Wednesday, December 1, 2010



yesterday spose to be my first leave-me-alone-people-i-wanna-feel-my-holiday.


jeng jeng jeng....mommy's in the house, baby!!!! *mami joget* ~(-0-)~

pagi2 dah riuh...

mommy: MIRAAAA!!!!! *baling bantal* BANGOOOnnnNNNnN!!!!! mommy wash ur clothes today u mop the floor kayyy? and bsh pinggan tu. banyak btol~ lap2 sket umah ni...dah berhabuk...pastu...(cntinue)

me: (=_=") urgh~ ok mommy...

settle everything by noon and i had my solo day out makan my FAVVVvvvvVVv SUSHI...! yipii!! (^0^)/

psst! thk u sbb temankan ak makan~ *smile*

balik rumah~

mommy: ap yg best sgt sushi tu? asik sushi sushi sushi!!! and u spend rm40 for one meal!!!!!

me: (cmne mommy tawu ni?)...err....lapa a mommy....

mommy: *geleng2 kepala* more duit belanja from now on smpi we go beijing nnti. paham!

me: (T-)/ *pasrah*

i ask u people out ther! spe bole resist SUSHI!!! its like the most succulent raw fish mix with that fantastic extra soy sauce flavor with a little wasabi tu give that twitch of excitement through ur brain....IT SOOO IRRESISTABLE!!! (>0<)O

*meleleh air liur*

(gamba hiasan semata2)

the end


- ilham - [5] said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeahhhhhhhhhhh my sushi partner :))) i pun xpaham nape org lain x suka sushi. Like,HELLO? hehehe (luv u!)

MyraTayeb said...

im with you, H. <--bajet gossip girl (luv u 2!)