

(^0^)p cheers for LUNA!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

loosen UP, mira! ><

Dang! I haven’t went back home for 2 weeks and its gonna be another 3 if I dun go back home tis week. I have to go back TODAY no matter WHAT! (>0<)n

but, mira. how bout ur floor plan design and workshop performance training tonite?

Argh!!!! Im like 15 minutes away from my hometown, nak singgah sekejap jew and manja2 with my family….plz pretty plz plz plzzzzz PUH-LEEEZZZZZZZ!!!!!!

one gotta be put on risk to achieve another! (narrator’s voice)

RIGHT!!!! (>0<)d

‘lalalalala, I have floor plan to design but here I am on my way back to c mami n aya (drive balik)

lalalalala, I have training tonite but here I am on my way to c mami n ayah~
(tht nite)

me: HAHAHAHHAHA!!! seriously!!! giler lawakkkk!!! (excitingly exchange stories)
trut trut (msg tone)
me: hmm…’mira, dtg studio cpt! we hav a lot of stuff to do today~’

tht nite, I sleep at 4 am to settle the floor plan design. n the msg tone again woke me up at 9 am n it says ‘mira, kita dtg studio pagi ni and bwk kostum smua for d shooting~

me: DEM!!! I cnt stand tis neglection duty anymore!!! (>0<) mami, ayah, I luv u guys but I gtg back NOW! gotta get back in track!

rush rush rush RUSHHHHH!!!!!!!!! (drive ASAP)

‘pon! pon!!!!! here I am drifting hard to get back on track!

as I reach the studio

‘nyit nyit nyit…’

no one was there…..(-_-)’


p/s: I realized I alwys get myself panic and end up it was jz sumthin u cn lay ur back n relax… I really ned to loosen up!! (>0<)n